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How high will bitcoin reach in 2025?

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Probably somewhere in the $30k - $40k range depending on how big the recession of 2023 2024 will be

if bitcoin holds $10k i think we can be at $40k in 2025

if we break $10k and go to the $3k pre covid low, then in 2025 we have a chance of $30k at most

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according to the latest statistics anywhere between $100k-$675k

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The recession literally already happened last year you cocksucking bobo shill, you're never gonna make it.

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Agree with this. Where we are at the end of this year will tell a lot.

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lmao sidelined bobo who missed the bottom
it's still not too late to get in, maybe wait for low 20s in the next month or so if you're a bitch (you are)

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>muh youtubers said $100k bitcoin

where is the money coming from exactly?

do you even basic global economics?

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BTC doesn't care about your midwit macro bullshit, and even if it did it wouldn't matter because the stock market is just starting the AI bullrun. You're a loser, the Biden bullrun is going to be the greatest economic boom in US history.

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1q 2025
50k or 25k
15k or 5k

you do know this shit is used to masked donos to political parties right?

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ok sure buy bitcoin now lol

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I'm holding chainlink as it's the more important crypto asset, but yes I'll be buying more every week.

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>>muh youtubers said $3k bitcoin
i could say the same thing faggot

you still think in 2025 the fed will still be singing the same song. markets are efficient and if you can't look forward alongside them you'll stay poor forever. which is fine because you deserve it desu

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ah so youre just baiting

kek u got me

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Cope seethe and dilate, nolinker scum. Nobody is baiting you, have fun staying poor.

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well, as the dollar keeps decreasing in value, BTC can only go up dollar-wise in the long run.

a $100k BTC in the future doesn't mean you will be able to buy much shit with it.

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wake the fuck up retards

there is not suddenly gonna flow 400% money into crypto

no more people sitting at home due to covid being unemployed and trying to 'make money online' and no more fucking covid free money printing

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As high as 100k and that's on periodt, no stressing on the certainty on that, I know SEC is fucking with us, but then until the bull run commences, I'll just be using AstraDao's trading index to scalp hard on Btc and Matic fr.

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yet again, a dumbass who can't understand that you can make an asset climb hard without much buying pressure just as long as the selling side is weak.

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Crypto is unironically dead

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There has never been a fed cycle that lasted less than 2 years once they reached their peak.

Not being a bobo, but you are being naively optimistic.

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>Bagholder syndrome: Mental illness caused by years of buying into a depreciating asset

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1 Million. as soon as OPEC announces

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You will never be a woman

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I say we triple top at ~$60k.

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You can sell at 60K, I will buy

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Cycle tops at 120k (maybe 150k if we have traction on the normie retards with matt damon).
Then back to 30k

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You forget one important thing; states getting in the game with the growing hostility and lose of trust among inernational players, its just a matter of time until international trade is settled in btc, especially energy carriers

Normies not needed

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Cattle is always needed, you can't make burgers from concrete.

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They are needed for work, there energy might be needed, but are they needed to ensure the deterministic outcome of the btc game? Not really
what is needed are teachers, innovators and warriors

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Bare minimum 300k. Most likely outcome is somewhere between 500k-1.1 million.

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No it didn't you retard, Powel's hiking hasn't even been felt yet as it lags. Expect recession next year.

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It literally did already happen you fucking retarded faggot. What do you think the 25% SPX dump and BTC dumping to 15k was? That was your recession you stupid bobo bitch, you're going to miss the next bullrun.

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between 130K and 200K. If there is some dollar going kaput event, 1 Million

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It has to be somewhere around $750,000 per BTC. Verification not needed.

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Don't be stupid anon, devs are fucking Australian bitches all night after receiving lifetime royalty fees on the blockchain when their codes are reused by other developers, should I still say this shit crypto?

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im predicting a high of about $1,350 and a low of about $27 because unlike the rest of you faggots i am old enough to have seen this movie before and was around since the beginning of buttcoin

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>being this fucking retarded


bet you voted for biden

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The most pessimistic answers are the right ones.

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I dca $250 every week into Coinbase split between BTC/ETH/AVAX/SOL/GNT/LINK and a few other tokens. Am I stupid for doing this when I agree and think we'll see a recession soon?

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Lol, how any anyone believe bitcoin will be worth anything after it gets banned.

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>bet you voted for biden
Obviously, he's a great president and delivering the soft economic landing.

