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I need to make it this bullrun. I'm down to my last few thousand dollars. I can't afford to pay my rent. I can't afford to support the lifestyle I became addicted to when I was in 6 figure hell.

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Yid gets btfo
Yid kvetches
Music. Can be played like an instrument

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bro the real bull run isn't until 2025. just give up and work a job for a while or you'll fuck yourself before it really starts. the second half of this year could be full bear for example, set a higher low than 15.5k eoy and we are still technical bull market. I bet eoy is around 17k. be ready

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I work full time but my boss is a faggot who won't pay me a decent wage

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>I'm down to my last few thousand dollars
I'm not sure you're gonna make it with that much, anon...

Can you change job to earn more?

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>utility token with AI trading tools
>rumoured Nintendo partnership
>doxxed devs with history of 1000x tokens
>huge money behind it
>hasn't even launched yet
thank me later anon
octavia dot one

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Can I run it on the Nintendo Switch I got from my wife's boyfriend?

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there isn't gonna be another bullrun chuddy

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no college degree so probably not. i could get a factory job but those are soul destroying. >>55142932
thanks anon
why do you say that?

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>why do you say that?
to demoralize you

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Anytime chud

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I like how the bull run keeps getting postponed.

2 more years I guess.

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A few thousand ain't make it enough money fren. I'm down to 900 last time I looked. A few big names I kept in rugged. It's to the point I don't even have the money to DCA anymore. Inflation has even priced me out of eating. If this world wasn't so fake and gay, we'd have an uprising, but SOMEHOW, SOME WAY, obese people exist and there's still retarded assholes lined up at McDoubleFucks.

This world is really meant to extract loosh, the schizo's were right.

That being said, you need at least 10-25K to realistically "make it" to six figure hell or lowly millionaire status. I've heard it does get a bit easier once you're in millionaire status, since it's no longer Mr. Shekelstien crushing your soul by cutting your hours and giving you a performance report, now it's the Federal government trying to collect your NEETbux you worked so hard towards so the youths can get dem HRT and educations.

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we are technically in a bull market since 15.5k bottom was set but you need to consider the span is from early 2023 (December 2022) to somewhere in 2026 +/- 1 month per the Benner chart. this leaves a lot of wiggle room and pain points for the bulls. im not saying it'll go down right now I dont do short term ta, it could easily just skyrocket for 3 years but to me a 1 year "crab" between here and 17k is max pain and then a soft launch for 3 months early next year back to where we are, down a bit 2 months, then second half of next year moon. continued all of 2025. look at the stars anon. it is written.

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>this bullrun
Uh anon… it won‘t start until q3 2024, topping end of q2 2025

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>I'm down to my last few thousand dollars
Die poor faggot

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well chud there is a way out, wait till late June for Octavia (dot) one. but judging by your retarded decisions you will probably keep fucking up. its over.
based chud

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I don't want to die poor like op

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Sorry to tell you pal, you won't, cope, and while you do, I'll get out of this trash of a board to keep testing Rebase

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My dream is to earn double my wagie income on stables, so I don't need to work a shitty job for money, but one as a hobby, instead.

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Well I guess it's fucking over now then

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You will not make it, whether there's a bull run or not. Your attitude is complete bullshit. You are emotional. Even if things go your way you will blow it up because you don't know how to think and make rational decisions.

Do yourself a favour and find a different lifestyle entirely, don't gamble your last money. There's a real risk you will end up homeless.

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If you manage to find a way to do your hobby as a job, ygmi for sure

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crypto is dead for the most part, its a currency not a investment, if you have a USB drive with every single crypto on it it wont make anything, maybe staking but thats just based off of people believing in it, not it making anything, its better to get into dividend stocks. but if you are convinced that you want crypto buy monero/xmr. Id advise to look towards the stock market and buy into actual companies, instead of hoping that indians will pump up a /biz/ shitcoin you should buy into actual companies. Look into $WPC, $LMT and $MO, WPC is a REIT that is a landlord of many big companies, high occupancy rating and good dividend history, still paid out during 2008 crisis. LMT is contracted with the US government and whenever there is a war the share price goes up, $MO owns marlboro and various other tobacco companies, acquiring vaping company NJOY which should mean the price goes up. All of these companies will not fail and they pay dividends, which is smug because you can make money while you sleep

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You don't get to tell anyone if they can or cannot make it faggot, stfu

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Only cuz a retarded fatfuck says so? Sure kek

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You're going to need a little more than a few thousand dollars to make it, anon. It's not that way, sorry

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Triangles are looking comfy this week

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Me too
That’s why I’m buying NGUF

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what if instead of focusing on meme coins we think about what unseen area might be a better play. The crypto meme is too well known now so its not a big opportunity anymore, its uber driver tier.