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I'm literally losing hope folks, and I'm one of the most resilient hopeful people on this earth:

> Crypto getting crushed by fucking cunt ass dogshit macro environment, with the SEC tackling it to the ground in a chokehold - alas crypto is dying a slow, extremely painful death right now
> The job market is motherfucking awful right now! Seriously the only jobs available are minimum wage pointless jobs. If you're looking for that comfy WFH job that pays well over $100k, then you may as well forget it. You're too late now considering the flood of FAANG firees you're competing against for those jobs.
> Wanna try entrepreneurship? Just forget it. YouTube & Tiktok killed entrepreneurship for good. EVERY single micro niche you can possibly think of is already unbelievably extremely oversaturated. You're too late to do anything about it.
> "Just learn a trade bro" - umm, you haven't heard about the process of learning a trade, how many years it takes to become a simple journeyman, the extremely toxic abusive workplaces when you're learning your trade with the seniority withholding key skills from you. The gatekeeping and abuse in the trades is absolutely insane.
> "Just learn to trade bro" - hahahaha, yeah you try making it through options trading, shorting, longing, etc. You'll simply get rekt.
> Any other money making method is dead.

So that's it. It's a wrap. The elite have circled us on all corners and tackled us to the ground, suffocating us to the point of extremely painful fucking death.

I'm literally faceplanting in a pillow right now, screaming, yelling and crying. I'm streaking in absolute despair right now.

Will I kms? Absolutely not. I don't want to give you bobos any satisfaction since I hate you all so severely much.

I've fucking had it. Seriously. What did I do to deserve such severe punishment in this life?

I can't believe how unbelievably, severely, extremely, unbearably, sickeningly, puke-worthy, just insanely unlucky I am.

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>reddit spacing
dont care low IQ laggard nigger. should have bought in 2016. sage and kys

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Do a big build in Minecraft before you retire. Those always take some stress off.

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>seniority withholding key skills from you
how does it work? aren't they trying to teach you as much as they can?

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Lmao emotional fekkit, cry somewhere else.
This is called a bearmarket.........guess u ve never heard of it eh?
Just go grind in Mc Donald's, I think there you will find enough people listening to your daily struggles.

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biz sucks so much now, go back

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If it gives you any comfort, we're all in this shit together.

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It sounds like you just don't want to do anything difficult. There's lots of opportunity for people who want to do painful shit no one likes.

There's probably farm work for example. Or you could go to school for hydroponic plant growing or something.

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Your father couldn't make a man out of you
maybe a trade apprenticeship can
you get paid to learn, your contributing to a
pension, you may even shed that bitchy winey outlook, which in itself is going to pay you
mega divvies in the future.

(Many years, toxic, abuse, withholding, gatekeeping, insane, extremely)
If these words are part of your vernacular
Lower your tone when talking to me.

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This is why people unironically hate you incel faggots. Just words words words words followed by useless go getter retard rhetoric, kys sheep

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Got something better , a better way ?
start typin unironically

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Yeah I'm in the same boat OP and on top of that I lost 90K due to regional bank collapses. It's quite literally over for me.

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I believe anon instructed you to kill yourself, ma'am

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Not gonna happen
Union tradie loving life...permabull on all things I can touch...life

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don't be a doomer, things will get better if you believe :)

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I dunno, man. I put my $500 a month into stocks, pick the things I think will do alright, not crazy shots in the dark and... well, they do alright.
Yeah I invested in CVS, they're fucking CVS.
They're not dying. They're fucking CVS.
Shit like that is easy to spot when it falls.
Am I a millionaire? No but I'm not a wagie and I do alright. Eat shit, lmao.

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Fight for system change.
Inequality is about the same as it was in France before their notorious revolution.
Americans have been trained to bootlick and worship billionaires, so it's not going to be easy.

