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This nigga predicted a new financial collapse, much bigger than in 2008. Do you believe in it?

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this thread was made with ulterior motives this is a regularly posted thread on a dead website

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Facts are there. Just look at derivates, cdos and banks suddenly being profitable again.

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You better start believing in Doomsday’s, because we’re in one

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nigger my motive is that I have a shit ton of work and going here to shitpost and to take my mind off

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This nigga has called the last 10000 of 1 crashes.
He's been wrong 100 times everyday for the last 10 years and would still be truly surprised if you told him that he's stupid.

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>predicted recession
>predicted hyperinflation
>predicted collapses of the banks
looks pretty reliable for me

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Where do actual people talk about finance in 2023?

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behind you

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Unless there is never another financial collapse, he'll be proven correct

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Obviously it will happen, but not until the next bullrun's end

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He has been right more than you have.
He is richer than you'll ever be.
Stay poor and be mad cuck.

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>He has been right more than you have
How do you know? And why do you defend him so strongly? Do you have a little gay spot in your heart for him? Sounds it

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Shit, nigga, this is Michael Burry, the only guy who predicted the 2008 crysis and not only predicted but gained 1.5bil for his hedge fund out of it through CDS. People considred him mad when he shorted the housing market in 2005. His investors was suing him. Every sane person who's into finance is following him.

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He predicted everything that happend in US market in past two years

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>banks didn't collapse
>hyperinflation lol not even close
>recession pull your head out of your ass nigga and go outside people are shopping and markets are full

How does it feel to be so fucking wrong about everything in life constantly? Like seriously, what keeps you going? I'd literally unironically irrefutably kill myself if i had to live like you

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>banks didn't collapse

>hyperinflation lol not even close
American official defenition of inflation is bullshit. Entire planet calculates inflation just by Consumer Price Index which has grown in half in past ten years

See the CPI part

Stop being brainwashed by media

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Burry is like Hitler

Not wrong, just early

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Yeah, sure

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Not selling, holding TQQQ

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I believe that his name is actually Cassandra because he wants to become a woman

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Just a fake name to not dealing with regulators when he posting on twitter

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I don't think you know what hyperinflation is anon

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There are many ways of thinking about it.

Low interest rates worldwide have caused a gigantic misallocation of capital and someone has to bear those losses. So there will be a grind of bankruptcies for some years to see who gets left holding the bag and it will be boomer pension funds and China.

The second way is the resurgence of wages and wealth transfers from capital to labor. That means a structural shift to higher inflation and negative real interest rates. Bonds become certificates of confiscation, trade barriers, capital controls between nations or country blocs. The technological transformations will be concentrated in the global west and everyone else will be left behind.

The third way is a deflationary shock and a race to the bottom with competitive devaluations. Most people worldwide lose, capital owners lose less than everyone else. If this gets out of hand we get dictatorships, civil wars, world hunger and everyone outside the global west going through very tough times.

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Adjusted for inflation but not for growth.

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Omae wa mo shinderu

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You dont actually know who Michael Burry is because you are a mutt zoomer who got into "finance" in 2021 but I will help you out. You think he is a permabear who predicted the 08 crash and got lucky and made money on that one trade and thats it. In reality Burry was infamous for his value plays years before 08. He made his millions buying stocks while the market was shitting the bed. He posted all of his trades online. People signed up for his emails. They made money. He started his own fund an waived the normal fee every other fund charges, so that he only got paid if the fund made money. The big short was his first time shorting anything and he had to create a new instrument to do so. Meanwhile retards like you post the same reddit jokes about him predicting 1000 out of the last 10 crashes while being unabe to comprehend option spreads. You can follow his trades right now and inverse them if you think hes so retarded.

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Anon, you're in one.

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Everybody here watched the big short you are not saying anything new or interesting

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He also predicted a few things that didn’t happen like a crash in the beginning of this year. To his credit, he apologised and said he was wrong.

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I don't think that you know what it is also. American official definition of inflation has nothing to do with reality.

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That's an excuse. If you'd take american GDP for past hundred of years adjasted to inflation - you'd get a flatline.

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>You can follow his trades right now and inverse them if you think hes so retarded
Af far as I concerned he made few hundreds of millions only in past few years

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That's not a crash, mate? USA went total 2084 mode and all MSM are praising economy, literally, that is the only thing that keeps market from falling down.

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How can you post this chart and not understand?
We have 50 times more money on the economy and yet the the same value on assets is being dragged down
It's not crisis yet.

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A have already posted >>55161977 graph ajasted to inflation if you did saw it

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>As far as I'm concerned reality is whatever I say it is.
convincing arugument

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It’s Ancient Greek a Cassandra was a harbinger who predicted times of strife

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Of course. He's the autist in chief.
Leave niggerfaggot and don't (You) me

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Yeah. It's incredibly obvious at this point.

