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I don’t have ada, xrp, or bnb. I honestly don’t give two fucking shits if you have ada, xrp, or bnb. And I definitely don’t post angry tirades against those coins either. Why does chainlink seem to attract such aggressive and frustrated posters?

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astute psychology

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Do you also own PMs? Will you use crypto to ultimately buy PMs? That's all that matters in the end.

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because ada, xrp, and bnb holders dont make 20 threads about le happening following a -5% dump

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Neither do link holders

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hey OP
i hard you like cuckold porn heh
is that true
a yuck yuck

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I know you're an OG. That was and will forever be my favorite Link history moment.

I literally screamed in excitement like a faggotsexual when I saw smug Sergey slip out.

Also, never give the nigger fudders a you. I think they get like 2 extra pennies per you.

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Kek good post

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never sold a LINK and keep stacking and staking maxxed out wallets and buying more.

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will sergay get so fat that he explodes? what happens to stink linkies then?

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Nobody is upset that you hold linkcel cuckold. We’re upset that this is the 100th chainshit slide thread this week, and you are forever in my filters.

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I am genuinely convinced that you trannies are responsible for over half of this “spam” you bitch about because it’s the only way you can justify your actions. Sad

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News flash, newfag. Linkcels all inhabit a discord they created in 2018 in which they orchestrate self-fud threads so they can later come here and make these threads.
It’s pathetic, but it’s the unfortunate truth of linkposters. Just look at how many linkcel threads there are daily

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Yeah they do. They are insecure attention whores who are constantly seeking validation from other bagholders. Deep down they know they got scammed but the hope will make them cling until they drown. They are married to their altcoin meme bags until death do them apart kek

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linkies still actually think people care
its like holding litecoin for 10 years and wondering why people still make fun of you

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They absolutely do lol

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>OP mentions 'chainlink' and 'link'
>"you are forever in my filters"
kek you little liar.

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>itoddler filename

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I'm a person on his board and I'm genuinely upset that you own link tokens. Fuck you.

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Lots of bumps in this thread

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>Also, never give the nigger fudders a you. I think they get like 2 extra pennies per you.
the best way to deal with fudders if you aren't outright ignoring them is to always sage and never give them (you)s, while spamming their threads with pasta until they bail because they cant do anything with reports since the fud threads themselves are also spam tier
theres an anon that keeps running a bot on and off that seems to just demoralize the shit out of them because its just walls of "the usual discord nufudders" etc etc, its hilarious

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You know why

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How much do you want to bet that 90% of link threads that are up right now are fud threads?

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I've sold that shit and bought RAIL. I also sold al my ADA and bagged CTSI. I've bagged more BNB. I've never owned any XRP.

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I plan on setting up my own mint.
That way, i never actually have to hold the gold or silver at a loss or opportunity cost.
And if shit ever hits the fan i will have them in stock.
Yes, chainlink will verify my reserves.
Yes, you can pay me in LINK.
In fact, that is the preferred method.

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kek if you dont hold it you dont own it with PM's get your head out of your pooper

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>There are people on this board who are generally upset that I won't shut the fuck up a go to a containment board. Also XRP holders have higher IQs because they atleast understand people don't want to be bombarded with bullshit that has a marketcap over $2B.

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I have other coins in my priorities. Linkcels are filtered.

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Bumping so people read this >>55148702
Cant remind everyone enough to ignore you niggers. Anyone who’s healthy in the head should have these transsexuals filtered.

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TFD Total Fuddie Death

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/biz/ hates money OP.

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you not scrolling biz all that much, are you?

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I don't care if you own link or not. I'm just here to laugh at you for owning link.

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It's ok LINK bro. YAGMI

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Because /biz/ wants to be poor

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I don't care if you have link or not. I'm just happy that I sold that shit and bought more DUA, and the BNB you f**cking hate.

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>I don't care if you own link or not.
You obviously do if you took time to open my thread, solve captcha, and post.
>I'm just here to laugh at you for owning link.
Do it in your own thread. Thanks for proving my point.

Now this is the part where you call me a cuck

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They're nothing but frustrated and coping nibberjeets. You go about your business. LINK's a pretty solid coin despite current market conditions.

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don't care about those faggots, you got avax bros with you

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If you just purely look at the fundamentals and tech, link is literally the only thing worth buying

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>people are upset that we have link
>people fill the thread to reassure us of this
Its a very comfy feeling
I think ill buy more link

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Not buying that discord crap. No one has ever posted a link to it or supplied a screenshot of evidence. It's a meme. You were duped.

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There’s been plenty of 404 threads that briefly mention it. Janniggers are in on it too, why do you think they prune every shitcoin spam thread except for linknigger threads that are exponentially more frequent? Literal slide threads, including this one.

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He looks so sad and emaciated without his Big Mac supply bros.

1 link = 1 sandwich from Bкycнo – и тoчкa

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Just bought more thanks op

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For you to have bought RAIL, that means you understand what privacy and security stands for? simply because its one of the crypto with high level of privacy, together with MM, Ledge, Trezos, and DUA which is now gaining its stance with major improvement on keeping private key safe from prying eyes.

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It's mentioned in this thread and it hasn't been 404'd. I've never once in all these years seen a link or screenshot to this supposed stuff. Total BS

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I think there's room for you to own any asset you have interests in fag!

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People can be such crying assholes, bashing on LINK even if they don't hold a single coin. You know what? I'm holding my LINK, and I'm not selling it. I'm also diving into the booming narrative of RWA that's bringing incredible opportunities to the crypto space. MNI and EKTA are among the leading players in this game. So, haters gonna hate, but I'm staying strong and riding the wave of potential kek.

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No one cares about what you hold you stupid shilling faggot

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So no good investment?

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There are some legit crypto assets worth throwing your money at. I recently jumped on DUA myself. I'm curious as hell about their Composable NFTs. In fact, I even signed up for their private beta phase to get a taste of their product. Gotta stay curious and try out new shit, right?

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if you look back, what makes you want to buy? it's when idiots say you shouldn't, right? that's how this works: you pretend to be retarded and write really cheap fud. holders will read this and think they are so smart and know better, buying more. if you just told them "buy more link" they would have just shrugged you off

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ya man that's definitely an organic opinion that people who frequent this website hold lol all the icp, smp, and blackpill thread participants have HAD IT with chainlink and are now exacting revenge lmao

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>link holders consider typing 6 letters in to submit a comment difficult


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Anon, so far Link has a promising price improvement prospect from TM investor grade and is worth the hold for the long term but I'm still seeing other assets as well.

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I own dozens of link tokens myself, close to at least 3 dozen

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It could be worst when you think like a pajeet and get rekt whereas quantum resistant blockchain ensures maximum security against the quantum threats which is inevitable. Get your ass in here anon.

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Retard, Chainlink may be cool for you but that does not roll the fuck that there are other assets that will also do well like Matic, Sylo, and Epic.