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It's that time again, post your various gambling tokens

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1uck and nguf because every crypto except bitcoin is gambling

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OG token launched in January.The wife of PEPE called Pepa ERC.Listed in CMC and CG

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Tired these fucking frog tokens. AssPepe, PenisPeps, FuckPepe. Stop shilling these. Aaarghhhhhh..

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>0xGambble (1uck)
this is the first one I really got excited for
launched right here on /biz/ 3 days ago by autistic dev >>55124525

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You got my attention with this one anon. Did bizbros create anthing on it? Tg or tw?

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Also wanted to reply 1UCK. This is actually an interesting token. Also threw some money at it. Let’s see how it goes.
No bullshit, transparent, honest and based

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I hold PartyKartsToken that I bought when the dev posted his game here, I tried some races and I lost most but my karts balance from races is still positive because I won the high stakes ones
You can try the game on Partykarts dot Io you can also find the telegram there

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not sure if they actually did it, but there was talk about creating a telegram yesterday
holy crap anon, this one is the new logo?

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That’s the new logo they’ve created yeah.
I have a feeling this is gonna be picking up speed

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looks based af
way better then the crappy frog from yesterday

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> I need a quick 100x bros. What do I buy?

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Time to test your 1UCK then.
Low market cap, could actually skyrocket with enough support

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Contract? ETH or BSC?

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Someone needs to create a website to track burns, to track current pot size for wins and past pot size wins imo

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>sc: 0x30016a1764c93eedccbee5e1b3835f191c6f4050
bsc on pancake

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I'd do it myself if I had the skills, I'm also curious about the numbers

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Whole things a mess if no one knows what the current pot is, what the current pots have gone off at or if they've been burnt etc imo

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Whole things a mess if no one knows what the current pot is, what the current pots have gone off at or if they've been burnt etc imo

Just play random slot machine bro, who knows what the jackpot is just imagine

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you can see it on bscscan
a website for the normies would be nice desu

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What wallet is what?

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there was a knowledgeable anon in a tbread earlier that explained everything, but the thread got nuked by the jannies right as it was getting good