It will probably make 1929 look good.

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Don’t know how big, but definitely a recession.
Just saw this morning where someone raised their AAPL projection to 190 based on VR.

Fine. It could hit that, but here’s the thing: 190 is NOT SUSTAINABLE in the current environment.
These assholes are working overtime to get retail investors back into the market, so they can assrape you with a huge rugpull.

I will pick up great stocks at realistic or even discounted rates soon enough, without the risk.

Say no to FOMO.

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Burry just seems to say obvious things that make normies seethe.

>print 100 times the money that has ever existed in one year
>say there's going to be inflation and normies seethe

>housing is in greatest bubble that has ever existed
>say there's going to be a downturn and normies seethe

Burry just tells people what they don't want to hear so they make up excuses to hate him and say that he's wrong.

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he "predicted" it for 2 years every day

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Underrated post

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No. The US stock market will have a soft landing in 2023-24 thanks to AI optimism

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a broken clock will be right eventually.

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Kek, that's what anons get for aping in on investments without proper research. Good thing use the indices from an ai backed research tool to make profitable crypto investments.

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motivation for retards

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Fomo has a dreadful effect on investors anon. The only stocks on my radar are Microsoft and Nvidia, while also goin in on alts like Eth, Matic, Sylo and Atom.

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Burry's weakness is he seems to be inherently optimistic. He presumes the system is rational and will correct, because he still seems to have faith in capitalism. What he doesn't seem to have grasped is that we're no longer in a capitalist system, we're in a neofeudal system. The rules have fundamentally changed. We're a rentier economy now, money is made through modern serfdom and state funding, not enterprise.

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Who you calling a nugga?

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you really hate that the word New Liberal Fascism is describing the evolution since Obama the best in actual precise terms, don't you

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Take your meds

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Yeah you hate it, its glorious and the term is very precise in the practical and theoretical sense.
Yes you have been useful idiots for a fascist system, not different from the SA goons that got, when they outgrew their usefulness, killed

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This. And that the same people who control the liquidity fuelling the markets are the ones churning out cooked statistics on joblessness, inflation, monetary supply, etc... We're at this standoff between inflation and how much hot air the money printers and mass migration can surge in to desperately keep everything afloat

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The term used is bullshit, there is nothing feudalistic about the US political, economic or societal system

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I don't hate the term, I just hate you because you shit up every thread you post in with your nonsense. Use a tripcode so I can filter you already

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Oh you hate it, calling it Neo feudalistic, trying to make it look right wing, when there is nothing right wing, or any other form of sovereignty in the US and the EU since the Obama years

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Burry was just forced to close and he lost billions. He's a fucking literal retard who got lucky once.

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and you are 12 years old in your mind and really think you are funny. I always wondered if you still have your dick or if you got baited into cutting it off

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Stocks are still historically overvalued based on simple returns analysis. Everything’s overvalued compared to cash though.

>The big short was his first time shorting anything and he had to create a new instrument to do so

That’s incorrect, CDS on mortgage bonds already existed, the synthetic CDO market had existed for years prior to Burry too, and was arguably the real reason for the collapse.

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At least I tried.

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Imagine having the mind of a 12 year old in the body of a dickless 40 year old posting cartoon images that cleans up on a dead imageboard trying to make it look alive

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Massive corpos buying up neighborhoods to flip into rentals isn't feudalism?

Real wages going down for the last 30 years despite higher productivity?

Student loans that can't be bankrupted?

Etc etc

You have to admit that there are many examples of feudalism in the system, even if it's not outright medieval times

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No it isn't. Feudalism is a political economic system that is build around a sovereign court. Corporations that execute the policies of some inner collective and get preferential treatment is the most identifying attribute of fascism

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Thanks for the explanation anon

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Thats why its neofeudalism. In the feudal past, land was the basis of the fiefdom and the kingdom. In neofeufalism, its intellectual property

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That makes no sense at all. The parties and the bureaucracy aren't the sovereign and the corporations aren't the vassals of the parties

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Within the nation state. Now its globohomo that isnt tied to any single culture and can go anywhere the internets

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Thats right, the nation state isnt even a part of it

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America is unironically a fascist regime with a neo liberal facade
Uniparty, globohomo mutt folk, corporations that execute party policies get preferential treatment and a civil society that is in unity with the uniparty line. And everyone that dares to disagree gets the boot by all three aspects of society. It's fascism with imperialistic ambitions to make the world like america under American leadership

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All that matters in America latest with Obama, but also already with Bush and to a certain degree with Clinton is the ideology, nothing else. Trump was the only exclusion from the rule and he got the boot, hard

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>corporations that execute party policies
Other way around, but i guess theres a hierarchy

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It's unity. One Party, One Reich, One Folk. Extreme left wing collectivism

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Trump was another globohomo stooge but with reality tv

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So you fell for the fascist propaganda. Trump was an imperialist with a focus on his subjecs. Not a fascist

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>One Reich, One Folk
Today opposite day?

