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It's just us chasing our tails endlessly trying to find some way to make more money or be succesful, 1 out of 60 men will be successful by the time they're 60.
That means 59 men will still be trying when they're 60 years old.
And those stats are old, god knows what it is now.

I do think a bullrun is going to happen, but I feel like it's all just pointless.

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my life doesn't start until I have $100 million

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oh is it time for the middle of the night demoralization thread? hmm didnt realize it was that time yet

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Yeah, even if i was a billionaire my life wouldn't even be that much different. Everything is incredibly unfulfiling and sharing this planet with normies is the worst fucking fate imaginable. You couldn't pay me enough to even pretend to like or respect an average human. unironically might just quit my job and end it all soon.

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I am extremely bitter about wasting my youth so even if I became a billionaire I would still be miserable.
But at least I would be a billionaire so I could afford all the opium I wanted.

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Ultimately it is pointless, because even our children and then their children will die. It's just a never-ending cycle of birth and death until humanity goes extinct.

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The purpose of life is to extract as much suffering out of you as reasonably possible so that the engine that produces reality can become more optimized

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I recently lost my brother to suicide and it's been terrible trying to help my family out while they pay for his funeral and also are going through the worst turmoil, I'm trying to help them as I can but I'm really the only one working they both took off work to take care of everything and I'm afraid this might have done my father in emotionally, he's been checked out completely I was wondering if anyone had been through something like this, I'm trying to get enough saved to pay for absolutely everything after it's done so they don't have to worry about going into debt to lay him to rest,
I know it's terribly morbid but it's unfortunately how life works but they shouldn't be punished for it.
Please if anyone could help me it would mean the world to my family knowing someone out there cares bc1q4fvuv0dd7zv44vvqqvk3gx7arwe5hnqnpcsrcv

If you think it's pointless please help

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Listen to me you stupid piece of shit, enjoy your food, be grateful for having a bed to sleep and a roof over your head, realize how lucky you are to be alive even if you feel we live in jewish controlled postmodern dystopian hellhole. At least we have internet. Fuck success and fuck that nightinggale fag. Acquire knowledge, money, recognition from your peers, whatever you desire most. Even if we lose everything when we die, who cares? Maybe there is a fucking 0.00001% there is some sort of afterlife. That should be more than enough incentive. Or don't do anything as long that is your choice, it's better to live a life with no goals than forcing things or artificial goals NPC think are valuable.

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It still won't start.

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Someone close to you will actually die because you’re tempting fate like this but I doubt you’d give a shit because you’re an NPC

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>life is only about survival
You are no different from an animal.

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Maybe that's his intention.

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Yep, its a massive waste of time unironically

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learn to read, fag

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Fucking lmaooo imagine wageslaving all day every day while your rich parents are travelling the world since the age of 45

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You started by telling someone he should be happy that he has food and a shelter so I won't even bother paying attention to your idiocy.
If your life is miserable survival is actually detrimental to you as it prolongs your suffering. Guess your peanut brain can't think this far.
>huurrrr Grug has food and cave
>Grug happy

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kek, ikr?

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All of this was fucking retarded. I don't have to grateful for a single fucking thing because i never asked for this god awful existance. Im living in a constant state of agony and torment since i was a fucking baby because my parents were grossly incompotent in raising me and i was the punching bag for a lot of their abuse. I've tried everything i can to improve myself to no avail and i've slowly come to the realization that im different from the average person and i can't intergrate properly into society. I get pleasure from absoutely NOTHING and everything fuckings sucks to do yet i've been forced to do it for all my life. Fuck your stupid god damn after life because i didn't ask for that shit either. not living from the start would have been the best option and pulling the plug is the next best solution. The game was literally rigged from the start for me and now i have to except that i can't come back from this awful life.

Absolutely retarded reddit tier plattitudes coming from you faggot.

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You okay anon?

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Yeah im good lol

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I get it believe me I really fucking do.

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I just want to make enough before I'm 30 to become a sex pest in Thailand

Let me coom and die

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Ugh hex faggot glad you got rugged.
No more pattaya ladybois for you.
God I know all you faggots once you talk more than a sentence.

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Lel some dirty cop will slip 0.02g of weed in your pocket and if you can't pay his bribe immediately you're gonna be a sex pest in prison alright.

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Weed is legal in Thailand you fucking low IQ troglodyte

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Get out of my thread you stupid faggot, so not only are you the hex spamming nigger you're the cat spamming nigger.
This shits like a glue trap.
It all makes sense.

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Replace with whatever drug is illegal. Have fun being fucked in a third world shithole prison.

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This is that faggot btw, remember the cat spamming bitch is also the ladyboy asian fucker who spams hex, he's an absolute midwit.

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Good chance he's the goyslop girl spammer as well.
Go see his thread it's 99% samefaggot sentences.
He fills the catalog with spam nonstop.

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disgusting faggot

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And this faggot ain't worth shit either, he tries to dox people here nonstop he tried with me once, how I know he's also the goyslop spammer, doing the identical shit.
Some hairy nasty euro faggot who larps as being rich from his "hex staking gains"
Fucking joke of a human being I wanna shoot myself because we share the same species, least I'm white and live in burgerland.

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*hugs u*

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Yeah we love you faggot, don't do anything stupid and this is coming from a suicidal poorfaggot who can barely walk.

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Also YGMI when we enter the afterlife they are just gonna keep the gate closed, they will be afraid of how pissed we will be.

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Can you leverage you walking issues for neetbuxx?

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I'm trying taking forever, also they typically deny people so it takes awhile.
My spines literally shot needs major surgeries to repair and I doubt I'll do any.

