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People have jobs and make better money now than in the past. More people have access to education than ever. Also money and new financial products like crypto have enriched more people than ever before. So think twice before you say things like “good old days” were better. They were actually very bad times, especially for marginalized communities.

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jew... Timing. Board is dead, your spamming is obvious

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Stfu you blithering sheltered moron , suicide rate is at an all time high, if you can’t tell this system is hell…you are the problem

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Women were allowed to go to college in the 50's

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Wow, very simple. 100.000 different genders, a million words you're not allowed to say anymore or you are a misogyinist, sexist, racist, fascist, or whatever. Simple my ass

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>can’t get through my day without drugs
Tell your boss to update that one even the normalfags would call that out

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>straight men are all secretly gay
>women aren't allowed to wear pants or go to college
>son is infected with a disease that had a vaccine available at the time

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Wow you're telling me people were fucked up back then too?

No way?

Yeah fuck being able to support a family on a single income with minimal education I didn't realize the women took....LE DRUGS

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>I wish America could go back to the 50's
Unironically, because people were disciplined and society was in high trust. Despite the segregation, black and white both behaved more civilized than their counterparts today.

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the biggest lie jews ever told was that women somehow didnt work for thousands of years.

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compared to the 1950s
>drug abuse is up
>depression, anxiety and other mental disease rates are up
>homosexuality rates are up
>STD rates are up
>out-of-wedlock pregnancy rates are up
>divorce rates are up
>infidelity rates are up
>rape and pedophilia are up
>all forms of violent crime from robberies to murder to everything in between are up
>young girls (who actually were allowed to go to college) now have the right to cut off their tits
>women-only diseases like PCOS and endometriosis are at an all time high
literally the only progress we've had since the 1950s are the eradication of polio (and a couple other diseases) and easier access to consumer goods like cars, dishwashers etc. everything else has gone to shit and only a completely schizophrenic left-winger could make a pic like that and actually believe it.

"what if the good old white homogenous neighborhood with nuclear families and traditional gender roles was actually full of rapists and sickos" is a hollywood meme, not real life

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things degrade in time
adam had the best life in paradise
people lived for a thousand years
the time of solomon was extreme abundance
there were bad times peppered in but the illusion of modern life hides the damage the world has sustained
the animals suffer
none more so than the poor creatures perpetuating a nightmare existence in factory farms
we are now trading abundant living for the prosperity of future generations
giving the only out into merging with the machine via vr and downloading souls
everything collects biometric data. videogames, social media collect a personal profile in an artificial identity
its the only way to survive the radiation and endless trauma of the future that no biological lifeform could sustain
save for man and his hubris, until he is destroyed by God.
what will happen in the future if we get there is robot man will make war in the heavens
the earth will shrivel up and die and man will create a nightmare hell for himself out of stupidity and vanity
its arrogant and short-sighted that man thinks he has all the ins and outs of paradise figured out
men lust after short-term prospects like drugs and spiral into them

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left-wingers aren't smart enough to realise that jewish critiques of western society are literally all aimed at upper-class urban families of the late 19th to early 20th century
that's literally it. Marx, Freud, Levi-Strauss, it's literally fucking irrelevant to regular white people

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The amount of jews in this thread. Bamizwa?

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Yes, they make MORE money, trick is the money is LESS valuable.

Ever heard of inflation?

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none are pushing more for artificial existence more so than the jews
its their cop-out method of turning lead into gold
death into life. they are prideful and do not want to die
they sponsor gays because they are both prideful and want to masturbate themselves forever
little do they understand they are God's biggest fans, enjoying the material wealth that he has created
they are after genetic manipulation, nano robots, cloning, lab meat/modified food... they built the first pc
steve wozniak did the apple 1 sold for $666. the apple from the tree of knowledge in electronic form
satans sin is pride. blinding stupid pride

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Fuck you, I want to molest my daughter.

