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About to start a 12 hour shift. I'm tired of this and I'm not psychologically capable of accepting the wage slave life. Where can I start with crypto? What can I read to learn more?
How do I know what cryptos are scams and which ones have legs?
I know I'm smart enough to climb out of this hole, I just don't know where to start. And if not, I can at least scrounge up the money to eat a bullet.

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Only btc is worth anything. The rest aren't better than a slot machine. And the only reason btc is worth anything is because the initial developer lost his keys and never took money to develop it

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So then how do I get out from under these wage jobs?

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Learn to trade, maybe to trade more predictable assets then pump and dump casino tokens. The world entered stagflation for if lucky 3 years. Your job is the best gamble for the next years, in 3 years you can slowly start to buy into assets again, just don't forget to sell in 10 years.
Also criminal activity always pays, at a risk of course

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>i'm smart enough to climb out of this hole, now spoonfeed me publicly available information

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>immediately jumps to get rich quick scams like crypto
if you want to get ahead in life you need to stop falling for mentally retarded scams targeted at high time preference morons. go to college and study for a useful and employable degree.

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The US govt still has the keys from when the cia made it. Hello tyrant enjoy your terror knowing what happen to all psyop currencies you worship

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Low time preference leads people away from college now suicidal miserable lying ponzi scheme beggar

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>After 2012
Are you lecturer that sees his grift and scam getting less demand? Get a real job!

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I could accept it but I will not.

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You are such an idiot. People like you need to be murdered unironically. I hope the Russians are really crazy enough to do a first strike

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schizobabble so bad i can't even begin to understand what you're saying. take your meds and book an appointment with your jewish psychiatrist.
i finished my masters in 2018. i make $101k/year working from home as an accountant. i'm applying to and interviewing for jobs that pay $120-140k/year. make better choices. or i suppose you could continue toiling away at a dead end $40k/year manual labor job -- your choice.

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>>i'm smart enough to climb out of this hol

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Every tradesman with his own business is always going to outcompete you college boy. Really consider suicide spreading the college meme here

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>Every tradesman with his own business
yes anon every tradesman owns his own business and makes $500k/year and fucks his 10/10 supermodel wife with his 10x6" cock. meanwhile, back in reality, i make more than 90% of plumbers from the comfort of my home.

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Crypto is dead

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College boy its stagflation. You can be happy getting any job in the next few years and not ending the tool carrier for a tradesman because you need to eat

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hey retard who do you think buys overpriced trade services. go ask any boomer tradesman how miserable 2008 was.

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It was miserable for everyone, only that college boys like you faggot, were suddenly flooding low entry jobs in trades and cut off the job market for older teenagers forcing them to go to college because there weren't any jobs. So I vote to genocide college boys so such a situation doesn't happen again

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>college boy
i was going to make fun of you for seething this hard, but i imagine it is frustrating being bossed around all day by people with degrees. it used to annoy me too, when i was a low IQ retard factory worker. but i've progressed past that. now i'm the asshole making some wagie's life a living hell.

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Are you projecting. Degrees are worth nothing. And I have never been "bossed" around by anybody. Now go apply for a job as fryer with your piece of paper college boy

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Btc is a ticking bomb

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Youll work for 50 years and theres nothing you can do about it. Cope

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Unless Ivan really goes for the nuclear option and it's just going to be regular ww3, btc is going to have its place. Not necessarily at big number in dollar

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>yes anon every tradesman owns his own business and makes $500k/year and fucks his 10/10 supermodel wife with his 10x6" cock.

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Just buy Xcn and disregard all other posts.

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Nobody ever said that college boy. But where you are replaceable with younger cheaper college boys, some handyman that knows his trade can't be simply replaced due to practical experience. Have fun competing with teenagers and migrants about a job at a restaurant where the handymans crew eat their lunch

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>But where you are replaceable with younger cheaper college boys

your job is managing the flow of human shit through hollow cylinders. it can be learned, start to finish, in a manner of months. i prepare and manage the financials of an 11 figure a year line of business. there's a lot more depth to what i do, as well as numerous regulatory barriers that safeguard my position. unlike you, i am not at risk of being replaced by younger, unskilled, and browner people.

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You are 12 years too late.

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Nonono a finance jew. Shit you are soooooo fucked! When you junp off a high building Carry a GoPro

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i have blond hair. try again, paco.

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first start is quit your job and never go back
second step is start figuring out how you will provide value to the world
third step is figure out how to sell that value. if you can do this despite how hard and suffering inducing it might be it will pay off. you need imagination and creativity the most, then communication skills, then the last valuable thing you have is labor with your body. combine these into something you can sell

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Stem degree > everytrade
Trade > any other degree that doesn't use math..(

Stop being in denial edgy redneck

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my advice dont put any faith in anything other than your imagination and creativity. get creative about how you will earn money, dont even think about the money just think about your value or owning something valuable. where the money comes from will become clear as you become valuable. warren buffet makes 150 billion off of penny stocks that are valueless and he uses valueless paper money. he got there by thinking creatively and his value is he got really good at stock management and making businesses budgets work cause thats what he likes doing the most

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So. You are going to be identified as a jew by the trades jobs you have to apply. They are ironically going to chose Paco and Achmed over you. If you think the hate for bankster jews after 2008 was bad, you are going to love the future. If you are in the EU suicide might be your better choice than being killed by a mob

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Then if you can sale it try to scale it.

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>He thinks math saves him
Jesus christ when were you born 2010?
You faggots are so fucking fucked

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>How do I know what cryptos are scams and which ones have legs?

They are all scams

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Stop being a faggot

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i don't work in banking you illiterate retard laborer.

