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Real world use case was a meme. I bought all he best tech they was shilled here in 17/18. It turned out holding dog memes would’ve been better for my wallet. I really wish I would’ve started buying doge in 17 and Shiba in 21. I would’ve better off.
>lesson: don’t fight clown world and try to out smart the market because stupid dog memes and Elon tweets decide who gets rich

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if you don't have a woman in your life why are you spending any money whatsoever to begin with?

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yup. a coin with a whitepaper will never ever outperform a picture of a dog or a monkey ever again.

it makes sense, 90% of everyone cant/wont read. theres nothing to understand about doge etc

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Bros will girls like Serena give a pajeet a chance? I promise Ill be good to her, keep her warm at night.

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>Drinking beer

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Line up pajeet
There’s a bunch of us looking for a girl like her.
I know. She’s so real. Makes me feel like a fanboy. I swear I don’t get like this usually

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I hate hues but I love Selena

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>I love Selena
Yeah bitty bitty bomb bomb was a cool song

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Serena likes white boys. I’ve seen her social medias

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But...but...maybe there is a chance for me. How many whybois will worship her like I will?

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I love Serena and I want to marry her and have lots of kids with her.

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hello madam I am smelling your feets wow I am a total sissy boy yes madam consider yourself big time worshipped by the great Sandeep *head bobbles*

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Don't get fucking filthy about it. Our love transcends the pleasures of the flesh.

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Don’t give up on your dream Rajneesh and go to nevergibupfren.eth.limo

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Scam alert, go back to your tg

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It actually doesn’t have a tg
Some anon just created it and left it alone but I’ll never give up shilling it

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You better choose another token to shill because this one is a scam, look around here and you will find more abandoned tokens without sketchy contracts

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What makes you say it’s a scam?

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>I wish i'd just bought a lottery ticket with the winning numbers now that i know what they were
Hindsight is a logical fallacy, anon

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I love her so much it hurts bro

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This is the excuse wrong people make. I bought SHIB early because I knew I missed doge and Elon would keep tweeting it. It doesn’t take a genius to see dog memes would be popular

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how many bitcoins do i need to go out on a date with her?

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All of them

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you had me at fren

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she can have all my Bitcoin

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>using facts is wrong
get a load of this guy

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Use case is a meme for bagholders. No one is going to use this shitty "tech". You're not supposed to hold any coin for more than one cycle.
There's only a handful of coins that survived with decent gains into the next cycle out of tens of thousands.

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this anon gets it

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I’m getting SHIB vibes bros

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she’s so perfect

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people let their egos cost them money, I’ll buy any meme and don’t care

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this anon gets it

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I am Indian and I will never have this.

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There’s rich Indians too. Good looks isn’t everything. I’ve dated hot chicks and they’re always crazy as fuck. You’re best bet is to find a woman who doesn’t have daddy issues because she’s going to take it out on you.

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open bob and vagene yes

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chuds can seethe

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>It doesn’t take a genius to see dog memes would be popular
Why dogs? Why not cats? Go on then, if it's so simple, release a cat meme and buy up a chunk of the supply. You'll be a zillionaire!
It's fucking hindsight and if you bought shib it's because you figured there might be a knock on from doge.
No one ever talks about the countless shitcoins that go nowhere, but are quick to whine about how they wish they'd bought the one or two that for some inexplicable reason go up.
>oh i wish i'd bought [insert whatever went up, well after it goes up]
You idiots believe your own stupid fantasies
>using facts is wrong
I never said it was wrong, i said it was pointless hindsight, just like the lottery example i gave. where the fuck are you getting 'wrong' from? kek

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You have the option to bet with and against the market at the same time you know?

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>I bought all he best tech
>no AVAX
do better research next time OP

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The problem is, even the best tech only has alleged use cases and not real world usage.

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I get the strong impression she is doing the standard Hoboken to Upper East/West Side to Soho to Noho gauntlet that every exceptionally attractive thot in or around New York attempts to run.

