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Man why have they not had this guy arrested yet? He has threatened to kill them dozens of times in public with his real name and location attached.

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because everyone knows that link token holders are retarded and won't do anything irl

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Are linkies becoming based?

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Im pretty sure that guy owns a few shotguns from their dads, as every boomer in spain have hunting shotguns. I'm unironically thinking of going to smartcon this year but this type of things and 0 action taken makes me feel unease.

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not all action taken in relation to this kind of thing can be seen in public on twitter
i know that after smartcon and the inevitable gigamoon (whenever that's going to be) francisco and a few other fud spammers will probably be abducted and kept as torture playthings in some unhinged link holders mansion basement

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i desperately miss the days when linkies would light sirgay up in the comments with FAT posts, hentai, and nazi iconagraphy. historically speaking sirgay has only ever delivered real, actual, working products when he was being relentlessly bulllied by autists.

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Fucking Sergey will get what's coming to him!

Reminds me of last time he was attacked after smartcon near a local mcdonalds.

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i must say the guy is a fighter too so i'm gonna be curious how it plays out

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Why does he always get in trouble? Are all Russians like this?

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some anons have looked into this guy and it seems he dumped his link bags for witnet (.....) before the big 2019 and 2020 rise
i reckon he then probably rebought link way higher and is fucked up by it
hope they've reported him

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On that news from rory on discord of all places i cant blame him anymore
Let the fud spill over into smartcon, let the despair hit the floor
We know from staking that enough fud works so maybe it will here too

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Maybe this will pressure everyone to work faster and this guy is a blessing in disguise

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Fuck the team and fuck Sergey
It's been long enough
Francisco is the only one with a nut sack big enough to call out faggot Sergey and group
They have abused all of us

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Fran acuéstate enano mongolo lol
Por qué todos los manlets sujetabolsas sin media hostia son tan bravucones? Complejo de Napoleón? La rabia del comprapicos?

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good. i hope he carries out his threats

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>Man why have they not had this guy arrested yet?
because he is too based I guess