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Any anon, every single one, that bought at ICO is hit with massive opportunity cost. You bought LINK instead of BNB, DOGE, SHIB, because of /biz/, but it never smelled like a good idea. LINK has stunk since the day it was shilled here

>Shills Intel SGX and TEE
>Makes up buzzword white papers every few years to generate hype
>Introduces VRF as if it's some killer app
>Proof of Reserves never takes off
>Mixicles and DECO vaporware shilled as a privacy solution
>Works closely with SBF, Bancor, LinkPool, BlockFi, Synthetix, Celsius
>Promises CCIP in 2022 to retain and gain liquidity and people to dump bags on
>Reaches market cap 5 for 2 days before starting a historic descent into the abyss
>Changed metric from TVE to TVL to TVS
>6 years and not one enterprise uses Chainlink
>Founder pays SWIFT for multiple experiments to gain notoriety
>Project worth $2 billion but claims it's securing trillions
>Pays "Tech influencers" in tokens to attach name to project for legitimacy
>Lost Arbitrum, Synthetix, Oracle Corp relationships due to vaporware instead of product launches
>Guy dressed in flannel pays to be meme'd into history like Steve Jobs, turns out to be Elizabeth Holmes instead

Imagine not selling at $50. Chainlink will continue to bleed out until $0.05, because there is simply no demand for this in comparison to AI or BTC

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didnt read not selling

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kek fuddie

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At the end of the year, we think we have enough material to seek out a publisher for a book on what an elaborate scam Chainlink is. Just recently after the FTX failure, Sergey said that many exchanges were interested in implementing Proof of Reserves. To date, not a single exchange utilizes Proof of Reserves. VRF requests are also way down in comparison to 2022

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It hasn't pumped against the market a single time in three years

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Not only that, it's down 97% against ETH in the past 3-4 years, and 95% against BTC. Anyone holding LINK instead of BTC/ETH has lost money, every single person. To make matters worse, staking has resulted in nothing but losses for nodes and stakers alike, since the token has lost $2 per token since December 2022, far outstripping the 4% yield

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Imagine actually reading the torrent of shit these low iq fud trannies spam all day every day

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The next grift is holding multiple conferences despite producing nothing of value for over half a decade. In fact, LINK's ATH against BTC and ETH was right before the very first SmartCon back in 2020. Since that conference, and all of the subsequent nothingburger conferences, LINK has been in freefall vs BTC/ETH. Only a fool would pay money to hear a bunch of scams talk about scamming

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The usual discord nufudders are actually a lower form of life than unpaid internet janitors:
>constantly making 50+ pbtid fudding in discussion threads over 10+ hours whenever they're up
>the rest of the time they seem to be seething, samefagging, and monitoring in up to 6 fud threads at any one time during their "rush hour"
>sometimes when they're really upset because no one takes them seriously, they'll spam the board with nikado avacado's asshole threads
>they have been doing this possibly since 2021, when a lot of them bought the top and never recovered
>others lost their stacks on bancor and celsius
>some even think that they're "fighting the wef" by posting on here - yes they're that retarded
>lets be generous with the math and say that they've only done this for five days a week (including holidays) for one year (50x52=2600 hours spent doing this maybe, not including the time they've spent making low quality memes and looking at pictures of the best cock cages to use)
>all over an apparently shitty and unimportant crypto
>on a board that doesn't even affect the prices
>all for FREE

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>low IQ
>Holds something that has lost value the last 3 years nonstop

Who's really low iq? Hearing the truth may hurt but that doesn't make it dumb. Coping is coping, none of you can actually refute any of the facts being presented in this thread. Should we go back and listen to Sergey discuss blockchain with Alex Mashinsky instead? What about his fireside chat with the Docusign founder that led to nowhere?

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>i wrote a blogpost sirs please sell im putting so much effort into gaslighting sirs pls pls

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Staking V0.2 will change everything

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You are mentally ill, seek help

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You are

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So SWIFT isn't using Chainlink and Chainlink has been declared a security by the SEC?

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I wonder how nodes feel about the LINK price action desu. We only hear from baggies, but I want to know what people with real skin in the game feel like.

