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He’s suing ftx, too, right?

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caroline ellison's dad was gary gensler's former boss

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But the sec is suing ftx too, right?

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Lol. Lmao even.

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>The Gay (semen) Guzzler
This rich faggot gets paid using your stolen money to steal the rest of your money.
Like a magic trick, your money vanishes in strange and mysterious ways, and into the pockets of literal jews like SBF, Dianne Fienstein and the Israeli military apparatus.

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The democrats have redrawn district lines in battlegrounds and are trying to indict a GOP representative for 457 dollars in unemployment money sent to him 'by accident' by the government. None of your whining matters because Gensler will walk and the democrats will regain control of the House.

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SBF is already going to get 20 years in the clink and FTX is in bankruptcy... why would they use the SECs limited budget on a dead company?

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Cryptos don't stop bank runs and poor risk management from bad banks.
Ftx 2.0 can be sued for selling unregistered securities... If it actually existed.
Imagine listening to a retard that bought a crypto punk and made it their Twitter avatar lmao.

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Oh fuck off Sbf did nothing wrong. Please prove it. Meanwhile, CZ has been a parasite to the space and glad he went down. Look I like empathize with CZ but sometimes people overstep. SBF won but CZ had to be a sore loser and take down my exchange. The royal “my” as in FTX was my main exchange that I used and loved.

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so you're admitting to your bias towards CZ and youre use of ftx as an exchange. anything you say can be taken with a grain of salt since no matter what in your head CZ did wrong when he did nothing wrong at all and now certain groups are trying to punish him for it. you're so pathetic you'd let your personal bias cloud your vision and cause you to be such a shit head about this whole mess. disgusting and you're not a man

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He can't remember if he did or not. Clearly he's being truthful in the eyes of the law.

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>did you murder this individual, mr. goynsler?
>i dont remember, sir
>ok, lets move on then
what kind of actual fucking answer to a yes or no question is that? how is it in any way legal to respond like that under oath?

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Typical Democrat behavior
Just like killary "I don't remember" clinton
Fuck burgers and their gutless and useless guns

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post nose

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>Crypto punk
Nufags don't remember some people GPU mined ETH for years when that was a thing. Some people have ETH like that.

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Of course he will, His job is to protect the people.
Captcha. notafuckingchance