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whats going to be the L1 that replaces bitcoin? i want to get in early so i can retire a millionaire

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Hedera Hashgraph, digits confirm

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There is no second best, shitcoin maxi ;)

Everything else is a centralized, pre-mined scam controlled by a tiny group of insiders who dump their worthless bags on naive fools who then get rugged.

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there is no first best, maxiking!

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Its either to be HBAR or ETH. Most likely it will be ETH

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you won't retire, but its thanks to people like you that someone else will.

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Kaspa, Screenshot this

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Quant was the same price as Link in jan 2021. And it's still higher even now.

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Yeah but eth is total dogshit really. Don’t know about Hbar but tps seem legit, there’s data attached to them unlike cucklana

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Its not aboyt tps, but also popularity. Not everyone is a programmer with master degree in OOP, but ETH has way more already made apps and features than HBAR. MAybe in a far future, HBAR will win, but in short term? Yea, ETH first

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Nothing will replace Bitcoin, idiot

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sold at 3.3c, will buy back under a cent!

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i hope you realize nobody actually takes hbar seriously

these alts, eth included, exist for making few people wealthy, quickly, at the expense of people like op who think they're actually going to find the "next bitcoin".

some last for longer than others, some can eventually find their own market, but if bitcoin fails it means a huge chunk of every alt's valuation disappears at the same time, and for all alts that represents the majority of their value.

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Based retard

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What's going to replace Bitcoin is not another shitty Blockchain, but a hybrid system that can actually interact with real world data. You will NEVER get a chance to buy early.

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this >>55227589
>i hope you realize nobody actually takes hbar seriously

Also, first mover advantage in tech can be massive even if the tech itself is riddled with bugs and inconveniences.

For two examples that you are using right now look at javascript and PHP.
Both of them are dogshit, and have been know to be dogshit since their inception.
Solidity and ethereum have become an industry standard that is very hard to change.

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>not blockchain
>not audited
>not anonymous

Anon they already have that. It’s called the internet.

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The replacement isn't a single L1, but an overarching standard that comprises them all.

Decentralize the decentralized ledgers.

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Trias is the beast from the East

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ETH. do NOT bet against vitalik everything that man touches will turn to gold.

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why do you think ETH now that they destroyed the network with proof of stake?

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Virtually all ledgers have had malfunctions and/or exploits at some point.
Decentralizing them provides much greater security.

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Btc will probably stay dominant, with ckBTC performing defi operations faster/cheaper/more secure.
Idgaf about icp, but their ecosystem of ckBTC is impressive.

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yeah i have been interestd in that one for a few months

>zero privacy
>zero security
>total centralization among chink miners
>price routinely manipulated by a few whales on wallstreet
>coins can be blacklisted after a single transaction and funds become unusable
>literally just a CBDC of the WEF
k retard.

>Nicholas St. Louis, an Ottawa man who previously described himself as the “bitcoin team lead” for the protests, said in court filings that he was about to comply with an order from that civil suit to freeze the bitcoin by transferring them into escrow before a joint police task force executed a search warrant on him

>“Officers forcibly removed me from my apartment and took me to an unmarked police vehicle,” St. Louis said. “Police wanted the seed phrases for my crypto wallets. Under police compulsion I provided my seed phrases.”

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ethereum was never decentralized enough for proof of work to add any legitimate decentralizing effects on the network. at least under proof of stake it's having less and less in common with bitcoin over time.

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>destroyed the network
>holding up better than btc
so OP what do YOU think will replace btc?
you want privacy, but you hate PoS. so in your mind PoW is the only way?

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these are the people you're up against, anon, and you still haven't made it?

