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>30 year mortgage

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>Renting like a cuck

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>paying intrest to Mr sheiklberg for 30 years

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>financing literally anything

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>not living with your parents

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Cope in your little pod, cuck

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>negative real interest rates

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>new landlord buys the building I live in
>asks me if I want to continue the lease and also rent the shed that's behind the property, last landlord just kept it full of shit
>It's like a one car garage in size, definitely bigger than I need
>he offered this dor like an additional $10 of rent each month and of course I took it
Is my new landlord retarded? Why is he doing this?

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>mom doesn't let him use the costco card for free food and gas

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Try 40 year mortgage.

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Maybe he appreciates a good tenant and doesnt want niggers, also 10 bucks more is better than nothing and a shack for of shit isnt

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If you have a good family anons you should do this. mine are insane (literally) so i have no contact with them but if you your parents are good people don't succumb to jews and move into your own place, they are atomising society to increase workforce participation and drive up property values

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