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With the SEC cracking down on crypto there might just be one single last bull run in the next 2 years.

How are you anons playing your cards? What projects do you think might moon in the last make-it opp of the decade?

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kas btc xmr

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for me its:

>Chainlink (Ticker $LINK)
Because Smart Contracts will need tamperproof inputs and other oracle services and only Chainlink can do it. the team was also so careful they cant be fucked with.
>Avalanche (Ticker $AVAX)
CEO is Advisor for the CFTC and seated in NYC next to all the Regulators, also has top tier connections to all the top lawyers all over the World

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is having govt connections gonna be the new fundamentals

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whats most important is that Chainlink Labs and Ava Labs never advertised the token and instead only the utility of their products for which the tokens are needed.
They also dont make price predictions and keep the advertisements to a minimum.
So generally speaking they never gave the regulators a big attack surface and there are other much lower hanging fruits to go after.
No other Tokens are as prepared for Regulation crackdowns as AVAX and LINK.

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I'm keeping a close eye on DYAD as it gets closer to launching.

I also think privacy coins are going to be increasingly popular as governments crack down, particularly as organised crime looks for places to put their money and can use decentralised exchanges.

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Move towards the light. Octavia chuds stay winning

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All in kas

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Truebit is the most regulation resistant project out there

They actively hate their investors

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Only $BRIAN can save us now. Crypto CEO tokens will be the narrative this month, if you don't hop on this sub 10k I don't know what to tell you.
tg - @CoinbaseCEO_BRIAN

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Those faggots don't have jurisdiction outside the US, crypto will continue to thrive long term. Short term though Octavia look like it finna do a lil summin

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>dubs of truth

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50/50 BTC/ETH

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>What projects do you think might moon in the last make-it opp of the decade?

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WHat the hell is that

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Since you're too retarded to use Google, it's Octavia (dot) one.

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They're not "Cracking down on crypto"

They're cracking down on SHIT COINS

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based esoteric octavia chud.
all other cryptos are shadows on the wall