>>zero security
>>total centralization among chink miners
>>price routinely manipulated by a few whales on wallstreet
>>coins can be blacklisted after a single transaction and funds become unusable
>>literally just a CBDC of the WEF

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Fpbp and only correct answer

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this is retarded propaganda.
>any and all private blockchains
yeah right, you mean
>any and all private blockchains, as long as they dont implement privacy measures and comply with mandatory financial reporting to the authorities (((to prevent money laundering))) and comply with requests to sanction or shut down bad goys

anyone with a brain knows the only succesful decentralized diigtal currency going forward will be a digital form of cash, something which is completely anonymous and untraceable and allows people to operate outside the (((banking system))) and keep their wealth out of the rat claws of the tax collecting kikes

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Why exclude private permissioned chains?
If people want to (and are able to) use those, why not.

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remind me what that ETH gas fee is again if you want to send your buddy $10 to split a pizza? oh you cant send $10 because the gas fee is $40 (plus tip for priority transaction!) vs the BTC network which transfers nearly instantly and only costs less than a 50 cents to send $10 worth

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>so OP what do YOU think will replace btc?
something similar to monero that emphasizes secrecy above all else, is proof of work, but made by a group of actually competent dependable developers not retard stoners. i dont know if any projects like that exist out there thats what i keep looking for though adn thats why i made the thread to ask.

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if they can "ban" tainted bitcoin, they can ban your entire privacy coin, to greater effect and easier implementation.
if you think you can work around that just because nobody can see transactions on the blockchain, then you can work around it for any and all public blockchain.

this "my privacy alt will win and make me rich!" cope is completely detached from the legal reality of how all non-illegal markets will treat these coins.
tainted bitcoin is equivalent in every legal and practical sense to every and all xmr in existence, for example.

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DYOR and don't come crying because it's not PoW. you're already bitching about fees so if you're fishing for another (You) this is the last one you're getting from me.

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i am agreeing with you i dont think you understand the point i am making. you cant have decentralized chains integrated with the centralized banking system as depicted in your graphic because the regulatory kikes would never allow it. they would demand full transparency so they could count every shekel you send and make sure they are getting their taxes and you arent donating to some dissident protest cause. have you ever noticed how privacy coins like monero are listed on almost no exchanges and outright banned in many countries?

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yes thats exactly my point, im not sure what your argument to me was. i agree wtih you

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>you cant have decentralized chains integrated with the centralized banking system as depicted in your graphic
Of course you can.
If you can make transactions on it, you can include it in your CCIP framework.

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i looked at secret a while back and ruled it out because its not L1. it uses another chain which means it could easily be kicked off the cosmo network if those sois decided to cave to regulatory pressure to keep their little pet greenenergy zero emission cuckcoin projects going

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any coin thats CBDC related (quant, xrp)

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Seething will be immense. Joke made into #1.

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i dont understand how you believe the institutions of government will allow any connection of private decentralized chains which protect the privacy and secrecy of the users to the mainstream financial system .

here i modified your diagram to illustrate the issue.

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Came for this. If the team can hit their goals like dagknight, it's actually possible. Biz is sleeping on this.

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Why are you implying "institutions of government" will be the only users of blockchain?

Financial institutions are already mixing up public and private chains, and then there are the general masses.

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because you're trying and failing to make a point about something with privacy replacing bitcoin, which makes no sense.

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im not. but i dont know why you are assuming private users will be financially independent from the existing financial institutions.

???????? no sense? that is literally the ENTIRE PREMISE of the creation of bitcoin. it was just shortsighted at the time with regards to privacy but its entire ethos was to become a currency which was decentralized and separate from the banking system. a digital currency which could not be manipulated at will by rogue nations which penalize the masses with the tax of inflation. i dont think you understand the point of cryptocurrency. you are either on the side of CBDC and completel totalitarian control and micromanagement of all economic transactions or the side of decentralized freedom of economy. there will be no middle in the future, the government sees the threat to its hegemony on finance and is desperately fighting it. what are you even doing here?

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>im not.
Then why even bring up government institutions?

