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CPI inflation comes in at 4%, lower than 4.1% expected. I'm buying again anon. Show me what you have in your bags
>this is good new, right?

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And to lower inflation, theyve had to crank interest rates, creating a pending wave for foreclousres that will = 2008 GFC

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I seriously doubt it s gonna happen.

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How can .1 percent be fucking good? Recession is still here. No Jobs no nothing.

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>>this is good new, right?
Still too early to say anon. Buy and hold. Emphasis on good alts. Trade too if you can swing the market.

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SEC is shitting on everything but it market won't stay down forever. BTC is stronger than it's ever been now.

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2 more weeks

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>I'm buying again anon. Show me what you have in your bags

I can see my BTC bag's growth a little bit. The CPI result was at least good for the market. I'm also looking into index investment platforms.

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>creating a pending wave for foreclousres that will = 2008 GFC

Explain further, gigachad. I can tell you're old enough in the space. As long as I can buy indices on an index platform on the Ethereum chain, I'm good.

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Index is for fags. How much have you made from it? Buy BTC and hold.

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Math is amazing. Especially in crypto. Learn crypto indices and see wonder.

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>Ethereum chain
$100 per transaction is a kill. Reason L2s will continue to thrive. Arbitrum and Polygon are leading the choir.

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>Index is for fags. How much have you made from it?

You definitely don't know the magic behind index. AstraDAO is a great platform to spread your hands on about crypto index.

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Real wonder is iToken and Astradao. You got something to say to me?

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Arbitrum is overhyped. Polygon is better. Ethereum is still the king of alt chains whether you like it or not.

But then, hell yeah, index platform on a. scalable and low gas fee L2 sounds cool.

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>spread your hands on about crypto
This board is unusable

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>But then, hell yeah, index platform on a. scalable and low gas fee L2 sounds cool.
The only sensible comment here. ETH is for rich politicians.

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Share your thoughts jeet or get the fuck out. Chads will keep slurping.

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>Real wonder is iToken
iToken? Is that a token for Apple? Tell me more :)

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Drink the Ganges dry and buy all of the last run shit tokens. Should work out amazing.

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Go do your research dude or hfsp. No one is here to spoonfeed you investment information.

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>This board is unusable

But you can use it. Proves you are wrong, KEK!

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Fundamentals survive the brunt of the bear market not shit tokens. Those who have been around long enough understand this.

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>ETH is for rich politicians.
>The only sensible comment here.

That doesn't mean index investment platforms on the Ethereum network aren't doing good, newfag.

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Hopium has killed the best of us, this is just the beginning.

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Why did you stop buying in the first place? Diversify and continue to DCA.

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Nothing survived in the dip
Nothing can save your shitty tokens, Nor Ganges or any lords

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Excuse me , where is the money , praful. NGMI

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Jobs not going up but hours worked is down 6%
That’s the first thing employers due before a crash. First the hours are cut, then layoffs, then crash

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ETH fucking survived the onslaught better than any other altcoin. I have staked on Astradao or Uniswap, Prefer their Index .
Cexes are just game over for me

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Don't get carried away like a new fag. We are just experiencing a relief bounce. Stocks and Index are the best play right now believe any other thing at your own peril.

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It is a matter of time, A major recession will kick in.

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>I'm buying again anon. Show me what you have in your bags
doubled up on ALGO and 50% more ADA

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I bought BNB and LTC

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stocks ? who lead you into this board, curry eater
Pack you bags and get ready to be on streets . Your gf will leave you also if you go broke.

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Jeets like you are the ones that shit around in the bear market and end up being a retarded bag holder at the peak of the bull run. Start now to pay attention to what's being discussed on Biz or have fun staying poor.

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If you listen to Biz, I just hope god will bless your poor soul
I say to this too me every time that this is just good news and it never happens

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Make the trend your friend and stop being a dick.

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ALGO is dead AF, people are hyped on LTC because of the halving aside from that, nothing else. I prefer tokens that can give me high-staking rewards like SCRT, AZERO, and CTSI. I'm super focused on accumulating and earning passively right now.

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Jeets like you have a poor mentality and with this, you don't stand a chance of making it in the space. Crawl back to your hole.

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My advice? Buy and hold low caps outside the top 100, with a strong emphasis on solid altcoins. And if you're up for it, swing the market with some trading skills.

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> Learn crypto indices
I prefer the thrill of day trading. Catching those quick gains is where the action is. But, to each their own. Just make sure you're well-informed and ready for the wild ride.

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I've dabbled in indices trading, but I find it a bit slow-paced compared to crypto. Still, it's a more stable option, and you can leverage the power of global economies. Provided you keep an eye on economic news and market indicators, you are good to go.

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Both approaches have their merits. Buying and staking give you a chance to ride the wave of growth, while trading allows for more frequent wins. Just remember, to be strategic, do your research, and stay on top of the market trends.

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I love indices trading. It's a different game altogether, but you can find plenty of opportunities. Just make sure to do your research on the specific index you're interested in and analyze historical data to identify patterns.

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Keep it together and give it time, a couple of weeks maybe. However, keep an eye out for AstraDAO and PulseChain in the next coming days.

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Indices funds work differently and .1 works pretty well for crypto-oriented investment strategies. Got lots of these ideas from a noncustodial automated crypto asset allocator project

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Good take, considering most are in a haste to throw funds where the noise is made the most.

Actually, platforms that provide various investment products and user staking with zero-fee participation model using DAO-Managed Treasury have caught my fancy

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AstraDAO is a pretty good ecosystem if you ask me, just like Vanguard was a big factor for index funds and ETFs, so the project will be a good tool for crypto investors.

PulseChain's decentralized healthcare ecosystem is one of a kind.

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How about you consider adding NEO and AstraDAO to that list, more diversity, more potential profit

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Blockchain will eventually be the new Internet of Things. Look before you leap

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The possibility is there

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Indeed, looking for projects that utilize decentralized noncustodial allocator that offers practical access to crypto-oriented investment strategies is a good place to look in my opinion

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Why not, don't double up on ALGO and do some real research on the DAO-Managed Treasury project and also decentralized identity projects

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Some projects ring a bell, JUNO, and AstraDAO

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This will only happen if elon musk uses them in its car. Otherwise just forget it.

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Cosmos is still great, just under rated
cexes will be killed by gary, sooner or later.

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I'm feeling bullish again

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Yo, how the fuck y'all stay bullish in this crazy-ass market? The key is to dig deep, do your research, snatch them low prices, and wait for them bulls to charge in. Ain't no time to be slacking off, 'cause we got tools like tokenmetrics that make researching a breeze and rake in them profits.

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here it comes, another wave

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>Deutsche Bank
nice try.

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buy some KNS and ICP

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Kek!!! People be going crazy up in here, I swear. DYOR man, and you'll stumble upon some mind-blowing shit! I came across holoride while digging into Apple's pro vision AR, and damn, that thing won't even make you puke with motion sickness.
Solid stuff, there's a whole universe of wonders out there if you just put in the damn work.

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Damn straight. This madness won't last forever, especially once Gary gets the axe. It's the perfect opportunity to snatch up those low-cap gems and stack 'em up. That's why I've gone ahead and added more Gmx, Sylo, and Metis to my portfolio.

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Definitely a good sign, nigger. It's not the best of momentums but it's a good signal for slurp.

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Whatever you buy just make sure it has a good market and utility also. CYMI and ACOIN some I bought.

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>CPI inflation comes in at 4%, lower than 4.1% expected.


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