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Gays were better when they were in the closet

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You can tell some sick fucking libtard child molester made that demented meme thinking they're real clever, because they literally think all that shit is normal

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Yeah lol slim healthy people with funcitonal communities that got married and had kids. It was awful.

I love the future(tm) where I can rent a cuckpod with 5 smelly indians, never see a thin woman in my life, and work 14 hours a day. Glory to the new world!!

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Demoralization thread.
Everyone here was born in the wrong year.

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Lefties literally have to delude themselves on how today is better than the past 24/7 in order to prevent themselves from committing suicide. That's why so many of them come across as deeply unhappy and unhinged.

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>Everyone here was born in the wrong year.
we were not meant for the cozy 1950s perfect neighborhood
we were meant to fight in the trenches of societal decline

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Good point but bad examples.
For starters people are much more intelligent now. Even the average tiktok zoomer is smarter than any boomer.
The boomers were raised in echo chambers. Internet gives you the ability to diverge from that. Unlimited knowledge on the internet, accessible to the average person, which was never the case before.
There isn't scarcity of things and the range of products available is huge.
The only issue is the work and pay. You are getting payed less. Meanwhile your work got much more complex and needs more qualification to handle.
The only other argument against is le trannies but only mentally ill think about those all day. Mentally ill which would get treated like animals for their whole life then lobotomized and turned into a vegetable.

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>For starters people are much more intelligent now. Even the average tiktok zoomer is smarter than any boomer.
the flynn effect is not real
human intelligence has not changed in the least from 100,000 years ago, except for the people who suffered from malnutrition in childhood who would've had IQs of 75 in the past but now have perfectly fine IQs of 95-105

>The boomers were raised in echo chambers. Internet gives you the ability to diverge from that. Unlimited knowledge on the internet, accessible to the average person, which was never the case before.
yet no one uses it and everyone still lives in echo chambers
in 1940 you could go to a public library and have access to all the fucking knowledge in the world. no one used that right, just like today

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>Nobody does jack shit in jewsa. A nation where people supposedly are armed to the teeth and instead of overthrowing this jew dictatorship they rather consooom

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i never said we were going to win big within our lifetimes
rome fell over the course of 40 years

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>rome fell over the course of 400* years
forgot a zero lol

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I wonder if leftists sincerely think "no one was ever happy, it was all illusory" is an attractive platform

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Polio was wiped out because of clean drinking water prevalence, vaccine only came afterwards but boomers will swear by it until their last dying breath.

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Women went to college and held jobs even before the 50's.
>>99,9% were like the image doe
Cringe, small hat retard.

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niggers werent, and women always sympathisized with them and pretend to be them

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>>>99,9% were like the image doe

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yeah i'm 50-50 on the vaccine thing that's why i avoided using the word

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>Times have never been good! We’ve always been gay fent addicts! Things have always been bad! That’s why we need to legalize smoking crack and HRT for children

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Talk to your average leftcel - in one breath they’ll claim the 50s was awesome because FDR created le new deal and then they’ll claim it actually sucked and everyone was a gay homeless crackhead

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Exactly, thanks for proving my point.

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There was also lobotomy back in the 50s too y'know

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We still have those. They come in pill form now

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Yeah, back when we actually institutionalized our violent homeless population instead of giving them free needles to shoot heroin and cashless bail for pushing people Chinese people onto the third rail

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Hover over it, the difference in the 50's is between around 5.5% of women and 8% of men. Max for both in that time is 6% of women and 10% of men, nowadays the difference is in favor of women by 3%,. And most of the intake of college going men in that time period will be because of the GI bill.

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Invasive irreversible surgical procedures don't happen now?

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No bro you don’t get it nobody has ever been happy we’ve always been multiracial crime ridden country. Nobody has ever owned a house. Nobody has ever been straight.

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>People are wagies
That isn't a good thing. People don't want to work. They work to survive. They don't work because it brings them fulfillment.