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Sea kelp

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Link Bots literally have no arguments except 'muh Swift test', so they resort to name calling or straight up psychotic rants.

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I can't speak for anyone else but I'm definitely pretty mentally ill, and looking forward to capturing and doing horrible and inhumane things to FUD trannies after links inevitable gigapump. The money would make it pretty easy, especially in places like bulgaria and turkey.

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Fudders own a lot of link and will be equally powerful. None of you chinless chud phenotype geeks would ever do shit to a hardened bulgarian mafia chad in person.

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>I wonder how nodes feel about the LINK price action desu
Node operators are likely the groups that use Chainlink's services so they probably don't give a shit about price as long as their fees are low.

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OP >>55261887 doesn't know how to answer this so ignores it top kek

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we were shilling link when it costed pennies newfag, just because you retards missed out because you all decided to buy new video games or what not, don't blame us for your shitty choices.

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Most OGs bought at 0.20-1$, and anyone who bought above $5 has significantly raised their average buy price. There was a lot of euphoria and buying by OGs at $20+.
You guys are coping so hard by trying to brag about a 5-20x after 7 years of bagholding KEK

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Kek this shittoken is about to be flipped buy Manuro

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everyone but me. I had a chance to buy 10k of link when it was 20cents instead I bough 5 eth.

kill me pls

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and checked

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This. You would’ve been better off buying TSLA or NVDA than LINK

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Manuro will be big next thing sirs do the needful and buy my bags

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>h-heh you didn't make the most perfect decisions possible at the exact moments you should've at the exact tops and bottoms
this is the best fuddies can come up with? nobody will ever not make a mistake. it is humanly impossible to not make mistakes otherwise we'd all be trillionaires right now.
difference is LINK is a hundred percent sure bet in the long term. Not selling, try harder.

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I only have 100k Link which is nowhere near enough to actually make it.

All these Linklets with 10k stacks singing about 1k eoy are starting to piss me off with their propaganda. It was a joke and they are actually believing it and causing FOMO in newfags preventing the dump. Link is only going to $10 max. Right now I might make 500k before tax on that, but tax will take a big chunk out of that then inflation will fucking ruin me over the next decade.

Even if I chuck the 500K into a dividend stock that pays out well and I get 70k a year of it, it's not enough to beat inflation unless I basically live in poverty as a neet and keep my wagecuck job in the meantime so I don't have to sell any retirement Link. In 10 years that 50k a year will feel like 20k a year. You need a minimum of 5MM, but more likely 10MM to make it. The upper predictions for Link were about $80 but that was made during the bullrun of last year, and it assumed that the overall crypto market cap would still be expanding and BTC would go on to 1MM a Bitcoin and that we would be in a full blown crypto FOMO hype bubble when mainnet came out and we got our price singularity. All of that isn't going to happen.

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>difference is LINK is a hundred percent sure bet in the long term.
Honestly this idea is the biggest red flag imaginable and anyone with even a sliver of self awareness knows it.
This is exactly why LINK was doomed to the fate it has received.
>yeah bro my investment is 100% guaranteed to make me rich!
Its no wonder there is such extreme cognitive dissonance among the link crowd.
Someone investing based on emotions and faith is doomed to fail

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you're simply uninformed. in 6 years the chainlink team hasn't made a single mistake. not a single hack or error in their releases, Sergey is appearing on TV recently to talk about LINK, SWIFT is announcing their cooperation, they have a huge team working every week and are always hiring more. Sergey hasn't given us a single reason to doubt him.
so yeah it's guaranteed. if you'd been here the past 6 years and seen all the events that led to this you'd say the same.

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I have been here. So i know despite all this sergey has not done anything to bolster the token price or implement any sort of value capture.
1000 partnerships using link services had 0 effect on demand or price. Because the token is not needed.
All of sergeys actions confirms pic related to be true, which is what sergey told to his old friend.

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>So i know despite all this sergey has not done anything to bolster the token price or implement any sort of value capture.
that's why the SEC hasnt named it a security in their list

>token is not needed
you should've started with this then I would've known you're retarded and not bothered

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>what is real demand?