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The idea that there's no more businesses left to start is such major copium. Competition is normal. It's actually good for your business. The fact you think six-figure WFH jobs were a real thing outside of software engineering specifically makes me think you're too hooked up to internet memes. Either find a career you're willing to pursue or start a business. If you don't know what to do, buy random shit at a thrift store and flip it on ebay just to get you into the entrepreneurial mindset.

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There’s money being made in finance (speculation) real estate (speculation) media and especially politics

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I'm sorry OP, I got bored half way through your post and forgot what it was about. Could you repeat it?

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I've already tried a few businesses, all of them failed.

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Like I said before, the trades are finished. Too much gatekeeping (with boomers being the dominant ones in the "just start your business bro" market, no room for the amateurs to get ahead) and extremely abusive work environments.

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I feel it too. It's tough right now.

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>just learn to trade man
I took this pill, and currently make a paltry income doing it. i used to do pretty well last year, but I got mysteriously banned off of all exchanges that offer spot trading. i don't do options/leverage. I enjoy yield farming, spot trading, & DeFi. i've gotten rekt too by this stupid SEC bullshit. just gotta make due with what we've got. when i am really desperate I do surveys for a crypto mini exchange/faucet and get paid in crypto, though the payout for the surveys has decreased by five times since the beginning of the bear market.

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A thousand years ago one of your ancestors stood on a battlefield with a sword in hand facing certain death defending their truth. You will make it through this small amount of turmoil.

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if anybody is interested/desperate enough to do surveys or collect from a faucet I can give a link. you earn points which are exchanged for crypto, they offer 72 tokens I think and normies can trade around 6m points for a 25$ uber giftcard assuming they're not offered any discount

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> your ancestors lived in a time of natural living and meaning
> you’ll magically manage in the complete opposite

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You’re not wrong anon. I just keep holding on hoping that one day it’ll change for the better. Not gonna off myself cuz I wanna see how much pain I can endure before dying. Guess I’m a glutton for punishment

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They actually had something to fight for though. Right now all we can do is just continue to live mediocre lives. There is no grand battlefield to fight on. No enemies to defeat and no victory to claim. Just continue to do mundane tasks in exchange for money to survive just so you can do it all the next day. We're cattle.

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You forgot about how trade jobs for whites in urban areas doesn’t exist anymore because of unregulated immigration. They’re not gonna pay you $35 an hour when they can pay Jose $8 an hour instead. I live in a brand new Lennar community built a few years ago and every new house is being built entirely by spics

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Find a minimum wage job and save money for a few years. Stop being such a bitch, we all being there.

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>makes excuses
>doesn't see results
You're to blame.

The point is you possess the same courage and will to survive.

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all you need to do is just hold it together for another 18 months fren

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na they usually get you on gopher/bitch work for a pretty long while, then you get moved up to whatever work sucks the most dick for your knees. You sort of enter the heirarchy and don't move at all until someone quits and they realize you can hardly start up a tig welder much less string some beads

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Yeah OP fuck this gay earth. Not much we can do

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Become a nurse or carer
Lots of old people out there and people having fewer and fewer kids

Plus there is a need for male nurses and carers especially to lift and look after and manhandle patients when women strength isn’t enough

Plus you’ll be desirable simply for being white since every sensible person wants a white personality looking after their white mother or grandmother because everyone knows that blacks and Latin American carers are much more likely to physically abuse white elderly parents than white carers are

Plus the number of nymphos working as nurses and carers is like 10x or 100x higher than the general population
A tonne of them are literal prostitutes or only fans models part time because they like getting fucked and enjoy the extra money
I’ve fucked a lot of escorts and of the ones with a job by far the most common one was nursing.

It also pays better than most wageslave jobs and there is always demand

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I went out of my way to read your post thoroughly, OP

and I dare say it brought me immense, incalculable pleasure

please, do go on

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pepe did a 1000x just recently dont give up bro still gems out there you can still make it

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This is true. Nurses make great money especially if you’re willing to travel or work a lot of overtime. You could probably outearn most doctors if you’re willing to work 6-7 days a week. Going back to school for 2 years sounds like shit though

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if you are not too much of a sissy get on with an oil field services company shale boom 2.0 is the refracking is going to start soon. Oil pays good, long hours, hard work, until it collapses again. If you get in early you can move up and be a manager and make real money until the next collapse.