>Better money now than in the past
Objectively false. What is inflation for $500.

>Access to education
Yes, but it's extremely low quality and puts you $100k into debt slavery.

>Financial products and crypto
Digits on a screen are not wealth.

>Marginalized communities
What is reality and human nature for $100.

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>Objectively false. What is inflation for $500.
you can google inflation adjusted income figures, you know. people objectively make more money today than they did in 1940, the problem is that we're now being sold products that cost more, and this is not the same thing.

Here's what I mean by that: in 1940, you could buy a brand new car for $850. Adjusted for inflation, that's about $15,000 dollars. Most people today can comfortably afford that. What's the problem then? Well, that car isn't up for sale. You now have to fork over $25,000 on a Prius. Why? Because a Prius has a media central, AC, airbags, ABS brakes, yadda yadda yadda. Things to cheaper, but you can't buy the cheap things anymore. They don't exist. This applies to your car, your phone, your PC, everything except for food

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>People have jobs and make better money now than in the past.
stopped reading there. You're either a jew or a child.
Wages needed to 5x since the mid 90s to keep up with inflation. If we zoom out to the 50s, it's probably WAY worse than even that.
Anyone who responds after me is a fucking retard

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Why does the past buck-break amerimutts so hard?

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How would you feel if you had not eaten breakfast this morning?

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Hurr durr

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You said nothing, but what's concerning is you wasted that much text trying to sound intelligent.

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But I did?

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I am cursing you. Every single Friday of your life, there is a greater chance of something awful happening to you. Could be when you step outside, could be when you’re coming back home, could be when you’re sleeping, but misfortune may strike you on Fridays from now on.

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>financial products
when you are /pol/ posting, you don't have to make the effort to weave the word "financial" into your post. just have the courage to post your actual agenda and let the jannies delete it. trying to weakly dodge the rules doesn't make you look good

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Our purchasing power is one tenth of what it was fifty years ago and one one hundredth of what it was a hundred years ago.

Fuck you. Life is easy if you what artifical crap bullshit that will break or give you cancer but for real shit it's expensive.


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>1pbtid time waster thread
I hope the person running this bot dies in the most painful way possible, and fuck everyone who posted in this thread without remembering how to bump it
>53 posts for 35 posters
Come the fuck on guys

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Absolutely 100% correct, yet everyone thinks they're so smart being a Malthusian sceptic.

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Get into the gas chamber already

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>stopped reading there
Trolling used to mean something

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Fuck, meant to quote the first thing op said

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Go interact with any old shit or look at history and you'll understand. Although you don't need that either, it's enough to look at the progress in information availability. And I'm talking about like last 100 years. If you unironically believe that it the last 100 000 years human intelligence didn't go up you're an actual imbecile.

>no one uses it
Yes they do? What the fuck are you doing right now?
>All the knowledge
Are you 15? If not then you belong in some third world village.

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JIDF thread

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This system is bad, but I think truly crypto is one of the good things in it, because now I have self custody over my money and I also get to earn high APR from staking stables on SpoolFi which is something no bank will give me

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Somehow life is easy now, especially with the new techs that are out and I think it will even get better in the future
Self custody is one good reason why I like DeFi

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>everyone was either gay or pedo or other kind of extreme and now there's no such things because we made twitter
such a retarded pic

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do burgers really think hot dog advertisements were representative of reality? Don't get me wrong life was probably better when America was the only functioning developed economy on the planet but you are getting your ideation of the past from literal propaganda

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What a jewish post holy fuck, kill yourself

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Polio isn't real. Inb4 some dumb faggot who believes everything the idiotbox tells him explains its real....because it just is okay!!!???