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>five posts by this ID
chainlink is still up 50x in USD
look at this poor soul. he sat on his bag, bought MORE at $20 after being here with us in 2018 in the glory days and is sitting here fudding his biggest holding 5 YEARS LATER
it's sad

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Chainlink is going to a multi trillion dollar cap by 2030. HFSP

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i put like ~300 bucks in link in 2017 that at ath was worth like 55k

in the meantime i have gone to law school and started earning more but im still glad i have my 1.2k sui stack

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I bought at .20 and I am still disappointed. I bought some QNT at $3 and it completely eclipsed my shitlink Kek.
Anyone can confirm for themselves that chainlink was objectively one of the worst performers out of the top 50. No cope will get around this fact
20x in 7 years is clown tier in crypto
And I know for a fact a bunch of your OG larpers average price is way above the .10 ico giga bottom price you larp with.
Ive gotten several 20x with meme coins in way less time then your 7 year copebags

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Ah shit, I should be selling?

I just keep buying by mistake.


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Why do fudders keep using this image as if I know what the fuck I’m looking at?

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Fuck niggers kikes and Link fudders

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the absolute state of this board right now
the quality and engagement of LINK threads has gone to shit after this latest drop, genuinely feels like interest is dying.
only delusional bagholders and paid twitter advocates are left here anymore.

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Alex Chepurnoy, co founder of smarcontract along with Sergey and Steve

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>co founder
Literally who?

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The NXT days were pretty sketch desu
It wasn't really that early crypto wise. I assume there's a few people on /biz/ who remember NXT and it's asset exchange.
It was roughly 2013-2014. So like 10 years or so. Not exactly super early like 2010 BTC or anything like that.
Shit was wild. Basically invented the concept of a rug pull in the crypto context. No one actually called it that yet though from what I recall.

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Yeah and this is the NXT chart. Looks eerily similar to the LINK chart doesnt it

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why dont linkcucks dispel these fuds? Sergay is a scammer

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It doesn't matter what I buy, security is my focus.

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I don't necessarily think Sergey was the one who made NXT. It was coded in Java, which was kind of unique. The creator was anon similar to BTC.
Sergey did make a front end for the asset exchange called Secure AE.
There's no evidence that he was pulling all the rugs or whatever. So not really much fud to dispel.
Pretty much all crypto has a really sketchy history the more you look into it.

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Amazing. Holy shit he got lightning to strike twice, no wonder he’s a half billionaire

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>I can't speak for anyone else but I'm definitely pretty mentally ill, and looking forward to capturing and doing horrible and inhumane things to FUD trannies after links inevitable gigapump. The money would make it pretty easy, especially in places like bulgaria and turkey.
t.inbred loser

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Focusing on security and quantum resistant is totally unacceptable anon. The game changing quantum resistant blockchain is gonna launch it's private blockchain and librescan in the coming weeks. Exciting times ahead

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Imagine how smug Linkies would be if it was $75. Instead it’s worth less than Polkadot and these retards think they bought the next Google

>> No.55265162

Focusing on security without privacy and quantum resistant is totally unacceptable anon. The game changing quantum resistant blockchain is gonna launch it's private blockchain and librescan in the coming weeks. Exciting times ahead

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They never are able to actually refute these points, just resorting to name calling and pasta. Then they seethe that their 10000 LINK aren't even worth a decent 4-door car 6 years later

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but it solves the oracle problem and "link"s the prices like request helps you "req" payments. it's a good thing the board was link posts for 5 years

