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i will be anon im working towards it. im sick of renting my soul for others

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The tranny mod is an abusing schizo deleting threads and banning people for no reason.
Please report this piece of shit at https://www.4channel.org/feedback

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Why don't you run... away?

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why don't you

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I've thought about it.
How hard would it be for me to start a landscaping company and hire some cheap people to do the work?

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i don't want to deal with all the bureaucracy that comes with it.

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I did.
Had an angel investor and after scale up phase I left.

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how do you start? Is their paperwork?

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Pretty much.

In UK, it's fairly easy to set up a company, but then you have to start using bookkeeping software to keep records and pay accountants. You'll also have the tax man up your arse all the time.

Say you want to set up a simple coffee van/bike business. You'll need:
-License from the council to sell on the street and or sell food

If you want to sell from a shop you'll have to pay business rates to the council (which can be high), regardless if you make a penny in profit.

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I don't need to launder any money, that's why

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American here. I have to pay taxes quarterly to both the federal government and my state government as a self-employed person because otherwise I'll be penalized. In addition to that I have to file to pay sales tax (which I have a license to collect, as a business) which I also have to collect and track throughout the year.

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This, it's a scam. And I have no in-demand skills and meme jobs like dropshipping are saturated.

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because that's more work than working for someone

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forced to buy overpriced healthcare for everyone

buy unemployment uninsurance for everyone

hired a woman who ended up getting knocked up, so not only did I lose a working employee I have to pay for some other guys kid while shes in labor and a few years after it because apparently thats my problem

my company is sued for the actions of some employee did on his private time as Im supposed to micromanage his every action like im fucking santa claus


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isn't there an employee or gross income cutoff where you have to do those things? You could have a small business with like a few employees couldn't you? or do they still make you bow down and suck cock