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I don't know what methods you're using but I strongly believe day trading and IDO are the only sensible things now. Your old tokens are dead and never coming back.

I mean those that have blockchain innovations. I don't care about anything else

Alternatively, you could just buy ETH and BTC instead.

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Just buy some BTC, All alts are dead

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Crypto is just pump and dump. Its year away from achieving anything substantial.NGMI

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I smell someone burning money in meme coins before the plunge.

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Alts season will get here soon enough. Chads are accumulating and holding. Don't say you weren't told.

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Kek. Must have been rugged multiple times. Stick to IDOs like the op said. Not rocket science.

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>I mean those that have blockchain innovations. I don't care about anything else

Let's talk about healthcare-blockchain integration then. Let's talk about real world use cases, anon.

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>Just buy some BTC, All alts are dead
Wrong move, nanochad. Get your ass immersed into some IDOs especially on the Polygon blockchain

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Faggot, you're missing the point here. There are crypto tokens that have real world use cases. From healthcare, communication, logistics, AI and to many more industries. Your low budget brain can do better than this.

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Memes are distractions. Eyes on the real price which is alts. We'll start going up soon.

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Don't burn your money into memecoins. Memecoins are like dry grass waiting for a little ignite of fire to be in place. You better invest in your health and own it, coward

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Medicine on the blockchain? I smell data theft. Tell me something else.

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BTC and ETH are based. Polygon chain hasn't disappointed yet in terms of developments. Not sure about idos in this market.

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>You better invest in your health and own it,
How anon? Anything that brings profits is relevant to my interests.

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Blockchain innovations should have the front row, but fags would rather burn their money than invest right. Bunch of desu niggas.

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The gas fee is always more than the price of the token, There is no point now.

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Immunify life is having their IDO soon, Finally blockchain will serve a purpose other than just dumping by the devs.

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If I am poor, what would I do doing healthy NGMI
This could be an nightmare.

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Day trading in this market is suicide. TAs don't work. Market is too volatile. FA looks more appealing now. Buy solid tokens and hold for long term.

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Where is the liquidity.
I think most of them are on quickswap or kommunitas

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>I strongly believe day trading
I used to run whenever I hear people talk about day trading, prob bcos I'm too dumb to grab the stuff, i prefer staking, thankfully Huobi is giving a nice yield on Sylo, i also have Ada on yoroi.
I can't wait for the bull where anything you buy literally gives you profit!

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Ta cannot work on external factors, Gary ass would be fucking sacked soon.
The Vcs will find a way to invest, Dexes again will be an important key.

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>Medicine on the blockchain?

You don't know what is going on the blockchain space. Of course the healthcare sector is getting transformed.

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>Buy solid tokens and hold for long term.
Right now Algo, Kava and ETH are what I've been dipping my toes in
the gaming coin I have a decent bag in with great success so far is Ride, and keeps improving in bringing entertainment to passengers on trips

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>Anything that brings profits is relevant to my interests

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>Not sure about idos in this market.
IDOs in the current market conditions show that the projects pushing for them are solid and strong. They have powerful use cases that shouldn't be ignored.

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>Day trading in this market is suicide
absolutely true
thou i'm taking advantage of tokenmetrics to grab those green dildos.
>Must have been rugged multiple times
Lmao, he prob bought the absolute top.

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That's why I have mad respect for healthcare-blockchain related innovations.

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>The gas fee is always more than the price of the token,

Whatever the fuck you are thinking about gas fee; but not on the Polygon chain, fag.

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>Finally blockchain will serve a purpose other than just dumping by the devs.

What purpose does it serve? Tell me something unique.

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>If I am poor, what would I do doing healthy NGMI

KEK, what your mouth is spitting doesn't make sense to any sensible faggot on Earth. Rephrase, so it makes sense.

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Keeping an eye out for legit IDOs is the only fucking sensible thing to do right now, especially knowing what protocol to look out for like decentralized health data and management or something related

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Sure, some might argue that day trading and IDOs are inherently risky, with the potential for significant losses. But isn't life all about taking risks?

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Why BTC when you can get good alts for free on Zealy?

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You are probably a new fag or just too retarded to accept that crypto is improving the way we do things and is a hedge against tyranny

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Nope, you're dead wrong. Do yourself some good and research Polygon IDOs.

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Those projects are heavily undervalued. Healthcare is now beginning to generate some buzz in the space. Since we have seen Move to Earn, Play to Earn, it won't be bad if we see Save life to Earn.

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Most IDOs are scams but that's where doing proper diligence comes in.

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I have no respect for any P2E, but save to earn makes me feel good. I lost my dear wife a while back.

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I know PulseChain and Immunify.Life are pulling the strings. Got any other?

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A bit of research doesnt do any harm. With decentralization and privacy taking the narrative of blockchain by storm, like the OP noted, IDOs that deals with issues related to these in logistics, health data, finances, and so on will have long term sustainability and gains.

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Ngl, "Save Life to Earn" sounds like a total meme. But if it brings attention to important causes and encourages people to do good, then maybe it's not such a bad thing.
>Sorry about your wife

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I can already see the scammers jumping on this idea, claiming they'll save lives and take your money. Be cautious, anons.

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IDOs were named as a scam in the email spammed to Senator, Members of Congress and the sec

LOL, you frog spammers should have fucked off when I told you to fuck off

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We've seen weirder stuff gain traction in the crypto space. As long as there's demand and a genuine purpose behind it, who are we to judge? If this becomes a thing, we will see some epic memes along with it.

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>those that have blockchain innovations
Most blockchain "innovations" are just marketing technobabble buzzwords used to try to differentiate your product from the competition, otherwise you have no selling points.

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Bruh, IDOs are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. But if you've got the balls to take risks, it can be exhilarating. Just be prepared for some serious FOMO.

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>I mean those that have blockchain innovations. I don't care about anything else
I've seen some legit projects come out of IDOs, but also some total shitcoins. Gotta have those diamond hands and be ready to separate the moonshots from the moon dust.

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and IDOs are no different from ICOs
They are both: Perpetual Pre-IPOs

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Remember, anons, don't get caught up in the hype. Just because it's an IDO doesn't mean it's automatically a winner. Look for solid teams, promising tech, and community engagement. DYOR, always. Noobs always forget that this should be treated as a form of investment too.

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They should learn how to use Kickstarter and gofundme. Fuck those lazy scams

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I know of PulseChain and MedicalChain, but I've been seeing lots of buzz for Immunify lately, Guess I'll look it up

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Polygon IDOs should be the research samples if one is trying to avoid these unpredictable gas fee shit

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Polygon is an unregistered security, a perpetual pre-ipo

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Offering individuals the right to have control over their digital assets and information, especially those relating to health care should be a basic right available to everyone.

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sure, but not grifting from selling tokens not needed by private sector scammers doing perpetual pre-ipos to buy lambos

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Immunify.Life offers innovations that mirror these.

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Unegistered security
will die

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IDO are just renaming ICOs
still unregistered securities

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The shitcoin ratio is really high, only a few genuine projects do come out.

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Fuck SEC.
why fucking care about the whole world.