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This is bait they already posted this one week ago

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hey man we all die in the end who gives a fuck stick around and see how bad it gets for shits and giggles

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Fuck off and eat shit commie.

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How are you not a wagie but not a millionaire. Found the guy who lives in mom's basement

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a wage is just regular pay, IE hourly. contractual/gig workers aren't wagies

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One in a million and impossible to spot these early on

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no a wagie is a fucking retard making profit for someone else and being paid a wage, dumbass wagie

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you werent supposed to make it. some people dont.

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don't @ me, ESL loser. go pick up a dictionary

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It sucks, but get a job and then either go back to school or learn a trade. Welcome to the real world, this is the majority of fucking you’ll be getting.

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Yeah and the company is owned by a Trumper who hates illegals but not when it earns him a massive profit. Hypocritical fucks.

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Thank you anon, you have convinced me. I have been very confused as of late.

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Hell no they have this stupid idea you will "replace them".

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have you considered suicide?

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i'm sorry op, but you're probably one of those zoomers retards.
There are probably PLENTY of opportunities / sectors where you could be making money. You're just focusing on dumb niches or whatever tiktok bullshit you're used to be fed with. Try to provide value to society, and you will get value back. Stop thinking about retard hustlers business, but you probably can't do much more than this. I see a shit ton of 150 k/ monthly jobs adds everyday. sneed

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Europoor here. Heh, a friend of mine went into trades and become an apprentice at an electrician company. Holy mother of kek I didn't know the salary would be that terrible. 2-3 years of "apprenticeship" where he essentially gets minimum wage and only THEN does he get an acceptable wage.
How is this allowed? How is this legal? You do the exact same thing as the other guys but you get paid half?
When I went into lab work at a company they also tried to rip me off, saying the classic stuff like "oh you are young so you are in-experienced so we can't pay you the same" when in reality I already had plenty of experience with advanced characterization techniques. I was fortunate enough that they realized my skillset and gave me a good salary straight up but I know a lot of people that get screwed over by these tactics.
You are young so we can't pay you the same even though you do exactly the same work as someone 15 years your senior.
You ain't a slave m8. If you do good work, you are supposed to get good money. Otherwise, fuck off. Oh and don't get me started on the gaslighting they always fiddle with
The work market is so disgusting now. Companies are making gigantic profits thanks to the huge greedflation but they can't you more than the minimum wage? Fuck off

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The only lucky anons on biz are those that generate real-world revenue from real-world assets by holding Non-Fungible Equity, Faggot.

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i'm convinced most tradeshills are coping millenials who are paying their college loans off a decade after the fact or delusional white collar boomers who got their jobs with a firm hand shake.
the trades are fucking awful right now because the remaining boomers won't retire and set caps on how many certain electricians, HVAC technicians, plumbers a certain district can have. it's why they are paid so much in the first and it's shockingly hard to get in unless you know someone in the fields.

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Come back to crypto and tryout projects that has hyperpolyglot feature. You'd be fucking a lot of pussies

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>Go out for beers with some friends
>One guy there I haven't met, nice enough
>Some HVAC tradie
>Continues to brag about how much he's making, his 401k exploding, gets his gas paid for, etc.
>All of us are retards for not jumping in too
>He gets up to grab a beer, the rest of the guys laugh
>"Just ignore him, his dad owns the HVAC company he works at so he gets all of the bonuses. He always leaves that out."
Nepotism >>>> everything else

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Checked I hope you're right, anon. We'll see.

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Hi techlead. Yes you’re correct


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Nah, our ancestors were the ones who stayed home.