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>He doesn't get it
They never do.
It's a distributed database that can fetch live data without an oracle, the security mechanism is so advanced cryplets can't even begin to wrap their heads around it. Millions of transactions per second RUNNING ON A LOW END RASPBERRY PI not a fucking data center, no stakes needed. Bitcoin is malleable but the ledger is not. The hybrid system is immutable but the ledger is malleable.
Few understand.

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because they regulate the private financial institutions known as "banks" in your infograph. you havent explained how any privacy oriented chain could be part of CCIP and onramped or offramped with fiat from mainstream financial institutions in your picture

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>they regulate the private financial institutions known as "banks" in your infograph
The same banks who are mixing up private and public chains?

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>>zero privacy
idiot doesn't know about CoinJoin (also Wasabi wallet), and planned expansions to it.

>>zero security
lol WHAT?
The only coin actually secured with billions $ worth of single-purpose devices (sha256 asics).

>>total centralization among chink miners
that was somewhat true, in 2015-2017 maybe.
what a moron you are.

>>price routinely manipulated by a few whales on wallstreet
and? price goes up. keep seething.

>>coins can be blacklisted after a single transaction and funds become unusable
CoinJoin, faggot.

>>literally just a CBDC of the WEF
k retard.

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coinjoin doesnt do shit retard. its like turning your wifi SSID to "hidden network" and thinking you are secure.

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I thought it would be Snowblossom but it took a massive shit. I sold all mine so you can’t call me a shill. Maybe you retards can still pump it.

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>coinjoin doesnt do shit retard.
you are a retarded faggot.
We create transaction that have 5 inputs of 0.010001 BTC, and 5 output of 0.01 BTC.

The output number #3 then sends coins to a donation address.

Which of the input addresses (which were linked to some person, let's say) is the one who paid that donation, how do you determine that?
There is 0 information about that, idiot.

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Its avalanche. Staking avax now is like mining btc back in 2010 or so.

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The project reeks of paid shills

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There is no second first. Bitcoin will and always have been the only fair launch in the world.

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kyspa scam

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How can another coin not have a fair launch?

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Let these kiddies learn the hard way lmao they have no idea the level of analysis possible for an open fucking chain like BTC. All niggers and glowies in this thread missed the right answer.

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Radiant RXD

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Easy. Glowies owned the other 4 addresses :^)

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They all fake the distribution. It's pretty easy. If you see a coin with unnaturally even distribution despite being "100% pow fair launch" then you know 90% is owned by a group of people and they just divided it over thousands of wallets to feign organic interest and healthy distribution.
Bitcoin's distribution is not quite fair, but it was first and there was no question if it was "the" coin or not. It was the only coin. Genuinely interested people all had a good chance to enter the market and provide security and liquidity, we will NEVER get this fair possibility again as there's now hundreds of L1s all using the same jargon and different pump and dump scam tactics with zero regard for longevity. Now it's just scammers scamming scammers all over the place.

Bitcoin is Bitcoin, and there will never be any other bit coin that is even worth looking up to. The world is genuinely better off having people use Bitcoin as a SoV and everything else being only payment platforms. Since they have to compromise on decentralization and security they will NEVER be "the one".
Your shitcoins future is always -99% sats in the long run.

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What will replace bitcoin is not a blockchain, but RWA platforms that integrate tradefi with land-backed assets into the digital arena, like as MNI.

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>Easy. Glowies owned the other 4 addresses :^)
Then you make 10 user CJ, or 100 - and repeat it for example 3 times.

10^3 = 1000 glowers?
Everyone in Bitcoin is a glower with 0.1 BTC?
You are really paranoid, do 10 of them. If all 10 million users you randomly picked were a glower then yeah you are exposed, otherwise no.

What if everyone in your 3 computer Tor connection was a glower, then they anyway have the IP you send transaction from anyway, idiot.

CoinJoin is very secure, and you altcoin shithad need to seethe, cope and dilate.

