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Should I get a big boobs gf, financially speaking?

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Unfortunately, no.

Financially speaking, big breasted women are more likely to require more food, therefore it is a poor financial decision to get a big boobs gf. Financially speaking, the ideal girlfriend is a sex doll.

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Financially speaking, the move is to get an anorexic girlfriend, OR you could get a hooker which would be cheaper than food costs.

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No, just kidnap a big booba broad so you can save money on feeding an actual gf

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Where do I find these big boob hookers?

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Get one who'll be grateful you took her out of wage slaving

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her eyebrow looks funny

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Yes (financially speaking)

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From a biological perspective, you are a more successful man by impregnating a woman with huge knockers than being a childless billionaire.

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I wish that were my gf

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Just get a flat gf and buy her implants

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Financially speaking, wide hips

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Absolutely, you can lay down and use her badonkers as pillows after a day lurking around the city using Rebase

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I'd rather chop my cock off with a nail clipper

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Financially speaking, huge ass

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I prefer thighs but that's good too ngl

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Absolutely based tho

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Yeah but that one has a cat ear deformity which cancels out the boobs.