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>kills magic internet beans forever
Press T to thank

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remember when /biz/ argued that he's a good jew because he gave a talk at a university at bitcoin or something.

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crypto is kill.
What now? All in S&P500?

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He’s destroying his career and I can’t figure out why but there must be a reason

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With J*ws you ______

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He is ironically, knowingly or unknowingly that much I don't know protecting burgers from being feed for insect people

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>remember when /biz/
That was definitely plebbitors

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The +0.5% effect that had on gold prices is staggering

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devil confirms

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irrelevant desu.

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>takes 6 years to sue one exchange
>expected for months
>coordinated 10% dump


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> All in S&P500?
You keep trying to push this. It's obvious.

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This is brilliant.
I really want crypto to fade away out of existence and into irrelevance, FedNow is coming soon and we don't need crypto or shady crypto exchanges like Binance.

Glad to see the US taking action.

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Do it! Hunt that retail exit liq!

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No one will use your shitcoin.

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>Imagine glowing this intense!

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Everything on pic can already be done, and done safer, by ddc's.
>helicopter money
>What is Helicopter Money? Helicopter money, also known as a helicopter drop, refers to an unconventional monetary policy tool of printing large sums of money (expanding money supply) and distributing it to the public to spur economic growth during a recession.
What are you smoknig that you think this is good? Or trustworthy?
I'm not putting any value in an inflatinoary system.

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>CBDC's give central banks a chance to compete
Beg harder
Last chance the public gave you you gave them a century of theft.

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>I'm not putting any value in an inflatinoary system.
You sexy animal!

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You wont win. Crypto kikes get burned away, but crypto is herr to stay. It's the earth, it can take the burn

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47 year old boomer here, this is the reason I only invest in silver and gold. I don't care what zoomer cryptotards say because they have no understanding about anything. He is protecting American investors and the American economy. We need much more regulations in this space, the reason America is declining is because we allowed scammers and thiefs to run freely.

Now it's the day of the reckoning and crypto will feel the full might of the US government

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He's the people's champion.
He protects people from scammers.

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jews on the other hand...

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>Asks government for more regulation
>Silver and gold confiscated
2 more weeks until JP Morgan collapses, silver moons.....and then you lose it all to a confiscation order anyway

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then go after thiefs, make fucking laws with clarity, regulate cexes, not sue and MILK the fucking cexes.... but they are jews,so out, hunting for the easy money..... greedy fucking goblins, collect that infinite paper metals dude!

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Not selling baldie waldie sue harder bitch.

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Lmao the sad thing is people actually believe shit like this

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Uncle Sam needs liquidity, know what game you are playing. Coinbase had 8 months to gtfo

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Thank you based Gary
Fuck ponzi schemers and pajeet scammers

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how come no 1 puts a contract on him

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The United States government would nowadays NEVER confiscated silver and gold....and do you know why? Because silver and gold are precious metals and a safe haven for everybody.

Meanwhile blockchains are all elaborate ponzi schemes to lure in gullible investors and siphon your money into developers pockets. So yes, we need more regulations no matter how much you zoomer idiots keep screeching. You really are pawns of the chicoms, Thankfully America is roaring back now!

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The white man wants crypto dead because he can't control it.

The white man can't stand not having control over something.

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>/biz/ argued

>good jew

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>The United States government would nowadays NEVER confiscated silver and gold
America should never have revolted against king george iii because authority is inherently trustworthy.

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> white man
Say this to his face and watch him kvetch about jews not being white.

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you are based gensler.
thank you for making redditors seethe.
thank you for serving your country.

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Kek vieo, why are you so racially blue pulled
Go join /pmg/ like all the other trannies

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Why do they always look so ill

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those are not steroids'.

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Estrogen is actually a steroid technically anon

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your uncle can liquid deez nutz!

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Cash is king

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>patching my minecraft server

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Jewish people are essentially white people practicing an old testament religion.

In fact, Russians, Italians, Vikings, Icelandic, Scandinavian, Irish, Scottish, Spaniards, Armenians, Kurdish, and most Europeans and pale Latin Americans, and some Arabs and Middle Eastern people, they're ALL white.

The holocaust was basically white people killing another group of white people they didn't like.

Among African Americans, there is a running joke where we point out or at least give the side-eye to our fellow blacks who say things like "I'm not black. My parents are from Jamaica or the West Indies.".

I swear, sometimes white people are even worse with this shit like those Italians who claim they aren't white but instead Italian. *eyeroll*

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hope you get murdered in a painful way by the shitskins you love that replaced your people and turned your country third world.
the sooner that shithole becomes irrelevant, the better for humanity

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>incels envision themselves as bodybuilders who obsess over trannies 16 hours a day
post chin

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That's a man punching a woman

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The jannie is the /pmg/ tranny spammer lmao

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If crypto dies i'm going to cash. I'm already all cash and crypto so its not a hard switch to make. If they get rid of cash I guess i'm really fucked. I'll have to go to metals or something.

Not going to surrender though, made it this long without partaking in their bullshit It's obviously got their attention because they never stop seething about it. So i'm just uhhhh gonna keep doing it then.

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ha! you would know!

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You think Sammy didn't sung like a bird and won't spill the beans in October. He could still be Epsteined, but the investigators know, and the information got distributed to uncle sams collectors

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bankman IS your uncle sam, BRO.

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Don't be naive. He failed, and uncle sam doesn't accept failure. Epstein was also useful until he became a liability. The United States has a trust problem and the faction that is at the root of that trust problem was the masters of the jew sam.

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Will this board finally become business and finance?

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No it will be dead. A wasteland

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See that 109+ countries have expelled them. Geez, why would over a 100 countries over the last 4k years. That’s every 40 years of them getting btfo.

What could it be????????

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so a jew cycle is ~40 years long?

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I know where this jew lives. I know where his kids live too.

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You need to lurk more, or youre a Jew parasite.

Muh white people, lol. Imagine saying dumb ass shit on a board where there are several high iq folks that know intimately that the “blame the white man” shit is code for Jews gaslighting whites. Jews always dance between being white or Jew when they feel like it.

Burn em all, and if you don’t want to be annihilated, you can still repent and admit your kinda vile wretchetness

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Is Novosibirsk also fake?

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Beaners always win

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What happened?

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If you can do the math champ.

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>Zero Hedge
These guys are faggots and are always going on about how gold is going to moon and the dollar is going to die etc.
It's just a Gen X digital doomer porn at this point