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>What if everyone in your 3 computer Tor connection was a glower, then they anyway have the IP you send transaction from anyway, idiot.
This is normal, but it's actually 6 if you only connect to onion bitcoin nodes, they do exist though I can't say I've ever tried to do it.
The main issue is if the onion bitcoin node is compromised then those 3 extra nodes are obviously visible to the onion bitcoin node.

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>how do you determine that?
it's a shame you couldn't just look at multiple pools they transacted in and use that information to take a pretty easy guess and then, I don't know, maybe do some real investigatory work in real life on the handful of possible people transacting.
but I'm glad none of that is possible!

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you are making a very critical mistake here of peasants =/= elite
even today there exists a two tiered money system where the many paths for the loaded insiders to move it around, crypto would only greatly facilitate this
the issue here is that in our democracy the ruling powers must pretend that laws are equal and this require a private solution to keep their own loot of the public records
i mean are you too zoomzoom to remember the panama papers and how almost nothing happened because of it

also look around at the predictive programming that has already begun, they dont want to ban crypto itself only real wallets
you are allowed to buy doge on jpms proprietary platform terms and conditions apply amongst which removing the coins from jpms control is a criminal offense and at all times the coins are property of jpm and can be leveraged up to their will

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>it's a shame you couldn't just look at multiple pools they transacted in and use that information to take a pretty easy guess and then
yes, it's a shame.
you can not, indeed.

That is how all anonymity in computers worked for decades and worked fine, faggot.

In Tor you pick 3 out of lets say 10,000 nodes and HOPE it's not the case that 2 of them are glowers.

In Bitcoin CoinJoin security is multiplicative, you can do as many of these operations as you want, eventually arriving almost at the pool of all the Bitcoiners who used CJ-looking-transactions during half year or so (how ever long you play this).

In future with bullet proofs it might be that you are seen as one of ALL BITCOIN TRANSACTIONS in given period (e.g. few months, or more, as you wish).

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>In Bitcoin CoinJoin security is multiplicative, you can do as many of these operations as you want
Doesn't really help if 99% of other transactions are just glowies shifting money in circles to track you. They'll easily get you pinned down to a percentage chance.

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>In Tor you pick 3 out of lets say 10,000 nodes and HOPE it's not the case that 2 of them are glowers.
Also it's 7000 currently, but there's a lot less exit nodes and your guard is constant so really they have a pretty good chance of tracking you. IF a hidden service is not compromised and actually not run by glowies in secret either from the start or from a hostile takeover then you could increase it to 6 and since there's no exit node it's extremely less likely you get tracked this way than clearnet 3 nodes.
If you look at available bandwidth and used bandwidth on Tor it's easy to claim that this isn't just to prevent DDOSing the network, but probably an intentional design by NSA to make tracking high value targets (politicians, terrorists, high level criminals) more easily.

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>That is how all anonymity in computers worked for decades and worked fine, faggot.
yea, it's a shame the feds don't know how to trace tor.
yea, it's a shame tor has no vulnerabilities, nor are there any solutions.
yea, it's a shame internet activity cannot be traced any more easily then it was decades ago.
>In Bitcoin CoinJoin security is multiplicative, you can do as many of these operations as you want,
yea, it's a shame when you shuffle a deck of cards more then 7 times, it does not continue to become more and more random.

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Chain analysis only work in theory, in practice they have to resort to locking up innocent people to sell their useless product to retarded governments. Google Roman Sterlingov.

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Learn what Zenon does. That’s all u getting.

>> No.55229804

>Roman Sterlingov
he ran bitcoin fog and laundered over $300 million.
no, he's not innocent lol.

>> No.55229818

never step foot inside the usa even as a lay over
cause its always the same ones doing this, meanwhile you know there are at least hundreds of real crimelords living it up in malta, cyprus and dubai

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Put of the loop. What's wrong with actual Montero?

>> No.55230233

I tried setting that up the disk space was huge to sync the network. mined 100 kaspa on a pool then quit.
check out pkt * cash - neat privacy router.