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Yes. You are retarded to buy shitcoins from 2 seasons ago

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Biden is responsible for the greatest economic recovery in generations to salvage what was left after the disastrous Trump administration. This is what happens when the adults are back in charge.

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> well, as the dollar keeps decreasing in value, BTC can only go up dollar-wise in the long run.
I see this logic repeated often and it’s simply not true. The dollar can continue to diminish and value and so can Bitcoin. It can go to zero while inflation goes +5000%.

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it will reach a high of around $39 while most people will have migrated to the real bitcoin (currently called monero)

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You know what I do with monero the moment I get it, yes exchange it into sats. Everybody does that, nobody holds monero. It's just because buyers are retards

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what are you going to do when your BTC gets confiscated?

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The money comes from the Fed/US gov, as they have no choice but to inflate the debt away.

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They can't. To this day I wonder how they got a hold on the btc they seized from the silkroad hacker. It makes no sense

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if you on ramped or off ramped for fiat they have your identity and can come to your house and demand you pay taxes on gains or just charge you with whatever bullshit crime they pass through legislation to stop "money laundering" i dont understand why you are fighting the importance of privacy as an issue. you should want privacy

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BTC would be perfect if they implemented a privacy upgrade to the network protocol i dont know why they havent done that its been 12 years

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Based. BTC will go parabolic after this SEC shitshow. Expecting alts to follow. Eyes on those with blockchain functionalities like ImmunifyLife. Wait for it.

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Even bobo faggots know this will be an easy 2X. Bullish imagine doubling your life savings.

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Maybe it will go back up above $10k if you're lucky

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Already leading the way for alts. What fags fail to see is the current innovations on blockchains. Healthcare is benefitting from it and AI. What do you have to say about that?

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Retard buying dogshit stale alts

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People care more about the privacy it provides which is based. Should be the priority of blockchains now especially where health data is concerned.

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Yes that’s the role of Gold, the thing that Central Bank own, an actual tangible asset with intrinsic value unlike Bitcoin. You are a retarded black gorilla nigger and should refrain from making further statements.

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1 million us dollar

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>14 year old
>just getting started
it's an old ponzi, lol.
To a 20 year old now, bitcoin is something that existed for their entire conscious life (it's not like early kid years count for these things). The concept of calling it new is simply absurd.
I think there will be one last small bubble near 2025 fueled by 30+ year old latecomers, but I doubt it will even manage to 2x the current ath.

After that it's completely, unironically over, because older holders are getting old enough to get into spending mode and new generations won't be so dumb as to buy their bags. Not literally all of them - there will be one young retard or two buying btc from, potentially literal, boomers, but too few to matter.

Crypto (unlike bitcoin) had an actual potential beyond a ponzi scheme, but it simply didn't deliver. The only actually productive outcome of the whole thing is that USDT is the new Liberty Reserve - there was and is massive demand for globally kycless and mostly anonymous dollars.

in 2030+ there will be next to zero crypto threads on /biz/ in favor of penny stocks and some new ponzi schemes

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There wont be a /biz/ by 2025. Platform laws in the US changing is going to make operating 4chan, but as well reddit and twitter like platforms impossible
And you fail to see what btc is. It's always going to have its place. Lets assume difficulty falls dramatically, perfect more people can mine at a roi again.

Stupid boomer
Usdt is a scam that dies with the greenback

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if you don't have bitcoin, what do you have? dollars? kek retard

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Real estate, eth, stocks.
Bitcoin underperforms almost everything since dec 2017, it's not going to get better. Nobody got rich on buying and holding bitcoin after 2017. Every single person who made it in crypto afterwards made it on something else.
The foundation to growing wealth is positive yield, btc has negative yield so naturally it underperforms. This 6 year norm isn't going to suddenly reverse. The best allocation in 2020-2022 was yield farming in eth, that was 5x in eth on top of price appreciation

You're only hurting yourself by buying bags from someone who got btc for nearly free in 2010. They go and buy a house, you are left with a shitcoin. At least get into new ponzi schemes if you must.

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>t.fiat cuck
Go back boomer hobby glow nigger

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I think I only have like $50k in direct cash lol
sorry for your horrible bitcoin returns, I guess. Getting angry on /biz/ won't make it go up.

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You don't get it boomer. Your "assets" are mere extensions of the stability of your fiat cult and the organizations build around that cult

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All three have inherent value unlike bitcoin.

