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Not even joking, fucker didn’t pay rent for 4 months then when I evicted him there was poop in all the rooms. Dont be a landlord bros

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>posted from a phone
he should have ripped off your head and shit down your neck.
>t. landlord.

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>Dont be a landlord
Way ahead of you.

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You need to pay taxes on the poop

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keep the deposit

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Find his car and poop on it, it’s the only way to bring balance to the situation or that moment will haunt you till the end of your days

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>not just renting to clueless farmworkers fresh from hopping the border
its like you want this to happen, or dont live in California

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phone chad website, fuck off

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>shit the vents
>oil in the drains
>water on the wood floor
It's renting time.

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Phoneposters need to be perma rangebanned and fined 10000 dollar in real life
And we generally need to go back to 2008 Internet.
No shitskins, no mobile access, no zoomers and no old people who cant think in new ways anymore. Woman arent the problem
Then the Internet would be saved

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Honestly not even close to the worst they could do

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Phone poster website, fuck off

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Cool it with the anti-rich dad poor dad -ism

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Checked, green pilled and agreed.
Fucking gay ass nigger jeets on their phones and discord trannies.
Women are chattel, we let this happen.

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>blows whistle
>woot woot woooooooooooooooot!!!
>that’s a violation of health and human code of landlord property rental section z283.128 subsection zz827.12
>we gonna have to assess fines and fees and you have to pay for the tenant to live at the mariott and also food and missed living expenses and salary cuz she’s not sick and broke a coccyx during a fall

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>One of my tenants took a shit in every room of my house
This happened to me too. But he is a dog.

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>being a slum lord

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>ignores you
>releases termites and cockroaches into the property before leaving

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this is why I just invest in REITs if I want real estate exposure in my portfolio

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were you expecting him to pay rent in bones?

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in cuddles.

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Your gatekeeping a shitty crypto board fuck off faggot

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>A shitty crypto board
oh sweet summer child, lurk more
Little hint, you are talking to a disciple of enki
anon is invisible and posses hidden knowledge
do some research

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Stop being a degenerate parasite.

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Clean it up, landie.