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>I bought all he best tech they was shilled here in 17/18.
you didn't buy "the best tech" it was all promoted as new innovative tech that's 100x better than bitcoin but those were all lies. you should have just bought bitcoin

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Apart from SHIB, FLOKI, and DOGE, which other meme that existed back then is still alive?
I guess the answer is none, so why waste your money when the likes of NXRA, AZERO, GLMR, and others have great potential in the next bull cycle?

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>MATIC holder

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Slave mind LMFAO

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>I bought all he best tech

best tech on crypto is
>XMR (money)
>Ethereum (gas money)
>OP (governance)
>Curve (security)
>Convex (security)
>uniswap (governance)
>bitcoin (money)
>Aave (security)

of those, only uniswap had a sub par price appreciation
did you really buy things for the tech
or are you another tech illiterate who can't read code and only watches youtube videos as a from of "research" ?

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geth fork, no "tech" involved
not only that, but Emir didn't know the difference between double spend protection and nakamoto coefficient

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good tech quickly finds PMF
you just can't tell the difference between some fancy benchmark and actual progress

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Those are good alts, especially seeing NXRA in it

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Alcoins are bullish alwasys if they have strong fundamentals. That's why I'm holding AVAX

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Bullshit that’s mostly new tech
Only BTC ETH and XMR are old everything else you name is new as fuck
You bought a airdrop and governance tokens I got for free and dumped on you
Fucking retard

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Exactly. It’s all pie in the sky promises outside the big 4

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No one is falling for this shit a second time you fucking subhuman poojeet fucks
allianceblock has already been hacked

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>Date a 6/10 to ogle 10/10s with
One can dream.

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fuck you pajeet
I’d rather buy dog memes

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I mean, almost everything is better than "dog" coins, real projects are way too better than gambling honestly

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>it’s January 2021.
Would you rather own dog memes or real projects? I’d rather be wealthy. I’ll take memes over tech

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Checked + based

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noice. I need some wholesome gains

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>"the market remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent."
Yeah this is the biggest lesson newfags should learn about crypto. Hype and memes drives this space. Back in 2020 I thought I was so much smarter than everyone by investing in Link and Kleros because of 'real world use case' rather than those "idiots" investing in fucking dog meme coins and glorified .jpegs.

Guess who turned more of a profit?

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>Guess who turned more of a profit?

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Sure meme coins turn more profit, but 99% are rugs, whose to say you'll grab the right one during the mania phase? On the other hand, a good project should easily have an ROI of 5 to 10x. So I really depends on how much you need to make it and risk tolerance. I'll tell you one thing, a.i. will be huge this next cycle and every cycle has a theme, last cycle was all dog coins and L1's.

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i tried telling people to buy BNB in 17/18 and everyone called me a chink shill. now I got 2.3 mill and chainlink holders are still holding bags. always remember its a clown world.

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xmr has infinite supply lol

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Sometimes those memecoins can surprise us with insane takeoffs. Smart move on taking the profit and redirecting it to coins with real-world value. MNI is a prime example, bridging the gap between traditional finance and the digital world through tokenisation. And let's not forget about blockchain gems like Geeq, Dot, Matic, and Cspr. These bad boys are paving the way for a decentralized future, bringing innovation and practicality to the table.

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There are no coins better

>> No.55164368

Gamble time

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No but solid coins

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sirs I cannot stop the thinking about the lady

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When it comes to those legit coins, DYOR is a must. Personally, I'm all about those long-term alts like DUA, rather than wasting time on memecoins. Brillion's integration of Nexera ID SDK is where it's at, bringing that added layer of security and privacy to the table. I'm all in on that action brrr.

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Who's that lady? Lol

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What does this mean? Fucking sugar daddies?
t. not a jewyorker

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You need to have the courage to sell when tokens get overextended. Real companies get overvalued in bubbles too.

