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Is crypto vidya making a comeback and if so what should I be playing? As in what's the most profitable, don't care about gameplay. Not listed there is Rebase because they are in closet beta but I like it a lot.

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>making a comeback
>about 8/9k people total on the top 10 games
Team Fortress 2 was released in 2007 and Steam says it has around 60k concurrent users or so.

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these shits make so little in the end it's better to just stake a stablecoin at like 10% APY to be honest

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waves exchange is pretty fucking good despite $waves itself being completely driven into the mud and dead since 2021

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I saw BURGER in Binance some time ago and they had insane growth, like a legit x20 coin or something. I was too much of a pussy to buy (I don't like exponential growth like that and I didn't know what the project even was) but it being listed on Binance should have told me it was a good idea. I feel like a retard now.
Half or more of those are bots if you are unaware.

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Might as well put your money on government bonds or a savings account lmao

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>Is crypto vidya making a comeback and if so what should I be playing?
Extreme poverty in the third world is what is making a comeback...

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no, lol

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