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I am thinking of selling some shitcoins I have and grabbing 8,500 LINK to round my stack out to 50k.

Do I do it? The most amount of votes in this very thread decides my fate.

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What shitcoins would you sell? honestly 41.5k is already a decent stack. Would 50k be your total networth?

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Yes, because Link will be going up 20x this year for sure - what can you say about your shitcoins?

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more of you dipshits huh, you addicted to losing money

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$100 Link? Where are these literal billions of dollars going to be coming from to make a bunch of neets rich?

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41.5K is an ugly number, go for 42K at the very least to please my autism. 44444 for max autism. 50K is ok as well

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Either is fine desu
Just make a decision and stick with it.
While I find it hard to believe any other coin will outperform link over the next few years, 42k is already a great stack.

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8,500 link is 400000 NKN right now which is 1.2 million in 2025 minimum possibly 2.5 mil plus anon dont be retarded its 70m mcap vs 5b marketcap much less $$$ needed to send NKN to the moon.

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This nigger and OP are the same faggot and I guarantee he doesn't even have a 4k net worth.
Fucking tripniggers

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>He doesn't know
>He still visits Link threads to try to FUD
>He doesn't know Linkies are not selling
>He will not make it
>He still tries to post bs
KEK. I love you.

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Fuddies are literally the first people in this thread. RENT FUCKING FREE. WAGMI anon.

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If you don't buy more soon then you will be pushed out of the top 1000 wallets. I was once in the 800s and now I'm out of the top 1000. You can't imagine how humiliating and degrading this is. Don't make the same mistake as me.

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Probably cut into my ROSE stack. I have 2 million ROSE so would cut it in half roughly.

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I know I've been slowly accumulating since 2017 so it's just gotten weird

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Jesus, you're already rich already.

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link is literally on the verge of being banned worldwide. you all are absolute fools. i am thankful you toxic buffoons will be purged from the market soon so this industry can finally begin to mature

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>a literally who exchange with 1000 per day volume
sounds legit

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Manifest it, anon.

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Nah I have 3 kids I'm poor anon, it's all subjective.

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I’ve been HODLING 104,000 LINK since the ICO and wondering if my investment will pay off or if Sergey will keep dumping to suppress the price

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damn nigga, what are you planning to do with your 10 million

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Kek link baggies are now larping as buying to make newfags fomo. None of them have or will post buy orders

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barely hanging on on page 18

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It's uncleoldfaggot unironically fuck chainlink I hope this stupid faggot kills himself.

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rose is shit fuck off larpin faggaerino

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50k makes it in 18 months

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no it doesn't

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do it

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Nice buy order link whale

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Sergey dump 500k link a week for months in a row and he printed his coins out of thin air while youre working for years putting all your net worth to get a 50k stack. Let it sink in for a second. Read the sentence again and let it sink in.

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I warned you last week to stay away from link the pain will be immeasurable if you don't take heed.

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lmao whats with the knee jerk reaction to ROSE

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not everyone makes a thread about it

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cuz rose fags are the worst
worthless coin and horrible memes about muh dawn song

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I bet she has nice feet though