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As a freelancer, what do you use in requesting for payments?

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Crypto is the best option for international payments

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Who still accepts fiat?

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I do Jeet. Stop thinking like everyone uses crypto

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normtier pleb people who love to be slaves and pay taxes.

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You are still in the matrix faggot. Crypto frees you from it and you even earn cashbacks from using it as a payment option

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Expensive transaction fees isn't for me jeet, crypto saves that for me

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Alpha or nah?

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What's a newfag talking about? How much do you earn?

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I use xMoney. It has been a better option as it is cost effective

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Denm, that got me so rekt with gas fees, kek, i us binacepay and one of the web3payments services the got me so horny with almost a zero gas fee.

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I use the bank for pay and not some misplaced crypto, am not a fan of it jeet

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do you earn using that, don't be a lazyfags anon, when I can get over 1.5% cashback making payments with one of the crypto payment platforms.

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I do is one the best way without having some scams issues,

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Yea anon you sound good, that is the most simple web3 enhanced tool for merchants to easily, securely send and receive payments, either with crypto or traditional money.

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BTC together with PayPal the are relevant and better.

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It even has both the fiat and crypto payment option

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Yea jeet you sound good, I literally pay for my flight with alternate airlines with crypto using xMoney and it was a juicy experience.

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Anon, Benfica is still accepting crypto despite having a crypto payment option. So what do you say again jewfag?

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Definitely more than you do

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... everyone? Lmao imagine paying for something with no buyer protection

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Crypto charges zero or little transaction fees when making payments with it

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I'm impressed with the initiative anon, having the options to send or receive payments with crypto/fiats with almost a zero transaction fees feel like fucking an asian pussy.

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I don't think so summerfag, 25% APY for staking on xExchange sounds like a good plan for passive income which is a lot better than the interest rate from Bank deposits.

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WAGMI anon you indeed got some good point crypto payments is retard fags

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Cash in an envelope send to a postal box that doesn't run under my name
Imagine taking crypto... xmr maybe but even that

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I use this of course, but they usually deny the request for being creepy

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Thats still look nice anon, but web3payments services is making bicthes horny with reduced transaction fees, staking rewards, cant wait to start earning while making payments.

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Wtf is this swine, go get something useful then posting some dead shit here

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Crypto payment platforms makes it easy anon, as shopping_io is one of the largest e-commerce platforms that allows payment in crypto through several payment gateways including xMoney.

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Can't relate dumbfag explain in simple and plain english,

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And the good thing about it is that it has passive income opportunities for lazy ones that wouldn't want to earn actively

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I do jewfag with xMoney where i can pay with crypto and fiat at ease, the transactions fee is fixed at 1% and the cashbacks are pretty impressive too.

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You cant relate? Bet you have a Netflix subscription, social media and PayPal accounts under your name. If you weren't a new fag, that is how people cashed out back in the old days when ross platform was still running. It still works

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Paypay, Chipper Cash, World remit. There are a lot of them out there.

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It's still not going to be enough for them. It's more fun when you are actively earning rather than hoping on your passive income to accumulate in order to purchase some luxurious stuff.

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What's the new degen way anon. Don't tell me the old ways is the only true way. I need to make it and get out of my grandpa's basement.

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I used this gateway to buy some tokenized assets from Aurus. That's something channers are not yet fully aware of.

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All new degen ways are traps. Set up to catch people like you. Pay up, uncle sam needs liquidity.

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Who needs financial freedom and autonomy anyway? /s

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Dude, that's some epic degen move, paying for flights with crypto? I flexed my gains and bought my smoking-hot Latina girlfriend some sick jewelry with crypto. Now she's all over me like a crazed cat in heat. Just imagine the wild shit she'll do when I whisk her away on a baller vacation

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I bet he has no idea. Talk about turning up the heat and making those normies green with envy. The crypto life, bro, it's a whole new level of alpha chadness. We're living the dream

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You need to go back and never use this website again, brahhhh

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That's one sweet thing about crypto. I can slide through transactions like a ninja on rollerblades, paying close to zilch for the privilege.

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Blah blah blah blah blah blah!

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You faggots are worse than election tourists, Tumblr and reddit together. But unlike them you are going to pay a price

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The only price to pay is to get your sorry ass out of this board. Stop trying to get your boring ass busy by lurking around biz.

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PayPal is worse mainly because if its fees and time of delivery, I prefer xMoney

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PayPal is an old fag. xMoney is the new bitch to fuck with right now.

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Wow very organic xmoney shilling ITT

Fucking estonian jeets

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You are just a noob or probably a retard

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Go back zoomer trash. And enjoy the pink overall. You had months to go to Mexico

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Crypto payment is gaining traction

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how do you get cashback using crypto? im starting my freelance career soon and need tips

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Faggots does

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Imagine buying a Tesla with crypto, 1.5% cashback is no joke

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All offer good services but the fees are high.

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PayPal will soon die

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But not many merchants accept payment as crypto, though I have patronized Nicolas Brussels before, he is the top car dealer around here

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fiat is dumping really hard, and China is shiting on USD, it's wise to say that soon more merchants will start accepting crypto as payment

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Fiat has more scams than crypto most especially banks

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Kensington also accepts crypto as payment

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Fuck the banks. Now we can have complete control and ownership to our funds with crypto. All we need is a reliable web3 payment processor.

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It now offers web2 payment service

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That's Twispay if I am not wrong?