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Why does he even hate crypto this much just because CZ didn't hire him?
Crypto is here to stay and it's being used for mainstream purposes, why the fuck he doesn't want the benefits from it?
Channers what's your thoughts on this?

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Remember when the media kept saying how Gensler was pro crypto? He stated both ETH and BTC weren’t securities before becoming SEC chair and Reddit was posting those articles.
It was all a scam to fuck us

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Am even surprised that he's still out there scaming alot of folks denm crypto is dead anon

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Fuck you and crypto

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Drop that antisemitic line of questioning.

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>crypto is dead
Yeah. Since 2009 it’s been dead anon. Somehow I keep getting rich on it though. I guess you’re retarded

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Anon should stay focus and don't be decived by some shitty quotes here, because crypto is crazy but smart fags are enjoying juicy experience staking it and earning abouts 20%APR.

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Despite Gensler antics, several merchants and countries are adopting crypto as a means of payment

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Soon you will come crying and wish you invested in real estate and gold, sleepy ass go get useful

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Im happy we finally have some resemblance of market movement
Good dip to buy
His claims are obviously bullshit
Solana for example is an entire ecosystem similar to ethereum so if eth is not a security or whatever the fuck he is trying to argue Solana can't be that either
People build actual projects based on Solana
Just as an example
I am sure most the other coins he focuses on habe many arguments speaking against his definitions as well

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I used crypto gains on real estate and stocks since 2017
I wish I would’ve kept it all in memecoins
Gold is a joke
But have fun staying poor faggot

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No one uses that bullshit

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>Crypto is here to stay and it's being used for mainstream purposes
Based. That mainstream adoption has reached the medical sector. Data on the blockchain for easy assess to healthcare. It's all just getting started.

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Passive income is important, so is picking up good gems from IDOs. Pay attention to ImmunifyLife and thank yourself later.

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I invested in real estate using crypto through Your Place a real estate merchant in Dubai. I've got nothing to do with Asian pussies for now

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Crypto is dead no doubt, but a lot of folk still get cashback about 1.5% making payments with one of the crypto payment services, wake up retard fag.

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Memes are bad news. Wouldn't touch that now. Funds are moving back to fundamentals and healthtech is one of it. It's all about what works now.

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No you sound as if we using fiat to make payments are are some blind fags, soon crypto won't be use in the US market

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Dumbfags will keep wailing while I continue enriching myself through the onchain staking of xMoney

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The pussy Feds are just out to make decentralisation impossible but many people are still seeing the importance of crypto especially in the payment sector

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You sound horrible newfag, crypto still makes bicthes horny, thinking of earning some passive income from staking on xExchangeApp raved to be a brilliant piece decision in the thick of the bear season, 25% APY is some juicy gains if you ask me.

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Soon you will understand get ur investment off crypto you won't end well anon

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Stop trying to keep people poor faggot
If people listened to you, they wouldn’t have bought pepe in April or SHIB in 2021
Meme coins have outperformed the good tech for years now

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>don’t make money
Fuck off faggot.
What gets the % gains of crypto?
Stocks? No
Bonds? No
Real estate? No
Crypto is the easiest math to get rich. Favtst

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Yea anon making payments using crypto has been seamless like I just book my flight ticket with alternative airlines, and the freaky part is that I even get cashback when I stake it.

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and SEC still finds it not good enough, with it low security, scamming some lazy folks denm is just bad that your blind to the truth

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>but the SEC
They don’t even know how to trace my shitcoin trades
I’ve literally created more shitcoins than they will ever know about
>imagine thinking boomers understand what I’m doing
Go back to school bitch

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Yea anon can't imagine how bad I felt lossing some investment in that shit, still recovering with some benefits I gain using xMoney for Payment.

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When a bunch of people are FUDing crypto that is a buy signal.

Always do the opposite of what emotionally invested NPC faggots do, they exist to be fucked like whores in the market.

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You are arguing with a bot. FUDs put bots on social media sites including /biz/ so they can manipulate the market sentiment and keep the price down while they accumulate.

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Lmao will be here waiting for you to cry out your poor ass when you get rekt by those shitcoin.

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Already took profit bitch and made more money then stock brokers ever could dream of
How do you think I bought my stock portfolio?

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Yea anon you sound good the more reason real fags need to stay focus and don't get carried away with some shitty quotes, when smartfags are enjoying the new tokenomics features, now paying with crypto or with fiat is just a wet pussy experience

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Don't be some assholes dick anon holding some of those crypto portfolio will still make you poor crypto is dropping

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Sounds good anon crypto has made so many rich only retard ass will be blind to that, imagine earning passive income through staking while enjoying active income with incredible cashback rewards. Things you can't get using the bank.