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When CCIP comes online, and bank apis are connected to public chains, everything will change.
When Chainlink functions allows the dapp equivalent of Uber to exist, everything will change. When DID allows your medical records to be chainlinked to smart contracts, everything will change.
Don't you see? The biggest thing has always been the tech that allows businesses to be created that couldn't exist before. This causes the big wealth transfer and makes new billionaires. Web1, it was http. It allowed companies to serve static HTML pages. Ebay, Google, Amazon, PayPal, were some of the first of those. Web2, allowed people to create content and connect socially and this was streamlined by the dev of client-server technologies like the DOM. All of a sudden, the user doesn't have to wait for a page reload in order to continue using the site. This tech creates Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.
People think Web3 is all about decentralized ownership or whatever, but the reality is that it is actually much more nuanced. Don't get me wrong, solidity and the evm definitely allow dapps to be built, but real, world-changing dapps (which the closest to that in the industry right now are probably aave or maker; which are still nothing compared to Facebook or Amazon), are yet to reach their full potential. Just wait until aave can talk to all bank apis via chainlink functions. Just wait until there's a travel agent that offers instantaneous refunds if your flight is cancelled For Free. Just wait until there's a dapp that combines chainlink functions with your Google account and tracks your reputation level for a service in a smart contract on chain. Then things start to get really interesting. Maybe there will be a decentralized insurance giant, a decentralized banking platform or a new minclip-style platform where you can play games to earn a wage. Regardless, Chainlink is THE tech that will connect everything and catalyze the next wave of billionaire / millionaire founders.

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How much longer do I have to wait? I was told $1000 EOY and that was 5 years ago. We’re about 20,000% away from that number

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>You bought LINK instead of BNB, DOGE, SHIB,
Don't care for any except BNB. Fundamentals have proven to last overtime. Would rather pay attention to a non custodial index investment platform. Now, that's based.

>> No.55267387

Fags never learn, do they? Also time to move on better thing. AstraDAO comes fully packed with all the good products. Start there.

>> No.55267392

Based, checked, didn’t need to read any further.
In fact at the moment I’m not reading, and not selling, at the same time.

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>mam, i am with satoshi technical suport

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Vaporware. No? Must be a desu nigga. Creating and selling indices at my own pace sounds better to me.

>> No.55267564

I prefer staking rewards from safe platforms. At the moment, astradao gives that for iToken

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Liz did nothing wrong. The product worked. It's weaponized now.

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I don't know how LINK doesn't end up circa $3.50 from here.

We're at BTC $25k and LINK is almost sub $5. Any kind of BTC shakes back down to $20 would absolutely fuck alts. 1500 sats is the next level on LINKBTC. We're at lower levels than any time in 2021, which was the last remaining "pro" from a trade perspective to hold it given it was one of the few that didn't make new lows in Nov 2021, and maybe if you squinted hard enough you could see it repeating its 2018-19 performance. The so-called "1-year accumulation zone" that would lead to "explosive moves" when broken was broken to the downside.

So, I guess I'm saying... is the cope now really just CCIP testnet, which the market has decided it doesn't care about because it's too complicated? What a ride. I think I can say, as of today, with my $1 DCA, I would have probably been better off without it.

>> No.55268174

It was never accumulation and i said that countless times. The volume and price action didn't suggest any accumulation, it was just flat lined price in a dead volume market. Link looked like any alt for well over a year. There's no reason we have to 'explosively' exit the range either side.

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this, and checked

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As a 2017 bagholder, I've finally accepted that LINK is just another shitcoin. The only reason anyone cared about it was the breadcrumbs (Assblaster) and its relatively decent performance against the rest of the market in 2020, especially against ETH which had dropped from its 2018 high of $1500 to around $150. CLL was never able to leverage this early growth into meaningful price action, instead opting to sell off hundreds of millions of dollars in tokens to fund its expansion. That would be fine if there had been any appreciable results to come out of that, but every promise and deadline put forward has amounted to nothing. It's fucking grim, and if we can get back to even 50-60% of the ATH, I'll be happy. I'll at least be able to buy a modest house. I won't baghold through another bullrun, I'd rather rope.

>> No.55268274

I agree with you hence my quote marks. I'd like to understand what the going cope is and what the flying fuck anyone is still left flogging-off about this alt.

How much has this market changed lately? Consider AI alone. Focus is elsewhere. That's the nature of the game.

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Actually, adding to the point, I remember making this a little while ago in response to someone calling the "accumulation pattern" unique.

Fwiw, I've lost a decent chunk of money on LINK in the past just from not having sold as much as I should. It still made me money of course but the opp cost was absolutely enormous, unlike any opp cost I'd had before or since. Wish you luck and lucidity and good fortune. It's been a rough few years for everyone.

