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What's your plan to survive Great Depression 2?

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Hunting jews and wef affiliates. Thought that was clear. Never fuck with a vindictive European that is a mix of old Norman and Mongolian Bloodlines. The King of the East

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great depression for shitcoiners. stocks going up, bitcoin go back up. shitcoins never go back up you got scamed

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I'm trying to talk to people.

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what great depression?
they'll just kick that can down the road and let the next generation deal with it
we'll just have to work until we die

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Its all about energy, from the middle ages and the three field economy to todays Saudi and Middle eastern controlled oil reserves.
The goal by New Liberal Fascists was, with a trick from their banking cartel, swift, to control the settlement of energy resources from the middle east. That failed, thanks to incompetent American foreign policy by chicago boy fascists, and the all seeing eye of somebody with the blood of kings

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none of us really have a plan, they got us good - our founding fathers were shit.

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this niggas from finland

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twenty six thousand five hundred.

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Imagine paying twenty thousand five hundred for something.

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Somebody tell those bums that there's no free lunch in this world. GET A JOB.

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You thought the Sauds, the Russians, the chinese and the South Americans sitting on practically most of the dinosaur fossils would just let a few western jews scam them, with eth and link? You fools

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What do you mean?

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What do you consider to be a shitcoin? Everything not btc?
>somebody with the blood of kings

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The rid of the Nixon deal in 2009 failed, unfortunately, the American dollar was still too trusted. After the 2022 sanctions fuck up, everybody that matters is on board, and no western controlled banking cooperative is ever going to settle an oil deal ever again

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Learn Spanish, move to Mehico, and live on 8k a year.

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So what will they settle in?

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look at their clothes those mfs are rich larping as poors and eating up the charity smdh

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The Qataris told the Germans, they can forget it, they should beg Biden to drill and send some oil and gas for their industry

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You know the US is producing a huge amount of fuel now?

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You would like to know wouldn't you. For now its a mix settled through trusted sources, they control, in the future, the only that works in an Anarchic International Environment with minimal Institutional rules, Proof Of Work

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Then let them. They can have fun in their walled garden. Lavrov is currently doing the tour d'Afrique making deals

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Build a homestead with hydro electric power and a farm with some cattle would probably be ideal

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smart. Produce your own energy. Be sovereign

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Mexico has a cartel problem why not el basador which has made crypto untaxable

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Well, they do say faith without works is dead. Though in a way, it is the proof of work. Thus I already know. It is belief. Not necessarily in a particular thing, but in general. Money is just a belief in value. Thus whatever is seen as valuable and is proof of work will be money.
People seem to value that a lot.

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Great depression? Sounds pretty great. With my can do attitude, I'll be just swell.

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Yes of course, money is the most basic civilizatory social construct, but more important, it is based on trust and the only thing one can trust in an Anarchic International system between sovereigns is energy converted into trust

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going all in on dog bat unironically

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I've been surviving it since 2008.

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So like Bitcoin?

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yield farming when defi summer 2.0 starts up

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That is the question. Is it bitcoin or is it like bitcoin.
Speaking for bitcoin, no unknowns and proofed itself over 14 years with only 2 instances where the chain was interrupted
Speaking against bitcoin, who the fuck was Satoshi and does he have or have not control over the private keys

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Smoke weed every day.

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Who he was I cannot say, but he is now part of the mythology. The belief has become "mythological", and he is part of that mythology.

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You are speaking the truth. A name that has become an icon, a name over who wars are going to be fought, whose name gives hope to humans and strikes fear into others, a name that is likely going to be misused.
And the probably most absurd thing, its people like us, that are writing the testaments that are going to be and are already are studied by others.

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Playing out the great depression 1 first!
Dont spoiler!

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Cut my hair into a pink mohawk, join a cannibal biker gang and change my name to Master Blaster.

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If somebody had told me that it was going to be like this, I never would have believed it, but life makes fools of us all.

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bitcoin is a failing piece of shit, xmr is the only solution, as well as gold and silver

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Mastah blastah!

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depression can't even happen so long as we have a fiat currency

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mina noooo :DDDDD

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You have a lot of heads to collect and I wish you well.

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protip: blowjobs are just 1 dollar in a certain european capital.

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who would take the unemployed?
for me, it's the free coffee and doughnut every time

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I can only recommend free lectures and conferences by philanthropic societies. You can register under fake names and the buffets are fair to really good. Best buffets are offered by groups close to the military, nothing beats the field cooks when it comes to fill a stomach

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Most of the quality alts are also going back up. Even NXRA which I recently bought is gaining

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God speed based Fin, god speed..

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>wake up
>kill a jew
>go to sleep

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I bought it too because anytime it goes under $0.01, it's easy 2x for me anytime I buy

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Also a thread that might not be kosher enough

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When things get shitty, casinos do big business

I'm moving to Vegas to be a pro poker player with my slutty hott wife.

I'm in my thirties, went to college and all that but life sucks and the only thing I love besides pussy is beating people at poker.

I'm a ranked wsop player been playing ever since I was a teen.

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Vegas is filled with washed up men like yourself. It's like Pleasure Island from Pinocchio.

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buying and booking as many gme shares as i can.

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can i join? my biker name will be heeb stompah and i'll rock blue sonic hair.

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Sounds like a plan

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This, it can't get any worse for me

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It's going to be a lot worse. Capital controls already started

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Does it ends the fed?