>> No.55230250

you guys should look into pkt. encrypted mesh network. routing = send txs over encrypted net, secure.

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>Doesn't really help if 99% of other transactions are just glowies shifting money in circles to track you.
luckily you need to
1) own bitcoin
2) pay non-trivial fee for each transaction

so unless FBI is biggest investor in Bitcoin, they can go fuck themselves.

kys noob.

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>yea, it's a shame the feds don't know how to trace tor.
then all is lost.

But one day "tor" will be fixed/replaced. And Bitcoin is already ready for that future. Get rekt FUD/glower.

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>2) pay non-trivial fee for each transaction
Implying they aren't paying those fees to themselves.

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>Implying they aren't paying those fees to themselves.
lol what is this retard saying?
FBI owns most addresses
FBI is the one investing into Bitcoin mostly
FBI also runs most miners
although also mining is centralized in China

Kys FUDdder/idiot.

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30% of the hash is glowing, or what do your think Foundry USA is

>> No.55231154

I agree with that for most coins, but not for kas. The developers have high standing in the community. They want to make p2p electronic cash and are not going to dump on followers.
Most altcoiners hold some btc. Close-minded maxis only hold btc. Grab a bag before it takes off.

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it'll be funny as fuck

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People not understanding that BTC and shithereum won't have replacements. The first mover advantage won't be overcome.

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Jew coin
They want digital money if it isn't bitcoin it will be a government coin
They want always online with everything.
Satan's game plane is to create a digital realm that he can rule over.

>> No.55231255

>The coin that solves the blockchain trilemma will win
who said that

>> No.55231419 [DELETED] 

>sleeping on this
Filtered. Maybe stop being a telegramoid if you want people to take your coin seriously.

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If you listen to meth addicts you are going to end sucking dicks under a bridge. That's the ugly truth. Stay away from drugs kids

>> No.55232440

It's as simple as only supplying their own transactions in the blocks that they also mine. They'd pay fees to themselves only.
It wouldn't work for blocks they don't control, but it helps reduce the work.
If all governments do this and collect their own information they can create a complete picture of all coinjoin transactions ever made if working together in specific cases. They have enough power to control most of the hash combined. Most of the private mining companies glow pretty hard anyways.

>> No.55232452

Incredibly fake distribution. Hilarious scam.

>> No.55232499

Based, what's the make it stack

>> No.55232588

Aren't you plebs tired of wagging around looking for replacements instead of doing something better with your investments. I ain't no Bitcoin maxi but I fucking hodl that token and put it into work with the BRC20 tokens mint; ohh and if you tiny heads can't take that how about you wrap those BTCs and use 'em for Sylo liquidity mining, DYOR. Ciao

>> No.55232755

Governments are going to crackdown harder on crypto then your mom did when she found your gay porn stash.

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>maxipad retards still think coinjoin works

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File: 729 KB, 646x3201, bitcoin mixers traced.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>just use wasabi wal-

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kaspa because it has the exact same security premise but faster confirmation and lower fees

yes it will scale when txs pick up

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in fact, /board.

>> No.55233043

it's not that simple because
1 the more people start using coinjoin the exponentially more txs they need to spoof,

2 if certain miners are only putting these weird low fee coinjoin txs then you can easily see which miners are the glowies, once you know that you can take measures of your own (ie publish blocks with all coinjoin txs that AREN'T glowies)

>> No.55233058

JP Morgan already bought majority stake in this shitcoin, the network is just a really expensive bank now
>almost all blocks are censored now
Just look at how quickly Tornado got shut down and you know exactly how late it is

>> No.55233113

Why do you think this matters when you could use any number of shitchains with a txn fee of $0?

>> No.55233226


No one cares... Both ETH and BTC have been heavily invested into for nearly 12 years and that's why they will stay at the top.

There are plenty of other chains that are faster, more efficient, offer more features, lower cost.

However none of that matters because they are all proof of stake, preminted VC scams forever dumping on new buyers.