>> No.55268325

Thanks fren.

>> No.55268356

Np. Interested to hear more of your experience, anon, or other anons. How you experienced the early years and how it coincided with your life and what changed and when, what you lost, your current mental state, etc, whatever you find relevant if you care to share. A mini bio of your LINK experience. I figure there are under 100 of us even around these days so I resonate with the personal stuff

>> No.55268381

It is unique in the sense that it was hamstringed 4 times at the exact same price level, regardless of wider market conditions. It also held (and returned to) the same bottom it made in may 2022. No other token in your pic resembles that. Too bad the bottom fell out on this SEC news even though Chainlink wasn't mentioned, fucked up a nice pattern.

>> No.55268418

Do you mean the local highs in the image? They aren't really the "exact same", given they are around 8.30, 8.60, 9.40 or thereabouts. Plus, what do you mean "hamstringed"? Usually when I push this far it's when the reasonable takes are separated from the embedded bias, insane schizo takes so keen to understand whether you attribute LINK's underperformance to some kidn of self-aggrandising conspiracy per usual
I proactively withdraw the accusation in advance if that's not the case.

>> No.55268431

The sell pressure between 20 and 50 will be immense. Many 2018 buyers saw their dream lives fall apart lol. Meanwhile we have Sergey posting his usual slides with nothing ever coming out of it.

>> No.55268467

I got into crypto in 2016, just buying a few hundred dollars worth of BTC, ETH, and LTC. I told my friend about it, and we eventually gravitated towards /biz/ (been on 4chan since 2010 fml). ANS was real big on /biz/ at that time, so (after trading a bunch of random shitcoins I can't even remember, XLM and some others), I moved my profits into ANS. Held that all through the NEO rebranding and beyond. In 2017, my friend told me about LINK, and since we had been all in on crypto together, I sold all my NEO for LINK. I think it was around $0.18. I wasn't there at ICO, but it was a few months afterward iirc. The early days were really exciting because of all the in depth discussion on future applications of smart contracts and the tokenomics of LINK. Even after the crash in early 2018, there were always LINK threads reaching the post limit. Of course there was the breadcrumbs with Assblaster and some others. I remember Oatmeal Anon who was losing his teeth eating oatmeal every day to buy more LINK. /biz/ was full of whales like General Damu who held over 100k LINK. It seems that every day, new discoveries were being made. I was in Japan with my friend when the Google partnership dropped. Everyone was super optimistic as going into 2020 since LINK was starting to gain traction both in price and in various articles. This culminated in LINK reaching #5 on CMC. Even after it dropped in ranks, the bull run into 2021 still felt optimistic. ETH was making major gains, and LINK was lagging behind other alts a bit, but for us early holders, many of us had escaped six figure hell. It seemed like staking was just around the corner. Of course, the market crashed, and it's been downhill ever since. Sergey selling off tokens, constant delays, radio silence from CLL. It seems like all of the projects that CLL was working on faded into obscurity. At some point, I stopped going on /biz/. I came back for staking, but that was a huge disappointment. That's about it.

>> No.55268482

You must’ve missed the SWIFT news. Have a read of this, fren, you’ll feel great:

>> No.55268483

Definitely. I'm just hoping that LINK has a similar recovery that other alts had in 2021. Most only reached about 40-60% of their ATH, but at this point I would take that. It really depends on how the rest of the market is doing, and if BTC can pull alts with it.

>> No.55268489

Thanks anon, I read every word. Sounds standard! In a sense I think you should be grateful the consequences stop where you outlined them. I've asked other anons and the answers come back with far direr consequences, mostly anons who could've exited with 7+ figs, bought their home, early retirement etc, and watched it walk on by. At any rate at least you didn't nominally lose and you rolled the dice. Again wish you fortune

>> No.55268498

Thanks, but I saw it. I'm not completely abandoning hope for LINK, but it's clear that the macro conditions are terrible right now. Hopefully all of the progress being made makes a difference when we come out of this seemingly eternal bear market.

