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The private banks print money that they lend to governments. Private individuals then have to pay interest on that via taxes even though they never consented to any loans being taken on their behalf.

In essence, a substantial % of the time spent working goes towards paying an interest the individual never agreed to on a loan they never got to see a single dime of. This is slavery.

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Are you going to buy more individuals then have to pay interest on that via?

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True but the system is great. I have enough money in the stock market to never work again. Stop. Being. Poor.

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What if we pulled more money from things like criminal offenses (DWIs, speeding tickets, whatever else) instead of taxes? How much revenue does the government get from those sorts of things anyways?

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Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down goyim.

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Incoming catastrophic loss. You deserve every bit.

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The tranny mod is an abusing schizo deleting threads and banning people for no reason.
Please report this piece of shit at https://www.4channel.org/feedback

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Cattle just obeys, goy.

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But taxes have almost nothing to do with the stock market?

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Why don't boomers work? I talk to older people all the time since my job is mostly boomers, and literally I'm the only one doing anything. They just fucking sit around and pretend to work. I'm 25 and I have verifiable evidence to show I work harder and more efficiently than all of them, but what's it all for? I get paid less than them, I am respected less than them and I'm basically treated like an intern even though I've been working for three straight years at 100% productivity.

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you have pixels on a screen and an IOU

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seethe wagie

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Private individuals may have not consented, but they "benefit" nonetheless
The lending covers for the budget deficit, meaning that the government still has funds to cover for public services or infrastructure maintenance without having to raise taxes or reduce government spending
Also one could argue that they consented collectively through their vote if they live in a democratic country

Of course this is all BS, democracies are glorified oligarchies set up to eliminate any possibility for reform and governments abuse their budgets to earn votes since the damage of excessive borrowing can be long-term, sometimes beyond the lifespan of the current generation

But I grew to stop caring about the future of cattle, they can all remain ignorant debt slaves for the rest of their lives and rot in poverty

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How many link do you hold

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>muh roads
God, I wish you fags would go back to plebbit

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>guys Reagan told me if we do less government corruption will go down!
>corruption goes up
>"it's because too much government! Surely if we cut social services corruption will go down!"
Rinse and repeat infinity times. Sprinkle in some ideology about things you will never do (abolish the fed) for bonus points

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