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I'm looking at adding this means of payment to my payment method for my business but with all the chaos going on, I'm bothered whether this is just another buzz that will die off

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The best payment method is one that every country banned (XMR)

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crypto payments have been a thing for many years, you retarded fucking mongoloid

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It is none other than Binance pay jeet

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xMoney crypto and fiat payment option will be your best choice anon

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Don't be too sure Newfag, do you get cashback using that, am sure u.wil love to earn while making payments, as one of the crypto payment platforms got bicthes so horny.

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You don't need a new payment platform the bank got you covered pretty fag don't get rekt using some dead ass payments platform

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Yea anon, with 1% transaction fees, its relatively cheaper than most traditional payment platforms like PayPal. that define the future of payments jeets.

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I got my Redmagic phone using it and the best part was the cashback I earned from it

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Why was it banned!

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Same reason why supplement stores are allowed to sell 100s of useless supplements but aren't allowed to sell steroids that actually work

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And it will continue for many years too. It will continue to be choice over traditional payment institutions

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Only a retard dick will feel better with that considering SEC recent trend am sure you heard the news.

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Because it’s private and they can’t track it

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I just got ROOT when I bridged my pro boxer. SYLO and ASTO are also contributing to the futureverse. They are building and it gives me hope that they will remain valuable in the long run.

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Yea kek, crypto payments has been some good pussy experience expercially when I stake it, I get around 20%APR.

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After years of being one of the most popular payment processors on the internet, PayPal announced that they're introducing a new payment processor called Mastercard. The new system will offer 3% back on all transactions and 2% back on all recurring payments.

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What are the benefits of using that, realfag get involved in real estate and gold, and BTC because it got some real shit

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My Alternative Airline ticket was paid with crypto too and it was a seamless experience

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Sounds good summerfag but am still recovering from paying high fees using that compare to xMoney, as It almost a zero transaction fee.

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Not only does it support crypto payments, it also supports fiat payment. Isn't that a huge innovation to fuck around with?

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I can still book my flight ticket using my master card lazy ass crypto is just a scam

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I Book Renegade Air flights to homabay now from Alternative Airlines. I Pay in 160 currencies. Cancellation Protection to your booking is added. Good option to look at

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Sounds cool anon, I just bought the new iPhone 14 pro max and paid with crypto, it was easy and I got cashback about 1.5%

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That nice hopefully will consider it when next am on a vacation nice information faggot

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Yea anon making it seamless for lazy kek,
as online payments with both crypto & fiats is now more accessible, with rewards using that.

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Newfag, If you are gonna wait till then you are missing a great opportunity to invest in payment projects. Don't spend your money on

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Its a Decentralized or some other scam

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Newfag, If you are gonna wait till then you are missing a great opportunity to invest in payment projects. Do it now instead on spending it on Asian bitches

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Yea anon you might consider getting some nice projects than waiting on some rekt shit fag, Imagine getting about 1.5 % of cashback making payments using crypto payments service.

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Look at those peppers

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I think it's should be what is the semon raterd demon lmao

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It been nice using that anon with it zero transaction fee, but I enjoy the juicy staking benefits I get using the xExchangeApp

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Crypto payment is only done for publicity. Normies don't use their crypto to buy things. They're using it as their life savings.

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>semon raterd demon

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That sounds horrible anon, I just book my flight with alternate airlines, and order for my Tesla from Nikola Brussels and I paid with crypto using xMoney

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Motherfucker thinks your limited knowledge works here. What will you say about Shopify, Benfica and Travala that are accepting crypto payments?

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Same as tornado cash

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But they didn't ban privacy, they only banned a particular token, meaning, other privacy protocols are up and functioning

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This is an Alpha for the normies here, Your Place, a real estate merchant in Dubai is accepting payments in crypto.

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When it comes to crypto payments, security is a fucking must, bro. So, does this platform have any decentralized identity integration? Gotta keep our shit safe, you know?

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Its on-ramp feature coming soon is gonna have many bitches choosing it

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Why the fuck are they tracking my transactions, man?
Isn't privacy fucking important anymore?
Privacy should be a basic fucking right for all, not some bullshit tracking my every goddamn move.

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If it got banned by every country, it's definitely not based, senpai. I don't buy it, you jeets, still thinking there ain't no fresh projects that can outshine it.

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It's been a thing for years but the annoying thing is most of these payment solutions are shits.

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I feel you, we gotta make sure our shit stays on lockdown, no one messin' with our gains but it has such a feature in place. What makes you think merchants are utilizing this in the first place?

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>almost every post after this one is written in butchered English by a faeces smeared subhuman paw
I fucking hate shitskindians.
Total pajeet genocide fucking when?

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Yo, that's true, integrating DiD solutions like ENS, OREID, and others could potentially increase trust and as well improve their user base

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You are on the edge to take a right decision. Rather than getting confused just integerate a payment processor which offers a flat 1% transaction fee and yields.

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Just wait until it takes ages to confirm your payment. It is one of the most frustrating things about using fiat for payment.

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She's pretty.