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actually a good post

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Qanplatform is one of such gems that you wouldn't want to miss anon

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Move to Canadia they’ll gladly help you kys. Anybody else that feels like this send me all your crypto before you move to Canada, I’ll keep it safe for you

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It is what it is fren I'm in the same boat everyday feels like torture but I believe god will have the last word in everything, dont beat yourself up, the world wants you to believe everything is your own fault even when its not.

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You should start interviewing just to waste as much of their time and money as possible. Get them to pay for background checks, drug screenings, all kinds of stuff and then reject the offer when it comes. Say something like "I need triple this much to afford even a basic home so why fucking bother". Sounds like you've got some time on your hands so avenge your own self and the rest of us too! It's not your fault for being born too late so fuck em!

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>the extremely toxic abusive workplaces when you're learning your trade with the seniority withholding key skills from you. The gatekeeping and abuse in the trades is absolutely insane.

OP confirmed for a limp wristed fag that can't handle site bants

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Your only obstacle is your attitude.

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It looks like you're all about those airdrops anon. You gotta check out the Zealy campaign for Peaq network. Just do a few simple tasks and earn. Or participate on the Krest sale on AllianceBlock's Fundrs. Not only can you get in on the sale, but you can also grab an airdrop.

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Nobody wants to pay anymore. Op will do what I said and he will be instantly transformed from a human to a big smug frog like myself, just sitting there smug af in the interview room, surrounded by crying wojak management parasites weeping and pouting because op refuses to work for less than triple what they're trying to offer him. It will be beautiful ahahahaha so get rekt boomer faggot!

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Buy RAIL and stop sulking.

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Check the German system for apprenticeships if you want a real blackpill.

Mandatory 3 years where you're lucky to get paid 2 euros an hour, meanwhile your boss bills your time at 80€+ once you're somewhat competent (usually after about 6 months).
The reason German economy doesn't collapse under the weight of immigrants and gibs is largely due to this slave labour forced upon the young.

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And then one day ... for absolutely no reason at all ...

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This is the ultimate test of God, we must be strong

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>You'll simply get rekt.
you simply didnt try hard enough
git gud faggit

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Not that anon, but it's hard right now. Even as someone who is going to school, and has a McJob to help with minor bills. I was doing automotive tech training, and the EV bill passed, so I no longer can work on combustion based engines which is what I learned, and then there's the right to repair bill which got shut down, so KIA,Audi, or fucking Subaru can easily go "well actually you need to get this officially repaired by our shops, or you will get an uh oh oopsie daisie fucking when you don't have records of repair for le designated corporation". I am looking into accounting now, since there is money everywhere all the time no matter what wherever you are for most places. Was my thought process for cars, before that got shidded on.

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meant for

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damn. I guess the only thing left is to do what your mom and dad told you all those years ago… study hard, get good grades, and then get jobs. its almost as if all the shit you mentioned is get rich quick schemes that mature people understand to be bullshit.
>why cant I be make 100k a year from home forwarding emails anymore
>even though my ‘job experience’ consists of being a mcdonalds fry cook and losing 5k on crypto in 2022
you never could get those jobs before, they was a covid anomaly. go to college.

>> No.55309054

Oh my sweet summer child.

Already went through college. Have a CS degree too.

The problem is that the job market is fucking dogshit right now. Did you read my original post all the way through?

>> No.55309078

This is the easiest job market I've ever witnessed, and I've been working for decades. If you can fog a mirror, you can get hired these days.

>> No.55309111

just deal drugs bro

>> No.55309132

sauce on pic related?

>> No.55309140

take the actuary pill, anon. i wfh, make 140k, work ~30 hours a week, and have great job security. while the entry level market is saturated (though getting better), i get loads of messages from recruiters every week.

>> No.55309176

Good energy anon

>> No.55309202

Shitcoins are no crypto.
There are like only two cryptos, BTC and maybe Monero.
Don't buy shitcoins, that's where you fucked up.

