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Jannies deleted my thread about this board being manipulated. This board is manipulated to hell.

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I'm starting to this board is literally only three people. Me you and some guy name Miguel from Brazil.

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There is also the guy with the stinky linkies.

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Hide the threads by the spammer, (you) and the shit threads that pay to be here, those you mean

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come chill with the /pol frens and draw some scribbles

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I make my money by frontrunning /biz/.

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no one nose anything

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The spammers that try to insert themselves into the middle of threads to shill their shitcoins are faggots

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>/pol/ has flags you can hide to better shill
>/sp/ has country flags
>/biz/ has no flags
makes u think

it does feel very weird that I can banter with foreigners like I would my fellow Americans and they all know perfect English and American slang. is the world really becoming that flat and homogenous? why have I never seen people break out into arguments in hindi or taiwanese?

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The world is that homogeneous. My 30 year old Indian coworkers chat on teams using zoomer internet slang all the fucking time

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I wish I could still browse pol. too tired of seeing black dicks though

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manipulated? manipulated by who?

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People who pay jannies and spammers to manipulate the discourse here, use your fucking brain.

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NPCs are so cute
>but i jus dun get it. y wud NE1 lie 2 me?

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miguel here. i thought it was just me and you

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jannies wages are being manipulated to $0.

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they argue elsewhere
wherever the group chat is
sometimes on other boards you can see it happening but it'll get reported here i think
/gif/ had an indian thread with hindi incel posts

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Migueal here this miguel is fake, you can see by the clear differences in our true name versus one created by the chatgpt bot known as Frank.
He's a liar don't trust Howard.

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Is this COIN at the store on the corner already poisoned?