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Seriously, how mainstream exactly is Chainlink?

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Use etherscan, normie. Cex users don't count, their funds are gone.

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check ethplorer bastards

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take a look

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I think I’m not the only one on here that realizes that the Chainlink discussions here aren’t organic at all.

A complex mix of paid shills and bots post memes and start conversations. Real anons browsing /biz/ think these convos are real and start making convos themselves. Then when things die down, the bots and paid shills start again to capture new bagholders.

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I have 710 chainlinkies

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Its as famous as Jojo Siwa

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I'm retarded and can't work with this. How do I get the number of wallets with specifically at least 500 LINK?

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41016 wallets have 500 or more link.