>> No.55268503


I bought in 2017. The ROI has been great obviously, but holy shit has it been demoralizing since 2021. We have Sergey dumping millions of tokens. Releasing an airdrop contract that they call staking. No neet nodes, just bootstrapped (that we pay for through dilution) KYC nodes. Community figure heads saying everything is fine and we should stop being negative. It's just insane how things have changed since 2018. Back then everyone was going corporate DLT pdf docs to find things about oracles, connecting the dots etc. Discussing how to start your own node and which data to offer. And today, most of the community is destroyed. We are down 50% vs BTC and ETH since staking release. And retards here are boasting about their staking rewards. Chainlink obviously is needed and has done many good things aswell. But when things recover I am moving most of my funds to ETH/BTC and keep something like 10k link staked. My patience with this team is over.

>> No.55268516

Well to be fair, I also had 7 figs in 2021 (low 6 figs now). I was very close to my sell price, but things went south just before that. I kept thinking that it couldn't possibly keep going down, but it did. Still, I'm better off than my friends who haven't invested in anything, so I can't be too upset. It's a once in a lifetime mistake to not sell near the top, one which I've had to pay for dearly.

>> No.55268519

>my patience is over
>therefore I'm going to wait

>> No.55268536

Can you elaborate then on your overall wealth and the impact the mistake had on you etc? I'm just fascinated by this whole experience. I've thought a lot about trying to make some kind of book about all this.

>> No.55268539

I feel it. I think the early community just vastly underestimated how close we were to all of this theoretical implementation becoming a reality. I'm happy I made a decent profit, and I'll continue to keep some money in LINK in case it gets its shit together in the long term. But I can see where BTC maxis are coming from. My days of trading shitcoins are coming to a close.

>> No.55268551

>writing a book about watching charts all day without ever selling
I think it would be a rather boring book

>> No.55268558

i like how the first post declares that they are unaffected by the negative sentiment and the rest of the thread is bagholder cope

>> No.55268573

Weird post really anon. I've sold about 80% of the stack I bought at $1 over the past 2 years. Regardless I do think the story of LINK is incredible, perhaps not for a book but for one of those non-fiction Youtube vids, you know. Internet Historian. Oki. What's the other one? Fredrik Knudsen. That kind of thing.

>> No.55268603

I've read the comment about the book several times already. Totally organic.

>> No.55268609

>Lost Arbitrum
Wait is that true?

>> No.55268615

Do share, anon. What's your conspiracy theory about my posts? Kek. Not exactly novel.

>> No.55268621

No desire to talk to you "kek". Just letting other anons know.

>> No.55268628

Why not. I have around 25k LINK still (have sold a little bit here and there), and a few thousand in boomer stocks. At the height of the last bull market, I had around $1.2 million. Because of capital gains and whatnot, I was aiming for a sell price of around $70, at which point I would start ladder selling. Really though, I had stupid unrealistic goals. I was just starting college (pretty late since I was in the army for a few years), and I wasn't worried about working or finding a job. So of course I wanted to buy land to build a house on. LINK was always my retirement plan, but that's kind of a nebulous idea when you're in your twenties. Now that the economy is in shambles, I've rid myself of these stupid consoomer ideas I used to have. I just want to afford a home so I can start a family. Not selling was obviously a mistake in hindsight, but I was in a relatively comfortable spot in my life, so there wasn't pressure to sell when the upside potential was still there (at least that's how it seemed). Because I got lucky with both ANS and LINK, it really was like winning the lottery. Unfortunately, I've whittled that down by holding, but it's too late to change that now.

>> No.55268639

Okay pussy thanks for the response I guess?
>Just letting other anons know
Yeah, I'm sure everyone's super glad you jumped in there

>> No.55268648

You have a subcontinental posting physiognomy.

>> No.55268653

this is literally the first time someone mentions this in a LINK thread
if anyone doesn't fit here, it's (You)
t. autist dedicated to combing the archives

>> No.55268667

Nice try, even in this thread alone """two""" posters mentioned it.