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Crypto payments are more than just a passing narrative. It's a legit thing that's here to stay. With the rise of decentralized finance and increased adoption, the potential is massive. It's not gonna die off anytime soon.

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Faggot did you use xMoney before saying this BS

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He is moron he will never understand these technologies.

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It's the way to go desu. Keep it simple, maximize those gains, and make the right decision like a boss. I don't know why some fags like to overcomplicate things

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Staking is just the best way to earn passively anon. I had to stake my gems too for passive income. No need to allow them to sit idle when I can earn from them.

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Anon there is no point in explaining things for a person who is ignorant. We gotta do our own research. Plus the payment processor should be able to support both crypto and fiat payments. PayPal is fuck all but we do have other good options.

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Wise decision but you gotta dyor before getting into anything

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>payment processor should be able to support both crypto and fiat payments
This is one sick innovation in this space. I don't know why people still fuck with PayPal despite all its drawbacks.

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Trust is a key factor in this game, bro. Ain't nobody gonna mess with these payment solutions unless they're legit and trustworthy. Reputation and reliability should be in check.

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OP is this your wife, is she single

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How much cashback will that be if I bought a real estate property

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PayPal is good

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Anon, is this the future of web3payment

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It's utter stupidity to use PayPal they still have hidden fees and chargebacks. On the other hand a I personally use a web3 payment processor where I can do Paymensts with both crypto and fiat even on metaverse. This is convenience.

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Not even close they are fucking cheaters and suck peoples hard earned money. Why the fuck aren't they transparent?

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Off topic photo

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HODL up! The crypto narrative is far from dead! With more institutions hopping on the crypto train, we're witnessing a revolution in payments. Banks might be lagging behind for now, but fear not! The real narrative to embrace is the epic concept of DePINs, championed by the likes of Peaqnet and Iotex. These projects are paving the way for a decentralized future that'll make everyone heads spin!

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Talk about a wild ride! Things might seem a bit chaotic, yet there's plenty to get excited about. Pajeet knows what's up and they're seizing opportunities like now you can grab your KREST token from allianceblock Fundrs and some PEAQ airdrop goodness. It's time to stop fooling around and start stacking those gains

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wish I can smack those tits

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PayPal is outdated, the future is web3payment

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Add it and in 3 years you'll be considered as a visionary

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Anon, web3 is like the ultimate Chad standard, and hey, Peaq is powering the Web3 Economy of Things on Polkadot.and might dominate the crypto jungle with its mad skills.

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Yes that's the truth. They are long gone. We can now pay with crypto and fiat at ease. As I said fixed transaction fees, more cashbacks.

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Imagine having a powerful orgasm and shooting your man-milk all over those tits, then her sucking on your still throbbing cock afterwards, squeezing out every last drop as you moan and groan in pleasure.

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The future is xMoney

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>Why is your resume blank?
>I am stupid and have no skills
>When can you start?

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Crypto payment is dominating, if you are too scared of the current price, zoom out

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why, what's so special about it?

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Its fee is 10x cheaper than PayPal

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>Crypto payment is dominating
lol lmao
You can't buy shit with crypto compared to credit cards and cash

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You are just ignorant. We can purchase from a car to a grocery with crypto all you need is a payment processor partnered with those merchants.

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Utter stupidity I have personally bought a redmagic gaming phone with crypto and it was simple as fuck

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Yes that's very true now both crypto and fiat are working together. AFAIK a payment platform offers both payments under roof with a flat 1% transaction fee

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PayPal is just a fuck all. I am happy that I came to know about xMoney which allows me me to pay with Fiat and crypto even on metaverse with less transaction fee and higher cashbacks on all transactions. Can't beat this shit.

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I'm now boycotting those hidden fees with crypto payments. SEC is trying to get their hands on this payment gateway but it is far from their reach.

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Their customer support is too poor. You will cry your eyes out when you have a failed transaction because it will disappear without a trace.

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Who cares, post more milktrucks

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Leave the photo and drop your own opinion. Don't tell me you are one of those shirtless schizos that can't focus when they see some tits dancing around.

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Imagine suckling on them

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One of the major mistakes is that these normies are constantly obsessed with the price of crypto, but crypto payment is a whole different ballgame.

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Just find a based gateway and keep yourself safu, desu. Personally, xMoney is straight up in my top 3 go-to's. No cap.

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Bro, lemme drop some knowledge on you. With crypto, you can straight-up cop anything your heart desires. I've flexed hard and paid for all my senpai vacays using crypto. And Travala is legit making it mad easy by accepting those crypto payments.

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Enough to flex for a whole week and still earn another cashback for spending your cashback

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Fed rates go up, bitcoin goes down

You're retarded

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Just do your goddamn research and stop lurking around biz like a loser. For the fact that you saw it here means it is based.

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Retarded, anon. DePIN is the next big thing dummy. I'm getting my hands on the first DePIN token by participating in the KREST public sale, with the intention of getting a Peaq airdrop.

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ive used crypto to buy things off amazon for the past two years. youre just too fucking retarded to know how to use crypto. get help retard.