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Eth? No, valueless, especially after poj, like taking a mediocre idea and rebuilding the Hindenburg. Boomer cuck sheds overly inflated by a dysfunctional fiat system. Stocks even worse, so dependent on a stable National and international environment that every hickup fuck them up. Btc just is and as long as it is secured it exists

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Eth gives a direct share in the network. As long as someone pays fees it generates income. Presumably people pay fees because they see the transaction as something more valuable.
Stocks are a direct share in a company, which derive value from profits.
People need to live somewhere so real estate has some value.
It has nothing to do with the 'fiat system'.

Bitcoin is backed by nothing. It's not a right to anything. It doesn't generate income. It generates losses because it's an inflationary token that's dumped by miners.
The only way to get money back is to convince someone else to buy it for investment. That's what makes it a new form of a ponzi scheme. This works until it doesn't, and it doesn't work well for years.

That's the difference between inherent value and price. Imagine there's suddenly zero investment demand for btc, eth, stocks, real estate. Btc goes to 0. The last three continue to generate profits. That's the difference.

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There is no point in teaching you fiat cuck, too smug. Learn it the hard way. You are just an echo like so many before you that either learned or perished

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>be in crypto since 2010
>make 8 figures
yes, I will learn it the hard way any day soon

remember to set up your alarm clock wagie

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>8 figures
>I am big boy
>I am here forever
And haven't learned anything?
Imagine to have to larp like this... You are fefinitely a faking 2015 new fag trying to drum up support for his meth grift

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bitcoin was a new ponzi then, I switched to eth in 2017
for 2023 it looks like I will make about $1.5M from yield on ethereum
but it's not eternal too, unless smart contracts start to get massively used in the coming years the whole crypto idea will turn out to be a failure. It won't go to zero, will just languish. Don't marry your bags.

btw if you're poor it's impossible for you to make it on big coins, they are too big, it's simply stupid to hold them. The golden period of easy exponential wealth is over. What you need to do is to start some business-like activity (may be crypto related).
Newcomers still naively expect old returns but they will never get them

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Oh you are that faggot. Gtfo cuck. Find another place to larp

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highly based.

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generally agree, except that I would argue its wise to hold some BTC, and also some physical gold and silver. Its insurance with no counter party risk.

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You should search the archive for this rats cooy pastas. It's the shizo deep in eth spamming the frogs non stop. Mods really need to range ban the country he is from

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However, Avalanche (ticker: AVAX) will most likely be $500+ by 2025.

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That the le epic cryptos were just a test run of. Or do you Actually believe that some japanese guy created this tech and released it into the web then it naturally gained traction?

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Not going to happen. Cbdcs are not for retail and cbdcs are so far in alpha that they won't matter for the next decade

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I don't want to feel bullish again anon

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you're kidding right?

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Bitcoin 100k

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those are not money. shut the fuck up. you don't even understand my question.

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everyone is so sure theyre gonna make big money. In 2025 btc will be at the laughable price of $2300 and this board will be suicidal. Cap this faggets

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That depends on unknown factors
Maybe its going to be a perversion born out of revenge

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$10k to be optimistic

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>The golden period of easy exponential wealth is over
You sound like someone who caught a cool band early, and now you tell fans "its over, the scene is dead forever now. If only you could have been me." I'm sure the BTC guys told you the same thing a few years ago.

With your ETH experience, don't you think the exponential gainers are low caps now? Or is it all dead forever?

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Imagine stacking up everything this year when everyone was thinking everything is going to 0, biz bros make the best decisions

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People will call for 200k but big brains will all dump at 150k thinking they're front running. TRVE VNDERSTANDERS will sell at 140k to front run the front runners.

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>where is the money coming from
People LITERALLY posted the same to criticize bitcoin back in 2020 when it was running up again, salty ass niggers saying they lost money buying at 19k in 2017 and that people were 'scamming' them with 'their ponzi' and that bitcoin would never go over 12k.

And then in just a few months it was 40k kek.

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Well, crypto is more tied to tech than anything else for whatever reason, and the only time we get a new tech boom is when something new happens that gets everyone frantic, like the internet or the launch of the first iPhone, and we thought it'd be Web3.0, but we've just been getting Web 2.0 with a modified UI and site structure for the past 20 years.

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Why aren't you buying now