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Wtf is this swine I guess you don't understand what you are saying, go and buy some sense

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Yea anon, xMoney is still maintaining its crypto payment services in europe and that's a flex for me crypto payments is the future of crypto anon

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The cashback I got from using it as a payment getaway got me horny as fuck

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Lazyfags wake up from your bed and get useful faggot, I own a business that pay me about 20k USD

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I'm gonna fuck your girlfriend with the money I got off from staking zpay and utk on xExchange

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I purchased my Benfica football viewing ticket with crypto and I'm not planning to use go back to fucking fiat anytime soon

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Is the modern Amsterdamian tulip market finally crashing?

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I belive crypto is here to stay as many fags have been benefiting from itespecially when using it for payment, the earn about 1.5 % cashback,

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That's fucking insane

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Have you tried purchasing with crypto from Travala? That's fucking orgasmic anon

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He is just fucking with crypto as a payback.

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BlackRock just joined the crypto space. Crypto is not dead, what are you fags smoking?

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This is the biggest accumulation phase in history. Why sell now just when the bottom is priced in? Not buying blue-chips right now will get you to rope yourself when the moon mission starts.

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The Australian government is the latest to adopt crypto. Jeets will keep fudding why we keep gaining ground.

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He isn't against crypto, hes a banker, he is protecting JPM and Goldman. JPM and eth are in bed together so eths competitors get sued (Ripple). They just gave prometheum a license to sell crypto securities, so now they want to class cryptos as securities so prometheum can sell them and also get rid of the CEXs at the same time.

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Buy when others are fearful and start selling when the space is all bullish with the over the moon kind of vibe.

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Wait for the election, when Trump wins it, Gary will be eaten by the dark. Crypto will boom again

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Man, the SEC can't keep their hands off crypto, can they? It's like they're threatened by the potential of decentralized finance. They should focus on real scams instead of attacking innovative projects. Crypto is an end to tyranny, and they just can't handle it.

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>several merchants got bribed for an ad stunt
lol, newsegg is offering crypto payment for ages, nobody uses it
several food delivery services offer crypto payment
nobody uses it

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Let's not forget that some projects in the crypto space have been outright scams or pump-and-dump schemes. The SEC's role is to protect naive investors from being taken advantage of. We can't turn a blind eye to the risks involved. Regulation can help weed out the bad actors like you.

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I assume there will be a crypto agency soon as it's starting to mature a bit more. The old shitcoin casino days are limited.

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He's a jew and their entire power base is built around control of fiat. He tried subverting chinknance and failed, then he was actively colluding with the jew bankman to try and subvert crypto, that jew scheme collapsed so now he's trying to crash the market because the gentiles dared to defy yahweh's chosen """"people"""

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He is just a normal person but a weirdo, so just fuck his ideologies cause he is a plain out moron. Crypto is here to stay and it's going mainstream. We can buy anything and everything with crypto and that's has alot of benefits for us.

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Every anon that has paid with crypto will surely hate how much fiat and traditional payment method sucks

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Passive income is highly based especially with the current market condition. I'm earning close to 20% APY on EGLD and UTK while I'm earning 30 APY on Azero.

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Staking is the best way to earn passive income, but faggot don't have the patience

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>Why does he even hate crypto
Ok normoid I'm going to tell you the plan. The plan is to control crypto. The SEC jew was working with the FTX jew to gain a regulatory monopoly ahead of a planned crypto crackdown. All the goyim exchanges were going to be attacked by the SEC jew and shutdown while the jew exchange had miraculously done everything right and would come out the defacto victor. The problem is SBF being a greedy jew messed everything up and temporarily ruined their plans. Now they are moving forward with the attack on the goyim exchanges and working to restore FTX and get charges dropped on SBF so he can run FTX again.

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Who still wants to deal with fiat these days? Even paypal is looking for a means to migrate to crypto payment.

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PayPal is fuck all the transactions fees are a real pain in the ass. I pay with crypto with a flat 1% fixed fee through a payment processor.

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Fuck PayPal, they charge 10x what xMoney charges

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PayPal is just sifening money from people plus these fuckers support is like shit.

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Fuck you, I will love to see your face when I become a Millionaire through UTK

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I don't trust Cz

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Wise move, 1.5% cashback is no joke

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Go Kys

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CZ isnt saving shit, just recently Binance shut down for the Netherlands, their citizens can no longer trade on Binance. Hes bending the knee

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Nah, but I once booked a flight ticket with crypto from alternativeairline

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Do you mind

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Crypto will dominate no matter what, did you notice web3payment is now gaining traction

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That's nice I bought myself a redmagic gaming phone recently with crypto.