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Math doesn't save you retard.
Let me break it down in simple terms.
People who learn Further Mathematics and grind it = gym for the brain, for better analytical and logical problem solving.
Hence the word engineer he creates your tools and sell them to you.
Can you understand it double digits retard?

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You some cfo or some cfos slave?
Doesn't matter enjoy the 1970s on steroids
You too, good luck, wish you the worst, hunger is a great teacher

It's really needee the insufferable smugness of college boys deserves to be broken in the most brutal way. Would be fun if your kind learns the horrors of war

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I work in trade.
No college degree.

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I like the sentiment here. Reminds me of when crypto bottomed out in 2019. I was on of you guys saying BTC will never break 10k let alone 20k ever
Get your crying wokak images ready for when we do green dildos and you miss them

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Technical college without trade before hand creates the same insufferable faggots who cannot stop sniffing on their own asshole. No wonder, with such a population and political class that Ivan seriously thinks about throwing the first bombs, would be a good lesson for the west

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I worked through an absolutely useless college degree (History) and I would do it again it a heartbeat. Best time of my life, and I learned so many things about the most interesting subject around. Afterwards I just went into IT, it was quite easy to do
My point is that you shouldn't let the crab bucket get to you. Look for opportunities, keep an open mind.

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I have an IT degree and I can't even find a good IT job. How the fuck did you do it?

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Don't listen to this: >>55303059
fucking retard. He's a newfag. Btc might 3-5x MAX. Alts in that same time will 10-100x+. BNB is an easy 10x if it survives the jewish SEC bullshit. Eth is an easy buy. Matic and ftm are as well. Could shill more, but you should start with these.

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So I've never even seen the same crypto recommended twice in the 20+ something threads ive looked through on this board. How the fuck am I supposed to know which posts are anons trying to help other anons get money, and which anons just want to see someone fail for laughs? I'd wager its the second one every time.

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>How the fuck am I supposed to know which posts are anons trying to help other anons get money
Here. Do this then. Look at some alts and whatever you like, throw 1k at it then move on. 1k per alt coin is a good strategy. Because you're new, you should pick the ones within the top 50. Higher market cap ones are on the safer side.

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don't buy any. easy as that. If you want to donate money to Israel and banks, put them in American banks

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also if you want a list, you can try "coinmarketcap". I don't recommend selling until a few months into a parabolic bull

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What if I don't have any money?

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then you're fucked lol. You need money to buy bags, man

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Another “wah I have to work for a living” thread

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Waging is a symbol of a loser. The goal is to escape it like the oligarchs have

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Unironically though. Every wagie should ragie.

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You have great work ethic, though. 12 hours straight? Damn. I only have a good 3 hours of work in me, once the coffee kicks in.

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Buy HEX on ETH, forget about it for a few months.

Come back, it's 5x your money. Now use that money to buy ETH & LINK before the next bull run starts in 2024.

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I don't live in America, I live in Western Europe. Maybe I was wrong to assume your IT labor market is the same as ours. There's a huge IT shortage here in some countries that in general we have not bothered to out-source.
Americans aren't attracted to IT here though because the salaries are relatively low (all net Euro salaries are low compared to USA though)
Long story short, for me it's all about the labor market. Degree or no degree, you just have to be wanted.

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I work a 12-hour shift to Anon. I only use cryptos to generate passive income

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>I know I'm smart enough to climb out of this hole
>Where can I start with crypto?

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maybe you should just get a job that doesnt have 12 hour shifts

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i work 50-60 hours a week pouring concrete and I love my job

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OP, don't listen to this >>55303059
faggot. BTC is the riskiest option you have on hand right now. If you want to start, do it piecemeal with altcoins. Also don't consider trading, it's not the time for that anymore. It would be interesting to know the amount of your savings though.

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>some handyman that knows his trade can't be simply replaced due to practical experience.
They are frequently.
>t. Turner fitter.

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Do not listen to this faggot, he's living in 2017. Altcoins will not make you ANY money anymore, they are completely dependent on BTC's price and BTC is currently shitting the bed so you can be sure alts will shit even harder.

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come to da oil fields my brother. 87 hrs/week 26 weeks a year. its fun (mostly)

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Been here for 2 years. I'm still considered a new fag. Buy ChainLink. Keep browsing this board but eventually you'll reach the same answer.

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I wish I had the ability to know whether or not this is bullshit or a hot tip.

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Even with training don't expect to earn a living off crypto. Start slow and learn from your mistakes, only when your consistently making money part time do you make the switch to full time.

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Look into it but i don't blame you if you think it's a scam. This board is full of shitcoins and scams. I remember when i first came onto this board i bought shit like rubic and doge coin kek. Here's something to think about though. If you browse this board everyday, take notice of how many threads there are to how bad of an investment chainlink is. Isn't it strange how chainlink is the only crypto that constantly gets shit on daily?

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Based anon

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99% of the most delusional beliefs about Chainlink are as real as a McDonalds induced heart attack, but the price has been experiencing cardiac arrest for about two years now. It is very important to understand that both of these points are irrefutable. Everything that both Chainlink shills and fudders say is true simultaneously: Chainlink is the internet of blockchain and the LINK token is a manipulated shitcoin. The conundrum you need to untangle is why this would be the case. The "how" is just scenery for the suckers. Eric Schmidt, SWIFT, Jump Trading, Bulgarians, it keeps people guessing like a parlor game, but it prevents them from asking the most important question - Why? Why is LINK suppressed? Who benefits? Who has the power to cover it up?

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The Satanist’s preparing for the Antichrist

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>buy securities and scams lmao
Retarded advice. 0 IQ take


Based anon

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Tradies on suicide watch

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Make BTC your major investment and consider the likes of AZERO, GLMR, NXRA, and other alts with working products for long term holding.
Also, join Twitter if you are not there yet for day to day updates