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Why have real worker wages, adjusted for inflation, cost of living, and housing prices, been drastically declining in America in the past couple decades?

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Because fuck you waggie. You will work for pennies on the dollar or fuck off. Plenty of other waggies will step in and take your place if you are unwilling to allow others to profit from your labors.

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God dam I hate you communist swine.

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Unlimited immigration from peoples that will work for less money across all income levels. Mexicans and budget Mexicans for low level jobs and Chinese and Indians for higher level jobs. Couple this with the death of pensions and the strengthening of retirement benefits to 401ks commodifying housing into "it only goes up".

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Turns out you can run the entire US economy without producing anything, or hiring a single US citizen.

go figure, huh?

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unlimited migration from the 3rd world, and kikes in charge of the political landscape

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Because if you are a worker you are literally a slave and deserve to be treated as such

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Because you didn't end the fed

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raging against immigration doesn't resonate with most americans because we see immigrants doing jobs we would never want

the jobs we want got outsourced right out of the country. Don't need immigrants when you move your factor to mexico or china or send your call center to india.

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>we see immigrants doing jobs we would never want
that is such fucking horseshit and such a faggoty argument i hear from all you libshit faggots all the time. increasing the labor force decreases wages. period. the reason nobody wants those jobs is because they pay fucking shit, BECAUSE THERE ARE A THOUSAND WETBACKS WILLING TO TAKE THE PLACE OF ANY ONE WHO QUITS

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>housing prices
Growing population + growing regulatory state which increases the cost of housing and reduces the maximum supply.

A totally unrestricted building market would literally 1/2 the cost of housing in any city in America.

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lame threa

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It wasn't real capitalism which has never been tried (and also it has simultaneously always existed, because it's both a nebulous idea that can only exist in the ideal, and also the reality of human nature)

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>le free market will... le fix it!
Rabbi rothbard was wrong about le pencil factory bringing world peace, you take his ramblings about muh regulashuns seriously?

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lack of any real industrial purpose, so we create scam middleman industries. just look at the fortune 20 list.

>1 - walmart
chinkshit reseller
>2 - amazon
chinkshit reseller
>4 - cvs health
health insurance/pbm scam
>5 - united healthgroup
health insurance/pbm scam
>9 - mckesson
pharma/med device wholesaler scam
>10 - amerisourcebergen
pharma/med device wholesaler scam
>12 - cigna
insurance/pbm scam
>15 - cardinal
pharma/med device wholesaler scam
>20 - elevance
health insurance/pbm scam

these big jewish companies only have modest profit margins, but you're not getting the full picture because you're not thinking it through. the supply chain, start to finish, involves dozens of entities, each charging a 5-10% margin on their service with the end product being something totally unaffordable.
>need to buy scalpels for a surgery
>buy from a wholesaler who charges a 5% margin
>who buys from a manufacturer who charges a 5% margin
>who buys raw materials from a dozen suppliers, who each charge a 5% margin
and that's ignoring the administrative and operational cost of actually performing the surgery, which includes hospital overhead (coding/billing) with an attached margin, which gets kicked back to a big jewish insurance company that has its own overhead (claims processing/care management.)
>oy vey capitalism drives efficiency goy this is called specialized labor

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>confuse rothbard with friedman with ayn rand
>projects his idealistic socialist bullshit over libertarians
You will never have UBI.

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This is it lol
The 'Consumer' economy finally coming to an end and 40% of the world's guns are running around inside of its borders.

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Because more money is being created than there is real value created to back it

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This is bullshit.
Labor forced to accept low paid jobs prevent automation and innovation

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ackshually real wages have remained flat
as they should
they sure as shit shouldn't increase

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>we see immigrants doing jobs we would never want
Yeah like surgeons, cardi9logists. Dentists, and engineers.

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>because we see immigrants doing jobs we would never want
as an engineer i literally work with and compete with jeets

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Exactly. What sort of self respecting white man wants to be a fucking dentist.

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jews and the lack of violent social upheavals where we unironically kill the entrenched leisure class, aka jews

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someone who wants to make $200-300k/year with incredible job security, with the flexibility to work anywhere in the country?

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No - the answer is a faggot. Faggots want to be dentists.

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what do you do for a living?

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Institutions will always have more leverage but central banking and capitalist structures have just made it a billion times worse. You get rich off assets and money printing now. If you work for a wage, you’re actually losing money every year simply due to inflation.