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The Folk has many colors, it's not ethno centric, but ethno centrism isn't necessary for fascism. The main aspect is left wing collectivism and preferential corporatism for corporations executing the will of the political class and not standing in opposition

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The difference between American media and the media complex of Goebbels is minimal. Goebbels would be proud seeing that his ideas were adopted by the former enemy. Trump was in opposition to the fascists installed by Obama and it showed with every day of his presidency

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The USA/EU/UN is a
They combined FDR and Hitlers left wing collectivism and replaced
Aryans with Jews
Their goal is to keep individual sovereign right wingers enslaved
while having brainwashed a bunch of tankies with superhero movies into beating up the conservative opposition to the fascists as "antifa".

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jewish “think tanks”, and Davos, Switzerland

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This guy gets it.

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Stupid fucking yankee conspiratards go back to /pol/ or wherever.

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Hey china. Is somebody fucking up your plans. Enjoy famines

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rumble, unironically

>> No.55171895

true. rumble is actually pretty good. better than jewchinktube

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>in 2023
/biz/ has never been a place for people to talk about finance

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Nostradamus is more recent but that makes sense

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The inflated imitations of gold and silver, which after the rapture are thrown into the fire, all is exhausted and dissipated by the debt. All scrips and bonds are wiped out.

Sounds familiar

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how can valuations of companies be more effective when accounting for a fundamental shift to an underlying neofeudal economic framework ? what other considerations can be gleaned so that wealth, assets and financial security can be understood and accrued with an advantage ?

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There are no kings and royal courts, neither vassals that have subjects. Liberal Fascist anon has pissed into a bee hive

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Unless there is a collapse, he is yet to be proven correct. Regardless, he is not going to make me to panic sell and offload my DYDX, UTK, ETH and FLUX bags.

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They always predict it, and they're always right too.

Thing is, the game is rigged, and the gubberment will step in and take extraordinary measures to correct any catastrophic problem.

This will keep happening until the current gubberments no longer have the control they need to commit such measures.

Do I feel this is right....well, playing their game sure beats all out war and power vacuums that will leave millions dead in its wake. So just blue pill me, cause I don't want half my body melted off surviving some explosion in the theater of war.

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>millions of americans dead
There would be nothing wrong with this. The country is long over due for war within its borders. Conquering and rebuildung the country would be a huge economic boom for the rest of the world.

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lmfao, you would piss your pants, and crawl into the nearest hole, thumb in mouth, crying "mommy save me", if war ever broke out.

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Where is it?

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In commonwealth countries such as the one north of the United States, Australia and New Zealand, the head of state is figuratively the Royal leader of England. Is this neo feudalism or capitalism? Bear in mind the role of head of state over these countries appears to be more ceremonial than functional.

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Its new liberal fascism, and looking into the script at the next stages, I might have pissed off the writers because I am spoilering

>> No.55172922

Spare me - if that were the case, Kyle Rittenhouse, Zimmerman, they all would have been drawn and quartered.

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This isn't the middle ages. In the metaphorical sense they have been. But every new act, needs heroes that gave a glimpse into the next act

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Every call he has made after 2008 has been wrong

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capitalism is an economic system. monarchy is a political system. You can have both just like the Chinese have capitalism with Chinese characteristics, Americans have capitalism with American characteristics, don't even get me started about Germanistan and others.

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He's retarded Jeet that side with annoying SEC. With Brillion smart wallet and identity solution, I'll have a full control of my digital identity, assets, and privacy, Faggot.

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How much have you made? Lol

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There are many personal finance blogs where people come together to share financial advice, there are also online Al research platforms like IntoTheBlock and tokenmetrics that you can attend webinars where you connect with experienced traders, and afterwards create valuable networking opportunities.

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If someone gives 100 predictions a year and 2 are right, that doesnt mean they know anything, that means they are guessing poorly.

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> hyperinflation
Even something like nightmare mode bongland only had 30%.

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>bet on 00 every roulette spin
>lose dickloads of money
>it finally hits
>see I told you i'm le epic cassandra prophet

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He predicted you would an hero, anon.
Don't disappoint him.

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You guys are retarded, Burry was one of the first people to long high beta shorted trash like GameStop, for his most recent accomplishment.

His big problem is literally just that institutional traders hate him and even if his positions are genuinely sound they will try to squeeze him out first, happened to GameStop, happened to his CDS plays. The investment banks fucking HATE people who make big money in the market and are outside their inner circle.

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I don't believe shit. Bull run is beginning in Q4 this year and I have already gotten my NXRA and FTM stacked up.

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So you're saying I should inverse what everybody say? But what if one guy says buy and the other says sell, and I do neither?