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Listen /biz/ this is your last chance to slurp cheap you know what before it relaunches on ARB and ETH on Wednesday.
The hacken audit was completed today and this scored a 10/10.
I don't wanna hear you faggots crying when this does a 100x. You're always complaining about how only scams are shilled on this board.
If you don't know what this is reverse image search the picture. Jannies will ban me because they're too busy bagholding their $5 LINK and don't want us talking about better oracles.

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This is literally primed for a 100x jannies can go fuck themselves banning me all the time for shilling actual projects and not dog coins or shitcoin rugpulls

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didn't you shill that shit for months and it went nowhere just dumped. Do you devs need exit liquidity

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Don't say I didn't warn you

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Does the ticker name still give a 3 day ban/is there anyway to prepurchase on ETH? I had a bag on BSC a while back and sold it for a bit of profit

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You still get banned for saying the full name. You can still buy on BSC and you'll be airdropped the ARB tokens on Wednesday, no gas necessary to receive the new tokens

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hello sers,,, please do the needful and buy kensee token. very nice token. Kindly watch the youtube video for more information
thanks you sers

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I remember
tax function scam

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>went nowhere
It went somewhere and it's making moves again

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I don't want ARB tokens I want ETH

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Kek stinkies

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There will be liquidity on both chains so if you want ETH tokens you can buy after the migration I guess

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>everyone who doesn't like my pump and dump grift must be a linky
chainlink derangement syndrome and the spammers killed this board
good job idiots, you killed your own grift and culture!