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Only see one faggot here and that's you. The world doesn't run on invented bullshit jobs, and no, not even half of software dev today is anything other than invented bullshit either.

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I'm a dentist

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Business owner here. Say inflation is 40% across the board. To make the same margins you would have to raise prices 40%. To give employees raises to match inflatiin that you would need to raise their salary 40%. Now since you've raised the employees salary 40% you have to raise your products even more to make the same margins which means people will spend less. Small businesses can't take a decrease in operating margin for a long period of time but mega corps can. What you're witnessing and saw when they made most small businesses close during covid is a condensing of businesses. Only the big will survive. Need another example look at how the bigger banks are gobbling up the small. It's part of the globalist agenda to control as much as they can and once they get that control and the small businesses are few and far between they will charge what they want and pay what they want. It will be bad for everyone.

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Keynesian economics isnt applicable anymore because of commie centralized banking

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Reminder inflation is keynesian pseudo-science.
>just add some inflation, goyim. then your unemployment rate will be lower.
>oh oopsies accidentally the entire economy

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because the US is a scam country. it's worse than india. americans have no qualms or remorse when it comes to ripping off other americans.

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They do the jobs we don't want, at the prices we won't do them for. Buck up wagie. If you weren't so lazy you wouldn't be being replaced by a refugee who's never even heard of the concept of bathroom breaks.

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In my experience as a jeweler most brick and mortar stores will charge a 50% margin just to carry your item. Amazon also charges similar margins. If it was a 5% margin most things would cost half as much.

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The largest company in the world and the backbone of S&p makes phones so girls can text each other and take photos, and also ow people can watch Netflix on the plane.

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>even the policy guy of communist China (Wang Huning) thinks the Keynesian welfare state is "repugnant".
Amerisisters.... Not like this....

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Money printing
No controls in immigration

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and christmas elves sometimes

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BritBong here
You don't know the worst of it

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They're probably thinking of net income, the markup on brick and mortar retail is usually more like what you said. But the bulk of the markup just goes to costs and managing inventory. I figure you know this though if you work with retailers.

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Because fuck the plebs.
>I don't share that opinion, but that's the truth.

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My dentist is a white douchebag. It's great. I can only imagine the horrors of dental school, though.

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Money printing

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American's have no idea how good they have it.

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Because companies put the shareholders ahead of their employees. Used to be that shareholders got the leftovers, now the employees are getting the leftovers to keep shareholders happy. Get it?

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Wagie not needed

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This but unironically.
It's beautiful, and gets corrupted by retarded communists with endless hubris who think they can "FIX CAPITALISM", i.e. "FIX HUMAN NATURE", because they're dysgenic freaks who lost at life, and refuse to get better.

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>Used to know a guy that would unironically say this all the time, guy was a big time Karl Marx fanboy. His best friend was some woke autist who unironically did the AKCHUALLY shit all the time. I'm glad I don't talk to those retards anymore.

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He literally created corporate socialism.

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Egalitarianism and immigration. Same demand for jobs higher supply of labor, means labors worth goes down.

It would be awesome if there were a labor index that would monitor general labor's value when associated with total equity assets' value. Kinda how a big part of gold's price fluctuations comes from how comparatively strong the us dollar is to foreign currencies.

I guess when unemployment is low it means employers are making out like bandits because they work to keep their margins consistent even when unemployment is high.

I'm not a fan of being a wagie.It feels like there is gun to your head all the time.

Employers should either raise wages or someone should make overtime start at 32 hours, which would effectively raise wages by the hour.

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It does drive efficiency, how else would you get miners to get all those resources from deep from the earth with crazy ass machinery and risky shit occuring constantly, health hazards ranging from crushing, suffocation, radiation, freezing or overheating,

then to mention how do you get people to do anything without what's going on right now?

You are correct and I appreciate your pointing out of what exactly these 9 'fortune 20' companies are doing to get so high, but in the end backing the companies that produce beauty, safety, pleasantness, reduction of pain, etc while generating profit, is the best solution.

It's hard because some people are wonderful and have good intentions but an ugly sculpture is ugly, bad food tastes bad, etc. etc. and to tell someone their goods are subpar is painful, pain inducing. Life is not as easy as just ditching capitalism, it's not capitalism that makes it bad, it's the difficulties of the intricacies of life, like trying to get enough money to stop coming to the public library and use wifi in an apartment instead of being homeless after losing everything.


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Stop making jobs people don't want, that only people who hold in their shit in piss out of fear, can compete for. That's fucking ridiculous.

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Trickle down economics