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Money is a (((distraction)))

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Was going to show you the progress of the application but their doing maintenance

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That's where you're wrong. Look at the average 60yo boomer and how he treats younger men. See, he's got a 750,000 dollar house, 300k social security, 750k in his 401k, 300k pension, a 100,000 dollar truck, works as a middle manager for cuck corp and shits on everyone younger than him because he 'made it' and basically you're retarded.

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I think I've reached a white point, I can think of absolutely nothing but money, and I don't mean that in a greedy way, I just don't care about the means anymore, even if it's about using things like KEK or working in a pizza place, it's all good as long as I can eat for another day

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>Anyone else feel like life is pointless?
Because i choose my own feelings by directing focus inorder to control my experience.
And choosing to feel like everything is pointless results in a terrible experience.
Therefore i do not do this.

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You guys need to find a reason to live and stop burdening others with your missery.

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Sorry you went through that, anon. I know how it is when suffering is literally encoded into your nervous system. It's not a wound money can heal.

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Life can be summed up with one word: choice. Everything can have meaning or nothing can have meaning, that's up for you to decide

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yeah it's weird how NPCs want their kids to wageslave while the NPCs themselves want to coom all day long.
Atheism=nihilistic hedonism.

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>5 years later
>dealing with my son's suicide

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Parents like that will never blame themselves or ask themselves what they could have done differently, they'll just vaguely blame "mental illness" and treat it like some totally random thing

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It's, if you think about it, not mandatory to live, it really isn't. You can just get up from the table if you dislike the game too much. The various threats people make to get one to stay ("you owe your life to others", "think of how sad I'd be", "you'll be punished in the afterlife") are part of the game and intended to get you to stay.
That is without prejudice as to whether it's a good thing that people decide to kill themselves (it clearly isn't), but they're largely killing themselves because they find life unbearable. Just "preventing people from committing suicide" is like putting a sticker over a warning light and pretending that everything is fine, when in reality, the warning light is telling you that there's a really big fucking problem.

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I disagree. Having a family who actually cares about your wellbeing and having a good emotional support system in place can be hugely beneficial for many people who are prone to depression. Take someone who is already struggling, and show them that their own family couldn't give less of a shit, that their parents are away partying and don't care about your problems because "suffering builds character" or other such bullshit. It makes it much easier to convince yourself that your life doesn't have value and that nobody will care when you're gone anyway.

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>studied hard
>Had a shit office job but make good money
>Have a son with wife
>He is sever autist
>He is 9yo
>Can't talk only makes weird noises
>Only play with baby toys
>He have to wear diapers because somedays he refuses to go to the bath
>Some days he becomes agresive amd destroys the house
>He only sleeps 3-4h
>No sex with wife (sex drive goes to 0 when you don't sleep a full night for years)
>Only fun thing of my life is playing some vidya in the bus to work
>Regret not being a comfy happy neet.

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the point of life is to find something you like doing and do it so you can forget about the pointlessness of life in the first place
of course money helps with this, and the pursuit of money can be one of those things as well

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you again
is this a pasta or are you really spamming all the boards with this green text
sorry about your boy but you don't need to keep spamming it

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there is no inherent meaning, you have to make it yourself. if you find constantly chasing money meaningless, don't make it your focus. peace comes from within

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I sacrifice pleasure of this life for my future descendants.
My great grandfather built an empire & it was ruined by not sorting out who deserves to be given his riches.
It all went to white niggers who blew through millions in 2 years.
Pawned Japanese Samurai swords that he was given from Japanese car company presidents
Pawned his WW2 memorabilia he took off of dead enemies
Sold his mansion for underprice just to get the money sooner
I am rebuilding his empire
I will work 7 days a week
I will be rich
God is good
I will leave a single descendant, whoever in the family isn't a degenerate, all of my riches.
He will succeed.

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>be me, yotta-chad^100 mcbigdickovic
>married to wife with pussy buffet
>don't have to work cuz she loves to work
>have 12 chidlren, all perfectly healthy and super smart
>homeschool them cuz i'm yotta-chad^100
>the oldest is 15 and starting community colelge cuz she cleped and ap'd out of junior year and scored 1450/1600 on sat
>youngest is 6mths old and starting to walk, can say dada already (not moma because I didn't teach her that, only dada)

Life's great, you racist fucks. maybe you shouldn't be so racist

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"Life is pointless" can be either motivating or demotivating depending on how you frame it. I personally say "We don't know life's point." But we know ways to sustain happiness and satisfaction and that's what I go for.

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God it must hurt be this retarded. I'm speaking about true success and self realization despite the inherent meaninglessness of life. Maybe even the slightest possibility of an afterlife to conquer nihilism and adopt a different attitude towards existence. All my reply was about changing OP (total faggot) mindset. You really didn't understand a thing. But all you read is "hurr durr eat sleep" Do a 360 and go back to high school, bitch and learn some fucking reading comprhension

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I'm a thirdie, man, you don't have to tell me about abuse and awful parenting. You can't let your past control all your fucking life, you stupid fuck. If you're over 25 you can't cry anymore about "muh parents". Live your fucking life. I have schizoid personality, I don't enjoy literally anything but I see it as a blessing is disguise. All I read here is you hate yourself. You hate yourself, anon- learn to accept yourself at least, despite being a pathetic piece of shit. If you hit rock bottom you can only go up, stop being a fucking loser at least. Fuck reddit and fuck you and fuck jannies

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>If you're over 25 you can't cry anymore about "muh parents". Live your fucking life. I have schizoid personality,

when stunted growth leads to being unable to financially provide for yourself at age 25 and your social existence is non existent, parents could continue their gaslight schtick and make you feel like a serial murderer for cutting things off
this is very excessive if they are default judgmental and additionally retired
this is likely the initial poster's circumstance and needed to be considered

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If you didn't start a family of your own then it is pointless. And no, your cats and dogs don't count.