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Anon, it's not too late to buy. We still have assets coming up lately with better potential. Using Tokenmetrics trader graded for in-depth analytics has given me an edge in the market.

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None of those projects will be around in years
You’re better off holding dog memes

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Kek, you'd be better off making these investments for yourself anon. Reminds me of the based yield I get for staking ETH on Rocketpool which I came across on the Tokenmetrics ai aided research platform.

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I doubt that anon. There are a lot of assets with long term potential you should be accumulating

>> No.55167801

I doubt that anon. There are a lot of assets with long term potential you should be accumulating

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Why risk so much and worry about memes when you should be holding privacy cryptos with solid fundamentals like Dash, Sylo and Arrr

>> No.55169015

you clearly didn't buy the 'best tech', otherwise you'd be swimming in millions right now

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you clearly need to learn to do proper research

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Avax is based anon, but I've also spotted innovation in nfts like the seekers which would be used as nodes on a decentralized platform.

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have you seen her other videos? cringey.

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why waste time accumulating memes when you can jump on trends that soar in the next bull run. you should be bagging those privacy coins this period.

>> No.55169378

what should he have gotten then?

>> No.55169432

Exactly, assets like LIT, ORE, are playing a significant role in driving web3 adoption by offering seamless authentication solutions. Those are assets with long term potentials you should be buying.

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the problem with crypto is that it isn't needed. You don't need the oracle web3 privacy ai token to use Instagram and watch netflix. Only reddit buy that narrative. Crypto if for degen plays and to buy drugs in the darknet.

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With CBDCs and all. I see privacy coins doing pretty well in the coming bull run.

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that lady don't seem bothered though

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LMFAO. all these btc maxis

>> No.55169732

Would be wise to bag some more then, although I've already got a couple like FIRO, RAIL, SCRT.

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>best tech
crypto should be evaluated based on the only two use cases it has: scamming potential and privacy
ETH grew so much because it ENABLED the scamming to propagate
LINK and all the other shitcoins suck shit now because they are under the delusion that real world finance wants anything to do with nerd casino

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Privacy gotta be there. XMR with an infinite supply could remain as money, while DERO, Zcash or Railgun could come in as privacy.

>> No.55171353

ORE is another token with strong fundamentals. Feel free to check it out

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In what sense?

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Memes for the hype moments, real projects for hodl

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You mean projects focused on privacy, payment solutions and scalability cus there are only a few real projects out there

>> No.55171474

Asset management projects, scalability, payment solutions, and privacy. These are real practical solutions

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that mentality worked wonders 2017-2023, but this might be the turning point, the next phase. also: one poast by this id.

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He should post his porfolio and I bet you, he is holding shits. If he is holding any of these since 2018 like he said, he would be in good profit. My 2020 bags comprising of ETH, BNB and EGLD are still holding up nice, now I'm adding KAS and UTK to it as crypto payment is now getting huge. Maybe he is just a retard.

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I'm heavy on privacy gems but I'm now beginning into projects working to stop the looming quantum threat. Channers will hop into this thread soon.

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You will probably not make it then

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Buy Kitty cat and forever remain poor

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>The guy who created the first POW-coin 5 years before bitcoin wouldn't know basic crypto terminology.

Also the most based CEO in crypto: https://cointelegraph.com/news/btc-maximalists-are-right-that-95-of-crypto-is-a-scam-says-emin-gun-sirer

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That's the spirit, anon. Secure those sweet meme profits and funnel them into projects that align with the ongoing trends in AI, privacy, Metaverse, and web3 payments.

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This is your second chance. Don't blow it this time.


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I don't believe the OP. He's f*cking lying. Utility projects are ideal for hodling. I hold MATIC, EGLD, and DOT, and my attention is now focused on BrillionFi, which aims to address the wallet and asset management issue.

