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Holy fuck this board is manipulated.

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Yeah, but everything is astroturfed these days

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its pointless now, youre either talking to bots, or people that have been programmed to respond like bots. No individual thought.

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Go through the catalog and count actual discussions, where two or more people share substantive information with each other and the board, and build out an idea or thesis in a way that isn't just reciprocal insults and ad hominem.
Look past the bickering and count how many actual information rich conversations are happening on this board.
Because I honestly count zero. Even in the face of big happenings like Propmetheum, or Uni v4. Literally zero meaningful discussions here.
/biz/ has essentially been neutered into a place that is as information poor as reddit.

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just make generic business and finance threads

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> Wow, an online platform that has zero entry barrier has led to an influx of snot-nosed wannabe dropshipping teenagers, crypto neckbeard adults and bots!

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anon, it isnt 2016-2017 anymore. We are now at 99% pajeet scammer

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There is no escape. Her blood curdling screams are muffled by the gelatinous mass of flesh overtaking her body. She has lost the will to fight. Her flesh and bone fuses with the creatures, becoming one. Nothing is left. Her begging for mercy was unanswered. Her soul now shares the fate with dozens of other victims...

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wait until you read about stocks
The dtc and dtcc have been the only us custodians of all physical and digital stock certificates for decades and they’ve been caught naked shorting their own customers. Every broker does it too.
Everything is manipulated and if you didn’t realize that, you’re the dummy

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The problem is no one cares about those. When I make them, they get little to no engagement
Everyone is here for the shitcoin casino
Imagine thinking biz was about 401k and boomer stocks
I hold a bunch of stocks and they’ll never make poorfags rich

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do you use discord or other private ircs to have discussions?

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i care. i've probably seen your threads but just didn't have anything to contribute. thanks for trying though