>> No.55268679

Fwiw, I had a similar net worth albeit with a different asset combo than you probably held, anon. LINK was a cunt of a thing to trade/play/sell through 2021, definitely unlike other alts. I too have a renewed appreciation for how little I really need to reach "financial independence" or at least a decent home that's fully paid for. I guess that's the best I'll get out of LINK tbhonest. I still wrestle with my mistakes though.

>> No.55268680

ohhhh I see now
I agree with schizo anon now

>> No.55268689

>2 out of 58 posters mention "a book about Chainlink"
>muuh inorganic
by applying the same logic, I'd argue that the "pay up"' meme was inorganic af

>> No.55268695

>the "pay up"' meme was inorganic af
Imagine getting triggered by that

>> No.55268697

Fuddies are too stupid to pretend that they dont have an inordinate degree of interest in this alleged vaporware shitcoin.

>I've combed the entire archive of link threads
>I'm going to write a book about this

Hilarious to see.

>> No.55268700

never said I was triggered though, just saying
I'm a holder you moron, never said I wasn't one

>> No.55268707

>I didn't say I was triggered, so I wasn't triggered

>> No.55268712

>t. you were triggered cause I said so!
imagine getting triggered this much when someone points out the "pay up" meme was inorganic
was it yours?

>> No.55268716

Mistakes are best learned early on. As long as you apply what you've learned to future endeavors, you're sure to succeed. I wish you all the best.

>> No.55268732

>the "pay up" meme was inorganic

That meme arose from certain devs whining about being "blackmailed" to pay more for Link.
It was hilarious.

>> No.55268760

Peace anon, all the best
Keep your wits!

>> No.55268778

great, my point is it was forced here for a brief time but as you can see it never actually took off

>> No.55268792
File: 44 KB, 764x495, 1677541238196626.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it was forced here
Imagine getting triggered by an actually funny meme on 4channel

>> No.55268798

imagine having no arguments whatsoever and trying to save face by repeating your cope mantra ad nauseam .
just say that you don't agree with me and move on, Jesus Christ.

>> No.55268806


>> No.55268819


>> No.55268823

so this is what advocates have being reduced to, shitty and unfunny trolling
sad days for marines
imma right the book myself, fyi
does this trigger (You)?

>> No.55268852

>cl advocates attacking disillusioned holders for expressing doubt and disappointment
you now understand why the entire board hates you

>> No.55268862

>Deploying more IDs - steady lads

>> No.55268877
File: 3 KB, 219x100, samefag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>jew cries out in pain as he strikes you

>> No.55268927

It wasn't remotely funny. It was pure link twitter and we all called it at the time that it would last a week.

>> No.55268928

>I'd argue that the "pay up"' meme was inorganic af
Yeah I actually noticed at the time that it was so. Or maybe it just came organically from some cancerous place like twitter or telegram.

>> No.55268943

watch out anon, you might get called a samefag
>came organically
>from some cancerous place like twitter or telegram
pick one

>> No.55268951
File: 769 KB, 2802x1030, 1674001747850940.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

t. butthurt devs
How's that oracle-free summer coming along?

>> No.55268958

>if you don't agree with me you're a butthurt dev!
no further comment

>> No.55269013



>> No.55269025

pay up, devvie

>> No.55269125

Who else but a butthurt dev would get upset at Chainlink pricing in their worth lmao

>> No.55269408

FPBP. Not even gonna bother reading the rest of the thread

>> No.55269496

Checked and truth pilled

>> No.55269983

Dude thanks for letting us know! WHEW!!!! I was gonna believe him before you pointed out the nefarious conspiracy. Where would we be without selfless individuals like you policing the boards??? Man I wish this was reddit so I could upvote you and all the other gay stuff

>> No.55270098

Good morning sir.

>> No.55271289
File: 87 KB, 1080x596, 1686588752982.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This. Baggies refuse to listen because they have thrown away all reason for emotion

>> No.55271313

High iq. LINK is a dead shitcoin just like ARK, DGB, SIA, REQ and NEO. The crypto market is being cleansed of people like Sergey and SBF

>> No.55272818

Imagine, in the forseeable future, getting tracked down, taken, and ending up in a mansion basement. You would probably be forced to read the fud posts you made on here all day every day while being skinned alive by paid thugs.