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>best tech on crypto is
>>XMR (money)
>>Ethereum (gas money)
>>OP (governance)
>>Curve (security)
>>Convex (security)
>>uniswap (governance)
>>bitcoin (money)
>>Aave (security)
I'd also add Ride to the list of the best tech cos it was the first to integrate gaming, social interaction, and educational content to engage passengers on trips

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Memes are pump and dump and will soon disappear into the thin air, but real world crypto project like Sylo which is used for a variety of applications, including DeFi, NFTs, and gaming have the potential to be here for a long time.

>> No.55175132

That's the sad reality, bro, but don't lose hope just yet. Keep your eyes peeled for some sick alternatives, you know what I mean, kek. Don't sleep on the fact that things won't be boring forever. The web3 gems and gaming projects are gaining some serious traction, getting ready to unleash some major positive vibes. Fucking mark my words, man. DYOR on alstatemachine, they joined forces with FIFA to bring their AIFA agents into the world of web3 gaming. Shit's gonna be off the charts!

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I ain't plying shits no more. These guys dump quicker than anything I have ever seen. Like you said only real projects now. CTSI, AUDIO, and NXRA.

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reminder to not buy this poojeet piece of shit since allianceblock already got hacked once before

>> No.55175412

Watchu buy that you classify as best tech bruhhh, Even though every damn token is taking a beating, I'm still all about those tokens with a legit real-life use case, bro! Holoride and their mind-blowing VR tech are straight up on the fucking apex of my list.
Also, only complete morons would dive into memecoins without any practical application, and expect it to do a miracle past 3days of launch when they are better alts to invest in.

>> No.55175655

You are so retard that you're not aware that BonqDAO was hacked. AllianceBlock only had their Troves. Read or learn to cocksucker.

>> No.55175671

Kek I think I can relate because it fucking hurts me as well. This is why I make sure I do in depth analysis before buying because I'm no dickhead. Recently got into tokenmetrics' AI free basic plan tool which has been great lately; fuck it I need a better market so I can milk more on spots buys alongside leverage trades.

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I bought Qredo and now I'm rekt.

>> No.55175770

Awesome! Dont forget to post this next week!.

>> No.55176450

Next time do your research properly. Also, be careful of the current market. I'll just be yield farming through SpoolFi for now until I can decide what to do with the market.

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Are y'all jerking off to Selena now?

Don't think she'll be impressed with BTC especially as the main focus of the market right now is on ETH and LSDfi.

>> No.55177828

Are you fr? How's eth more valuable than btc? Such a clueless biztard

>> No.55178006

Can you do anything else with BTC rather than just hold it and hope for a pump? ETH gives you leverage of staking amongst other things and it has the propensity to give a 10x when BTC can only give 3x max for any bullish run. Lido, RocketPool, Fraxfinance are probably having their best financial year thanks to LSDfi; I know the emergence of SpoolFi v2 might crash their party but they've achieved a lot regardless.

>> No.55178229

>I know the emergence of SpoolFi v2 might crash their party
Why do you think so? Is it coming with a Thor hammer?

>> No.55178379

Haha; if only. As you might have seen, there has been a growing yearn for risk diversification in the LSD space; being a middleware/yield aggregator, SpoolFi will be giving that much needed risk diversification feature which would probably attract most users on ETH liquid staking.

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No just taking selfies in those places and being seen at exclusive venues

>> No.55179799

No one knows any crypto outside of bitcoin
I’ve tried telling everyone about Ethereum and no one cares

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Yeh, Sylo is becoming one of the most active platforms for NFT adoption, it has utilize seekers as a utility NFT, and also partnered with flufworld to create an open decentralized metaverse.

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Is anything besides my pickles poisoned already?

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don't only buy meme coins but the coins with the best buzzwords for marketing to seed investment firms.

>> No.55180626

you have the attitude of an impatient high schooler and a take that got stale years ago

social engineering, beware cognitive dissonance

>> No.55181040

Fermented foods are probably the safest bet. Pickles, kefir and sauerkraut from here on out

>> No.55182620

mods are based

>> No.55182675

That pussy has no use no more, anon.
Shes been plowed to narnia and back.