>> No.55309235

>get good grades
>get part times at dealerships while I do automotive tech as major
>right to repair bill gets shut down
>independent shops get shut down, and can only repair at corporations
>EV bill to phase out combustion engines
>can now only work on Lithium/cobalt powered "engines" where my work is reduced to lifting fuckton heavy battery out, and putting new heavy fuckton sized battery in
>Get flat wages that never grow because everyone is working on the same thing now
The amount of fucking hate I feel on an average day is so unfathomably unreal that trying to comprehend it, and conceptualize the feeling could be described as "alien" to most normies. Thank god I am still young, and switching majors isn't that big of a deal, but still fuck all of you retards who voted for this shit, and the shit people legislating these shit proposals.

>> No.55309289

The reason none of you made it is because you didn't have what it takes
AND you're a pussy on top of that
I'm a multimillionaire and the only reason I come here once in a while is to gloat about it.
Keep posting your hilarious "That's a man" memes though, it's funny to know that not only are you all fucking poor but you also condition yourself to jack off to trannies lmao
reaching levels of loserhood that shouldn't even be physically possible

>> No.55309330

I don't want to be the snob that looks down on tradies, but they just make it so hard with their need to bullshit and adolescent ego puffing. all the time.

>> No.55309632

I am literally bound to make more money than you've accumulated. No I am not going to tell you the asset. Get fucked retard.

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File: 1.74 MB, 360x202, 1603403884112.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.55309799

>the job market is fucking dogshit right now
lol, how old are you?

>> No.55309824

But why do fags keep wasting their time when Devs are making it in life. I am now actively getting horny participating in the zealy community board quest with QAN, Hopefully, I'm gonna meet some white bitches moan for more

>> No.55309831

Make a meme page and sell it. Simple

>> No.55309959

>seniority withholding key skills from you

Apprentice work is supposed to give you experience which you can leverage for your next real job, you learn whatever you can from the job while you're also learning on your own through youtube, specialized training, etc.

Your second trade job should be after you have like 2 years work experience, and you'll also be making useful contacts in your personal life that will come in handy when you're looking for your next job. Join a church if you need a good community with people that will value tradies.

But yeah, if you want to have real life skills which will always be relevant and useful, then learn a trade - carpentry, electricity, smithing, construction, masonry.
These will always be relevant. Check your local employment center and ask questions about what are the most request jobs and get into the free trainings which they offer from time to time. Their website might have a good search function.

>> No.55309969

Have you actually tried it, or are you quitting before going in like a gigantic faggot? Only faggots quit something they haven't even tried.

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>be me, security guard
>just got a call for a job that I will be a guard for a mall in a major downtown but I am hands off (call cops and shit)
>$30 an hour, not a 1099 contractor either
What am I in for? What are malls like?

>> No.55310676

>If you don't know what to do, buy random shit at a thrift store and flip it on ebay just to get you into the entrepreneurial mindset.
Boomers who run thrift shops will check ebay before they put anything for sale, and match prices. I sell books on Amazon and they make more than double what I do off every sale. Consignment stores charge >50% commission, meaning that you will never catch up to them financially. Its over.

In a world where more than fifty percent of any wealthy you create is taxed by boomer rentieer parasites, there is no getting ahead. At best, you keep your head above water while they grow richer and richer. We are serfs. The sooner you realize that the better.

>> No.55310739

If "start your own business bro" is supposed to be legitimate advice for the average person in 2023 isn't that proof that shit is fucked? Like what is the logical endgame here? What does this hyper-hustle TikTok-based economy look like ten years from now?

>> No.55310762


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>I'm literally faceplanting in a pillow right now, screaming, yelling and crying.

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Is this a suicide letter? Is he still alive? Also, sage.

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>> No.55311002

Yeah I'm still alive.

The relief rally today isn't a whole lot. I'm still shrieking and screaming and kicking walls and pillows. Thanks for asking. :(

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As an apprentice you will be a net drain on both time and money when you start, you will realistically struggle to stay alert and wont know that you clean up, down, front, back to corner. Let alone what your attitude is like. The whole experience is sole crushing, you literally will accept to give up on your childhood dreams and learn to do things tough through blood and sweat.