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The depression starting in October

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the kikes are trembling because some polcel will do something in 2 more decades

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No need to be a buzzkill, bro. BTC might be for the rich folks, but the real gains are in the alts. We're talking x100 returns, man! Just gotta pick a legit project and ride that wave to the moon. Personally, I'm putting my trust in MNI, backed by land! The RWA narrative is blowing up.

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>Some /pol/cel
/pol/ derangement syndrome. Is it because the kikes, after being defeated by a group that used /pol/ in 2015/16 to prevent world war 3, used unfathomable amounts of resources to keep a shitposting board down with crimes against humanity and now sees /pol/ around every corner. Paranoia. The kikes killed themselves, like always

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abolish the fed. as long as that entity exists, we will always continue a path of short-term consumerist keynesian economics instead of the better alternative in which hayek suggested

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The fed isn't the problem tech bruh. For now it's the only stabilizing force left in the USA

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When the fuck are we even getting the great depression sequel? I’m tired of waiting

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October/November is my guess

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I want it now

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you will be drafted for ww3 or join so you can have 3 square meals a day

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>the fed isn't the problem
hahahahahahahahahahah hehe lmao AYYYYY
Kill yourself rabbi.

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stabilizing what? the prices? employment? they're the ones that created the shuffle just like so many other bubbles.

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There are interests of nations, and interests of factions inside nations. You are a kid, a fool or a piece of shit that wants more power and likely has no idea what to do with it except making himself more profits exploiting other factions

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The current guy does, considering the circumstances finally an okay job, while having stones thrown at him from every side that wants its interests to be served

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Get monero or btc, hide keys
Go to jail, get a roof and 3 meals a day
all for "free"

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why do you feel the need for a top down approach though? keynesian economics is why we have business focused more on profits than entrepreneurship and why we have wall street in our government

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Because bottom up in monetary policy in anything bigger than a village, and even there, is always going to lead to instability and tyranny by one interest group. Not denying that wallstreet is an issue, and that Keynesian monetary has problems, but rather kill a few private bankers and kneecap their industry than just get rid of the central banking system all together

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Real question though, what makes the upcoming weeks or months different when it comes to a second great despression?
By my understanding we’ve been supposedly about to enter one since 2020, why are we actually about to enter one now?

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I keep hearing October, even on legitimate business sites. What happens then that triggers this?

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Because there is no room for cheat coding with debt notes after Biden fucked up big times in 22

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Next Opec meeting is in November, October some debt needs to be refinanced and it's a mythical month, the month of Baal, and Baal is not pleased

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I guess you looking for free dicks as well

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Return to normal sentiment check confirmed on stonks

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But why is can kicking not an option this time around?
I don't wanna wait I want it now so I can get that sweet sweet “I told you so” about a coming crash during the month of fags and my birthday no less

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Enjoy the months you have, unless there is a miracle I fear it's world war 3, and the west is bound to lose
>Why no more can kicking
Have you missed the last 3 years?

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>have I missed the last 3 years
No but I’m also retarded and don't see why it has to stop now

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There is no room for cheating, commercial banks have no collateral except toxic bonds, the big ones are also filled to the brink with toxic bonds, the fed tries to slim down without crashing the plane, and again Jerome tries his best while the apes in the cargo tear down the plane mid landing, likely in an attempt to make room for the toxic bonds and about others outside the Us buying debt, nobody wants the poisons apples. The US went so far over the last 4 months trying to dump its waste on its population with advertising money market funds

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You are right Anon, The real profits are in the Alts, that's why I'm optimistic about Metaverse utility tokens, Mana, Ride and Dar.

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Get lost frog jew

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So what’s the make it status, alt coins and pm’s I presume, but is there anything else that will help weather the storm?
>inb4 guns, ammo, food, supplies

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Bitcoin. The only truely trustless unit of account in an international and if unlucky national anarchic environment

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You are based, dude. Do you also trade Index because I'm using AstraDao for it because rebalancing is one fundamental aspect of the index portfolio offered by the platform which I love. So I'm wondering if you are using this tool too or are just all in on Gme?

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I just want to see a photo of a guy selling his Tesla for $2000 cash

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don't be too sure , gold and silver are still some nice investment, but UTK keep making bicthes so horny especially through the staking opportunity Metastaking which I believe accumulating it will add up real good.

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don't be too sure , gold and silver are still some nice investment, but UTK keep making bicthes so horny especially through the staking opportunity Metastaking which I believe accumulating it will add up real good.

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Bullrun. Next one is the last for 10 years
cope. America =\= word. They'll still exist in offshore exchanges and defi

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Should I buy a new house on a mortgage before this hits?

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>Should I buy a new house on a mortgage before this hits?
Fuck no, buy after. I may scoop a vacation house / woods if the market really does crash.
Good question, what to be holding when it hits. Will it be depression + hyperinflation?
Or can we hold cash and buy low.
I'm thinking some combination of tbills and commodities.
Physical metals are cool but will never be worthwhile as an investment strategy

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Hopefully to be at least as well dressed as those gentlemen. Though if I'm wearing a suit at the free donut/soup line I'll probably get beaten up by a hoodie/sweatpants wearing gang for being "rich".

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This photo was staged. That guy was a model and this was a photo shoot.

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Coincidentally, that guy's name was Schmuley Birnbaum but the name he publicly used was Conrad Smythe-Worthington IV.