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Best way to mine this dirty slut?

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a cpu

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Commodore 64.

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everyone talks about hardware, but where the fuck do you get the mining software?

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Monero pajeets are special kind of pajeets
They are zombie like, completely brain dead
Bet you don't even know what XMR does, you just blindly took the bait on 4chan

Hope you manage to grow a single neuron to at least sell when you are in profit

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xmrig is the most efficient

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Xmrig, p2pool

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There's a guide in the XMR general.

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get cpu with plenty of cores and cache, get a decently sized ssd (1tb either sata or nvme), install debian on it, compile xmrig from source so you can adjust dev tax and mine on p2pool. ask >>>/biz/xmr for specifics.

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is this a real tweet?

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Switch to microcap privacy coins that you can easily mine even with your Android smartphone, like Scala.

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sudo apt xmrig tar something something, change config to wallet and pool address, ./