BNB and Solana pumped because they were / are both backed by exchanges.

When FTX was liquidated, Solana dropped 30 times it's all time high.

>> No.55233248

Tesla stock

>> No.55233259

>There are plenty of other chains that are faster, more efficient, offer more features, lower cost.
t. payet has opinions on things beyond his understanding, dazzled by superficial marketing.

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only reason this hasnt happened yet is becus Tether. 3 weeks.

>> No.55233533

>30% of the hash is glowing
doesn't matter for privacy. you idiot.

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>It's as simple as only supplying their own transactions in the blocks that they also mine. They'd pay fees to themselves only.
No, they miss out on all the other real transactions that would actually pay real money to them - real "external" txfees.

Another reason why retarded cheapass altcoins are retarded. Poetic. But you are not able of grasping that.

>> No.55233556

Hedera hashgraph

>> No.55233600

>tfw you are milking a bunch of delusional retards just on fees

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It's part of the plan

>> No.55233798

Bnb is big wtf
Have to research it

>> No.55233809

this is actually a compelling argument and i could see BTC remaining on top IF some sort of technology was created to allow it to operate with complete privacy and security from government control. i dont know why they dont just update the network to implement secrecy for anonmyous transactions but thats probably because most big holders are institutional

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i think thats correct for certain assets of investment that people will hold for a store of value but the main problem with that model is again, the physical asset is the weakness which can be controlled and confiscated by rogue nations. you need an army to secure your assets if you want digital economic autonomy and unless you have nukes and the power to keep the USA military and intelligence agencies at bay its just not going to happen. that land exists somewhere, and governments can take it over and do whatever they want with it. same problem with gold backed crypto. i can see it being a decent store of value as long as you remian a good goy but the minute you have an opposiing political viewpoint to the ruling patrician class its game over and your assets are toast.

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snowden already explained in depth why mixers dont work retard he said they had the capability to trace that shit back when he was still in the agency 15 years ago let alone what they can do now with quantum computing and AI. stop being a retard and go watch his explanation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWGTsr-NVM8

>> No.55233917

you are being a huge retard by arguing how great the shitty 3rd party solution to privacy on BTC is while dismissing the need completely. if coinjoin is so great why doesnt BTC implement that mixing techonlogy into its protocol BY DEFUALT FOR ALL TRANSACTIONS SO ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE UNTRACEABLE AND ANONYMOUS??? you are basically admitting BTC is shit and you need a 3rd party solution to half ass your way to privacy.

>> No.55233973

its made by programming autists with zero thought about end user experience. newsflash, most people are dumb. if you want mass adoption, you need to make your shit easy enough for the NPC to use, not just the tech focused anime shut ins of 4chan. you have to have working end user support for the most common platforms.

>> No.55233989
File: 83 KB, 723x533, bitcoin feds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>so unless FBI is biggest investor in Bitcoin, they can go fuck themselves.

not sure if you are retarded or just pretending to be

>> No.55234008

>The first mover advantage won't be overcome.

is that why everyone drives Fords today instead of Toyota and Honda?

>> No.55234028

dont bother you are talking to retards who literally thought the chinkflu vax was safe and secure

>> No.55234039

i cant find anything in their documentation that deals with anonymity so unless i am missing something thats not a viable solution.

>> No.55234060

No coin is going to replace Bitcoin but the likes of RIO, AZERO, and NXRA should print millionaires in the next bull cycle

>> No.55234072
File: 347 KB, 962x642, apunexa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>btc dev team bitcoin unlimited lead the charge against (((blockstream))) during the segwit fiasco
>create and maintain bcash
>come up with new ideas that bcash community is slow to accept
>decide to create a new chain based on btc model using specialised asics to scale to the world's demands
>no premine, first block wasn't even mined by team. It was announced on r/btc before launch
>no team allocation or mining. All mining done privately
>team funding comes from years as being a BCH node operators and developers
>already scales to 10k TPS, testnet to reach 100k already in the works
>native smart contracts, will be accessible to all as new high level script based on javascript so no more solidity shenanigans
>transactions are instant. Adaptive block sizes
>23m mc
Imagine not having at least a throwaway bag of this.
It's literally the perfect L1.

