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I long and short crypto at will. Sleep, wake, rinse and repeat. Comfy with my 50k portfolio. Tell me how you navigate the current market. I'm open to suggestions.
>fags will never survive

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>Comfy with my 50k portfolio.
You're poor. I don't talk to poor people

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>Comfy with my 50k portfolio.
Who gets comfortable with a 50k portfolio? Ngmi

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>Tell me how you navigate the current market. I'm open to suggestions.
Buy high, sell low

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50k is a lot of money. Can be multiplied easily when you make decent investments. Not rocket science.

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Must be new. I started with 2k, now I have over 200k trading index. Who's laughing now? Kek

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Happens in the bull. This is bear market. All the good buy opportunities you'd get is now, but you won't cos you're busy sucking tities.

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You seems to have it all figured out, post your portfolio here lets see how based you are.

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How did you make such money just by trading index? Please share some alphas with me anon, I need to make it

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>All the good buy opportunities you'd get is now
I'm not buying any rugs right now, I have staked most of my bags for passive income.

>you won't cos you're busy sucking tities.
Connect me to your gf

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Longing and shorting crypto at will is the name of the game. Sleep, wake, rinse, and repeat—never a dull moment in this volatile market. With a comfy 50k portfolio, you're definitely riding the waves with style. Just follow smart money

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Anon is a retard. Probably haven't seen 1k in his entire life. Also on borrowed data.

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Quick google of platforms to create and trade indices would have shown you AstraDao. Ngmi if you can't do simple research.

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>I'm not buying any rugs right now
Market is currently at a discount. You prefer the top? Where do y'all desu niggas usually come from?

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>Tell me how you navigate the current market. I'm open to suggestions.
Follow the whispers of the crypto gods. Keep an eye on those juicy catalysts, news, and upcoming project launches.

Oh, and don't forget the meme coins. They're like wildcards in this crazy casino we call crypto.

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Oh, mate, with your knowledge, you can totally unleash the power of sustainable passive income. Just dive into that tokenmetrics data API and tap into the sheer might of AI. Whip up a fully automated index on AstraDao, and you'll be amplifying your investment game like a pro.

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You can make generational wealth with these you moron. Most old Joe did not have this kind when they started their crypto journey. Good bluechips like the ones on Mexc has the potential to change his life.

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Day traders are happy now that the market is back on the rise as they have made some bucks after SEC's FUD yesterday negatively influenced the market. I see who you are, chad.

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>Oh, and don't forget the meme coins.
Easy way to get rekt. Would rather stick with good alts. This isn't meme season. The last rally was good while it lasted.

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Do you think AI is a passing trend? Most new tokens leveraging on it now are utter shit. None worth the time.

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Don't leave your money on exchanges fag. FTX collapse was no joke. Better safe than sorry.

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>You're poor. I don't talk to poor people

Rich people don't say they are rich on 4chan. Get the fuck out of here with your fake gigachad brainy life

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Some are still shorting and probably got rekt. Never play the market if you can't swing it. Sticking to FA can be worth the while.

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Just trade indices instead and stay comfy. The issue with most chads is that they just don't know the right place to look and most of the tools they use are just shit.

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Only noobs keep there long term bags on CEXs. Just buy and move them away to a good Dex. I bought most of my bags, including Atom, Eth, Ocean, Azero and AstraDao on CEXs but they are now in DEXs where I earn passively from them.

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>I'm open to suggestions.
I don't know if you got brains but try index investment and management platforms. Bye, OP.

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>Only noobs keep there long term bags on CEXs
That's right. Only use CEX for minor fiat transaction. Save your ass funds on hard wallet

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Haha, must be a newfag indeed but that's some impressive progress. fortune favors the bold.

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Once you have the knowledge of creating index and you are familiar with the investment platforms, you have the potential of making some cool bucks

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>now I have over 200k trading index

Chad, show me the hard way

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I don't even know how to spend my high earnings from this. Should I just gamble it on sexy latinos or are there some crazy shiszos here with some badass suggestions?

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You have said it all here, anon. Financial advice matters

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How can I move from debt to owning estates and lambos. I have a strong feeling that this is my only chance to make it.

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AstraDAO has a technology that will play a massive role in the new digital economy if they implement the automated crypto asset allocator properly

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Hell yes. Just like I've moved my bags of eth, matic and astradao from Mexc to Quickswap. I don't take risks at all.

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You have a chance with index investment platforms. DYOR, though.

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Third world nigga feeling rich with 50k

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depends upon where do you stay , You can get rekt quickly too.

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stake chill and be at peace, don't fucking gamble it with meme

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just stake and enjoy the passive income, Never know when you can get rekt

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How long did that take you?

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They do offer some really nice index, I think they use rebalancing for the indexes
must be his total saving till now

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I saw this one on MEXC a while back,>>55214420
They will drive away Binance and Coinbase from our country

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The SEC fud did not even lasted for a day. Wgmi

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The golden rule, ngmi
how come so many people are making money with AI and I am getting rekt

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sucking titties doesn't get you rekt, investing wrongly does.

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But you did.

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Gots some MNI in my bag, gonna short GRT, ARB, and GMX due to the current market.

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These jews be so comfortable with poverty. I'm sure going to turn the 50k into millions in a few months investing in MNI.

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you get herpes doing that, or fucking STD

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DYOR crypto-oriented investment strategic project that offers noncustodial automated asset allocation

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Simply because you're using the wrong AI tools, all you need is a tokenmetrics account and you're sorted

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Yea, just stake on an imaginary project and enjoy

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who has the time, just fucking pump and dump.

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Good projects, what about AstraDAO which gives an innovative model that creates a win-win incentive for profitable indices investors? BEN and WOJAK are also nice meme niches to consider.

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This is now beginning to create some buzz. I think I have finally found what can help me buy a lambo

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And how do you intend to do that huh? Don't tell me this is another meme because I'm done buying memes. I got my eyes only for projects with real utility.

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Lambo is basic anon
You should be aiming for a jet or something..

Are these so called indices curated manually?

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I love it when faggots like you get kicked and the ass. A little research does wonders, google is a great tool, putting projects that provide various investment indices and zero fee user participation model, sit back and fucking decide

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It's just another one of them useless memes

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A quick search on DAO-managed treasury that provides harvesting investment strategy profits

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There's a reason why the entire platform is powered by AI
Nothing you get is done manually

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Index investment platforms are top-notch innovative ecosystems. Projects with an improvement culture are index investment-oriented

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DYOR, buy low, stake, and take profit.

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AstraDAO does exactly this. The DAO treasury on this project has vast utilities

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Probably look for a crypto-oriented investment project with index based and management platform

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Matic is getting sued. What kind of recommendation is that?

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Become emotionless. No high too high, no low too low. Trading isn't for the weak

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I put 30K into BTC, 1K into UTK, 10K into ETH, and 1K into PEPE, someone can wake me up when my portfolio hits 100X

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the new meta is deep liquidity so the faggot ass whales can ape in and not cuck the fuck out of the chart. find shit thats on uniswap v3

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I'm comfy DCAing on AVAX. I've made my solid bags there and am waiting for the next bull rn

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That pretty much sums it all up anon. I narrow my asset picks by checking their quant grade and TM rating on an AI analysis platform, which has kept me in profits on LTC and QNT