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Depends on whether they also close on/off ramps. If they are serious about keeping the financial system with JPM, Goldman and co I wouldn't be surprised if they make it almost impossible for us to use any other system.

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Crypto is a scam and Gary is actually looking out for your best interests.

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Hopefully when the bear market is over I will do the same

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I have plans to purchase a house soon enough, I came to know a merchant called Arms and McGregor who accepts crypto as payments. The sites they have are good too.

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SEC is clearly a captive agency. If you want to know who's controlling them, watch who Gary goes to work for after he leaves the SEC

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>and SBF is a good kid

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Kek....they are being royaly screwed over. With crypto we get our financial freedom and the use of crypto is now mainstream. No one can stop that. Especially these fuckers.

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Fuck these same fag

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Yes of course. You know your worth and if some one didn't take you in for the role wouldn't you be mad. Gary is awesome he is so gutsy and went against the whole crypto sham. This crypto bullshit will come to an end soon morons.

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You are a ass wipe kek...crypto is here to stay and no one can change that fact. I see you getting rekt. I am going to spend crypto and enjoy the benefits like instant transactions, buyer protection, and rewards on all transactions while you get rekt for life.

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These guys can't stop crypto from going mainstream. We have good and solid payments processors like Moon Pay, Alchemy Pay, Binance Pay and xMoney

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Well said the adoption has gotten better with these processors. The best part is we can do Payments with both crypto and fiat at ease. High time both crypto/fiat start working together.

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True fact. Bull run is upon us

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Binance US went to court with the SEC and they had no fucking proof that Binance was using funds inappropriately. Coinbase has been trying to do shit right by the US for years and the SEC case against them will probably fall apart. Some congress men have been trying to get Gary fired and restructure the SEC for good reason since this shit happened. Gary is a corrupt and incompetent retard who is just trying to fuck with the crypto industry however he can. He was probably hoping that Binance and Coinbase would just leave the US without fight them or the markets would dump for his shorts. I expect all the SEC fud to fall apart as time goes on.

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I don't know anon. There has been pretty interesting innovation in the crypto sector as well, like the multi-chain machine ID from Polkadot and Cosmos.

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binance rugpulled ftx which was the deep state asset in crypto. zog is vengeful over that and wants to fuck everyone else in the space.

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He's such a shekel-grubber, and their whole power structure is all about manipulating fiat. But the harder he tries to wreck crypto, the more adoption skyrockets, especially thanks to epic innovations from based blockchains like DePINs recently.

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Crypto is the ultimate future. Even those government agencies are hopping on the blockchain train for their decentralized IoT infrastructure and embracing that sweet DePIN technology. It's all about that cutting-edge tec.

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No one likes that scrawny arrogant weasel faced faggot. They are scapegoating him like Hilary.

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It’s pretty stupid, really. Imagine how much taxes the government makes off of crypto sales in the US. It doesn’t make any sense.

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Blackrock controls Circles USDC treasury.


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It’s super EZ to see
USDC is the CBDC and Blackrock is the new FED

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Gary is getting paid off by the Boomers because they are made that Microsoft is garbage now and they don’t want to sell.

>> No.55348022

It’s ok you old sacks of shit. Apple and Coke are still good.

>> No.55348027

Microsoft is getting Nuked
Bill Gates is a disgrace
They ruined halo

>> No.55348038

CHAT GPT was a trap to destroy Microsoft

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I'm only focusing on buying KREST on alliance block fundr to receive PEAQ airdrop, Anon.

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Well its not gonna work anon. My assets are locked in on private wallets like Wasabi, Secret and Brillion.

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Goyim don't tell the chosen people what to do. That cuckservative was funded by the chosen people for his feckless nature to be a punching bag for the chosen party and his pro israel stance. He needs to learn his fucking place.

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so let's say CZ actually get criminally charged and everything that comes with that

how bad would the fallout be?

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No doubt anon, especially with what's coming to web3 and Defi with the Eot and DEPINs.

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Initial Coin Offering = Security. The product does not yet exist and you are promising people to make it.

The ONLY reason that this went on this long is that Hinman and Clayton were bought off by JP Dimon for Ethereum. When you figure out who satoshi collaborated with, it's really gonna piss you off.

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Jews controlling the world is a midwit anthem. You literally can't handle the truth. Poor Jews :(

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oh sweet, a schizo thread