No PoS centralisation, no VC fuckery, no compromising on crypto as it should be.

See you in a few years anons..

>> No.55234378
File: 53 KB, 1024x1104, IMG_20230605_172316_186.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.55234432
File: 232 KB, 702x1013, 1679247366770664.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is no second best

>> No.55234786

I'm also stacking NXRA, and I like the SDK that they are working on because it will be needed by most Devs in the crypto space

>> No.55234977
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so faggots like you will fuck off to moNEGRO and entire moNEGRO as a whole will get banned, while Bitcoin will not.


>> No.55235226


>> No.55235257

My biggest holds are BTC and eth. Imagine holding infinite inflation VC dumpfest altcoins during a bear market kek. My point was that the poster I responded to is acting like BTC is actually useful for sending trivial amounts of money for poorfags and it definitely is not

>> No.55235350

Satoshi still mined 1,000,000 btc before anyone else.
You make it seem like you know nothing of kaspa. Anyone who knew about kaspa at the beginning could have mined it. No special rights needed and no founders reward.
So far you've offered no rebuttal and have lumped kaspa in with all the other premined scams.

>> No.55236359
File: 73 KB, 907x1280, 384756328938139487193948.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Avalanche is the best and most reliable L1 option out there. Truly decentralized and with real scalability too.

>> No.55237453

thx listening. check out pkt c*sh encrypted mesh network will be useful for internet censorship

>> No.55237458

>crypto mixers
>15years ago

>> No.55237682

Crypto has been around for 30 years

>> No.55237694

>check out pkt c*sh encrypted mesh network
holy shit thanks this is literally what ive been waiting for someone to make. closest thing ive seen so far was helium network. individually owned devices for mesh is literally the future its the only way out of this censorship propaganda totalitarian regime cesspool the internet has become

>> No.55237899

In what capacity was crypto around 30 years ago?

>> No.55237951

I wish I wish upon a fish that hbar will make everyone rich

>> No.55238380

Anon, not necessarily L1, there are lots of assets with solid fundamentals to hold like privacy tokens Sylo and Firo which should do more Xs than BTC come the next bull run.

>> No.55238399
File: 146 KB, 540x325, 1685726571842742.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>“Police wanted the seed phrases for my crypto wallets. Under police compulsion I provided my seed phrases.”
hahahaha, fucking leafs man

I'd take it to my grave before I gave it up to ZOG thugs

>> No.55238540

Did you even watch the video you posted? Snowden literally says that coinjoins are great but to technical for the average person. In other words, they work as advertised if you know what youre doing.

>> No.55238608
File: 44 KB, 588x437, 1438301327868.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

look kids, it doesn't matter what your coin is technically capable of hiding

if the G wants to fuck you, they're going to FUCK YOU

will just get you fucking thrown in a Fed supermax solitary box for 30 years until your appeal finally goes through

if you want to stop govt interference, vote or involve yourself in politics

bitcoin is for money, pure and simple

>> No.55238851

>No, they miss out on all the other real transactions that would actually pay real money to them - real "external" txfees.
Coinbase > Fees.
Additionally, there's not that many coinjoin transactions compared to normal transactions.
You also operate under the delusion that glwoies wouldn't be willing to pay a negligible amount of money per block mined to increase tracking of suspected criminals.

Stop drinking the koolaid of your shitty DAG scam.

>> No.55239030

>Stop drinking the koolaid of your shitty DAG scam.
He fuds so he can buy more

>> No.55239044

>fud is bullish
kys low iq

>> No.55239070

You never addressed any of my claims about kaspa

>> No.55239079

It was already addressed before you even replied.