I started my apprenticeship in plumbing on $7.05 AUD makes about $300 - $350 a week. I now get paid $75 a hour on full time penalty rates with 4 weeks paid holiday a year working for someone. Working for myself i earn $250 an hour, im currently focusing on getting enough work to make my own gig full time. I have the skills to renovate a whole home which i have done for myself, i added an extra bathroom and bedroom to the house. Making it a 4x2 and adding $250,000 in value.

I cant say that i enjoy what i do because i dont, but i do enjoy what it has given me. Put the effort in and you will gain tenfold. You are paid so little to start with because you are being paid in knowledge, thats the truth of it. Knowledge in people skills, how the world works with money involved, logical thinking and the actual physical work too. I have been doing what i do for 11 years now and i started at 16, i can say that it has been worth the effort.

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>rare wholesome 4chan content

>> No.55311722

>the extremely toxic abusive workplaces when you're learning your trade with the seniority withholding key skills from you. The gatekeeping and abuse in the trades is absolutely insane.

people literally WALK for hundreds/thousands of miles just to come here and work those jobs, unable to speak the language beyond basic keywords - and your coddled ass won't do it because, why? because, "they're mean :("?

you just sound like a pussy dude

>> No.55311727

It's actually even worse than you can imagine. If I listed all the tricks they have up their sleeve to fuck you, the 2 most likely outcomes would be that you get dangerously real about killing yourself or you go on a killing spree. You have to get the fuck out of this country ASAP because it is getting worse. You can still get out right now if you have the money, but there will come a time when you can't get away anymore. The only hope left at all right now is the hope that you can still escape. You can have everything you have stolen right out from under you right now, you can be killed like an insect without anyone even blinking an eye, you can be sabotaged and harassed in ways that would make you sound like a schizophrenic if you called attention to it. Just get the fuck out before it's too late.

>> No.55311807
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I see post after post of pathetic Chudcels and normies whining about the conditions daily. The people causing your problems have names and addresses if you’re truly so hopeless why not go settle the score? Oh what’s that? You’re a pathetic little coward? No wonder you’re crying like a baby in your room. What part of YOU WILL OWN NOTHING did you not understand? If I keep hearing more complaining we’re gonna knock up those inflation numbers further goy YOU WILL BE HAPPY.

>> No.55311887

The positive stats are completely misleading. Job growth that they were talking about is all foreigners and people gaining part time and second jobs. Full time jobs for American born workers have dropped
Starts here at 20:30

>> No.55311896

Can you list some please

>> No.55312412

I recommend nursing to all of my students (HS teacher). 2 years at a CC to become a RN and you're graduating and making 60k/year. Move up to a Nurse Practitioner and you're over 6 figures anywhere.


>> No.55312468

Good you deserved it. smart people like me saved up and have a bag of cash on the sidelines waiting for the collapse. I despise all you pathetic losers and i will feast on your misery and buy your shit for pennies on the dollar. Now fuck off and go flip some burgers you niggerkneeling cringezoomer

>> No.55312490


2 more weeks

>> No.55312504

Have you tried meth?

>> No.55312541

you can make 10-50 thousand usd per week by selling and making fentanyl, grow up

>> No.55312564

I don’t know why I’m still holding on, but maybe it’s because I know you’re going through the same thing. It keeps me going.

>> No.55312957
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Am I insane, or is she wearing that outfit inside-out?

>> No.55313030

All I see are excuses from a lazy dude. only investing in crypto is enough for you to make it.
I've been buying NXRA for a while and it's been giving me 2x from time to time, so imagine what that would be in the bull market.
Also you can consider the other options that you listed there because I'm sure that people are still making money there

>> No.55313360

Jail time knocking
I see many influencers talk about this on CT, I guess I have to pay attention to it