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>I have polio
natural selection
>I'm secretly gay
so is everyone but society doesn't push gay propaganda on you in the 50s
>I can't get through my day without a shit ton of drugs
woman moment. also not true in the household 50s. only in liberal scum
>I'm not allowed to wear pants or go to college
Women were very well paid as flight assistants, executive assistants and nurses. you know, woman jobs
>I beat the shit out of my son and molested my daughter

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using memes as damage control is hilarious. make it seem obvious and people will genuinely believe that.

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Don't forget heart disease and diabetes are up.

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Shut the fuck up faggot.

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Even if this were all true (it is not), having a racially homogenous society is worth those issues

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Society peaked in the 90s and it's all downhill from here

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The biggest problem with the 50's is that almost everything deleterious about today was already in place and in motion by the 50's.

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They say our current epoch is the way it is because men have adopted the way of the hunter in their dealings with each other. Deception and trickery once reserved for hunting animals has dropped into human affairs. Also women seeing men abandon morality have decided to go for the throne. Men and women both are out of their natural element.

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Are you joking or actually retarded? Zoomers? Smarter? Maybe more 'educated' which is meaningless in this day and age. Echo chambers? Nigger have you seen literally any website outside of 4chan? They're all reflections of reality, complete with the full censorship we can expect in the real world if this keeps up. Zoomers are neither smarter nor are their views more challenged than boomers. Boomers lived in the Golden age and while we may resent them for things, zoomers don't beat them in any way except maybe the redpilled minority.

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>If you unironically believe that it the last 100 000 years human intelligence didn't go up you're an actual imbecile.
>education went from good to bad to abysmal
I can't believe there are people who actually think this. Peoppe are far less capable and intelligent on average than they were 50 years ago. But yes, obviously people are smarter now than 100,000 years ago. This must be bait.

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life is better put people feel worse
weird huh? it is almost like the struggle makes us human..

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And obesity. And infertility. And birth defects. And air pollution. And microplastic pollution. And the list goes on, but you it's so much better today that I could just coom 12 times a day, play video games, eat yummy slop delivered to my door, talk with frens I don't even know how they look like all without the need to leave my apartment, truly the utopia I wished for :)

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>1950s were bad because people did bad things
>today is worst because there are more people doing more bad things plus being priced out economically forever

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Yea anon, you sound good, that has brought some juice benefits, now I earn cashback about 1.5 % making payments, which I still can't get using fiat for payments.

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My boomer father in law, who has a massive house and holidays four times a year, is semi literate, at best.
Boomers are stupid.

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Guess (((who))) we let infiltrate our society after WWII.

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Your pic only relates to hollywood

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>They were actually very bad times, especially for marginalized communities.
No, they were better times for literally everyone except LGBTQ freaks, it was a better time for minorities too and it will probably never be that good for anyone ever again.

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>People hid bad and repressed bad things back then
>People just do bad things out in the open now and there's even a Church of Normalizing Bad Things that we're all forced to worship and respect

I don't see how it's any better

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It’s all lame and meaningless. At least in the 1950s they didn’t realize that yet. You had a wife and kids and career to keep you distracted.

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Well at least they got the part right about how faggots multiply by molesting kids in this lefty meme.

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If housing wasn't retardedly expensive then people would have so much money

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This, so much this. I'm so sick of all the frogposting anti-semitic incel frogposting faggots on this board, you've never had it better than you do now you parasitic subhuman leeches would not even SURVIVE in the 50s. Absolute schizo retards, the entire lot of you. You all deserve to stay poor forever. Continue to seethe and cope.

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Blacks actually had around 100 HBCUs, which were founded by wealthy white men. First one opened in 1837 and last one opened in 1943.

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That's exactly what happened. The U.S. was sold out in the early 1900's and the goal was to continue the weimar republic experiment.

Instead of the target being jews, the target will be American's defending the constitutional laws and traditional culture.

"Domestic Terrorists"

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Last one actually opened in 1975.

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This except the things with the girl is all more likely now

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Stopped reading at Adam. Imagine believing ancient Hebrew fairytales as historical facts

>> No.55315108

Whom to believe?