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Give me some lowcap memecoin alpha right now!

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ready for some CreampAI?
can be the biggest scam this year let's masturbate together

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Can I fuck them?

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I want to get fucked in the ass by an AI

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>this is a naughty little token
and you’re gay
Question is when 4chan will sell?

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Cap this: KINGZ will flip BTC

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get some arb if you want to make it

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ew go away coomer
kek...lanklets on sui watch?
already got some

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Here >>55249971

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pretty much this

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Dick (Arbitrum)

So this is another meme token on Arbitrum, this will be a community token. I don't give a damn lel.
Make a group or something, or not, it's up to all of you degens.
I'll put 0.2 ETH lp and locking it for a year, you can verify it on the creator address txn,
The tax is 5, so use lower slippage, or else frontrun bots will rekt your capital.
Hold your Dick!

Most of you weren’t even sperm and for some neither where your fathers
But here is your opportunity of your generations lifetime. Good luck fren.





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holding steady to my $pond even after all the shit we've gone through these past few weeks. my hope is undying.

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Techbros... It's over for all of us...

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these threads are great to see coins i should be avoiding with all my will. thanks op for keeping the streets clear and organized

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>mfw avax and pond operator
>locked in both