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they all talk like this and i have to google every sentence on urban dictionary

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It’s called Nigger speak, and it’s popular amongst the lowest IQ members of society

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I speak to women that use English. I still have no idea about emojis though, I guess that's due to my lack of social skills and undiagnosed mental disorders.

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who the fuck cares you nigger? let them be plants they are!

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if it's so low IQ why don't you understand it? Perhaps this demonstrates the superior intelligence of the female.

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its just a chink (male) talking in anime jargon

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that's because you don't understand "cool"

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Bever date anyone nor befriend anyone who talks like this.

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>was gon finna

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>Your opinion is incorrect. So much so that were popular 90s west coast rap artist 2pac still alive he would proclaim that kpop artist yoongi is the best rapper alive.

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>cannot understand the new gen lingos
Low iq please, fr fr.

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No cap, I'm 42 years young and I love weed.

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holy shit that is pretty bad

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>they all talk like this
Only in your feed.

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this is very obviously a teenager being silly about her kpop crush. you guys are as retarded as boomers

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>No cap, I'm 42 years young and I love weed.

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this is your future