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It's really hard to keep with this space. Some of the projects are developing fast, but some are sitting on their asses.
Channers do you see any significant development in recent times?
Or is it best to quit crypto?

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Tons of development
There’s that one coin based on pepe
Then the one based on wojak
There’s also one developed around both mumu and bobo
Plus the one based on the russian kid is still a good buy low

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PoolTogether. About to launch v5 which is totally autonomous, permissionless, governmentless. It will start distributing prizes in POOL, so all interest will be used to market buy pool for distribution. It will also allow interest earning tokens in any chain to be used in the protocol.

Consider US lotteries with revenue of 100 billion a year, now consider pool which is accessible to the entire world. Sky is the limit.

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Building has always been the hallmark of crypto, instead of quitting crypto invest in xMoney

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and if you dont like any of these consider pondering orb

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You sound good anon, the more businesses accept crypto through that the more the whole cryptoverse benefits. It's about crypto being used as currency, and not just as an investment.

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The development in the payment sector is just a huge innovation to behold

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we're all waiting on ccip

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Crypto space is just a means of some rekt fags doing all lot of shit am done with crypto can't keep up with the scam

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Fuck CCIP, Linkies should of made it already it’s been 6 stinking years!

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Reading the thread crypto is unironically over. No there won't be another bull run if there's no new tech being created in the sector

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Yea fags, it got me so horny that I earn while making payments , like I recently bought a house and book my flight with alternate airlines using one of the crypto payment platform and I got cashback of over 1.5 %.

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This is in a bid to help the unbanked to easily make payments in any part of the world

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Yea am still waiting on CVP and xrp to pump am tired of the bear season

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I'd rather invest in this than pay Asian bitches to cum. Crypto is a way of life for me

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This sounds so retard anon, not when the transformation into xMoney will make online payments with both crypto and fiat faster, cheaper and more secure. plus you can earn rewards for using their platform.

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The more reason you look like some rekt dick faggot go invest in some real estate buy some house and become useful

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Stop waiting fags take advantages of earning passively through stakings.
For me, I've got my ass staked with potentials of a whooping 35% APY returns.

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I still prefer making payment with fait crypto is crazy anon

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Why wait that long fags, learn about xMoney, the universal and instant payment platform that is revolutionizing the world of digital payments. and don't die waiting

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Shut up faggot you're part of the problem

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This sounds like a retard dick am not suprise crypto is fucking dead

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I already did that with Your Place , a real estate merchant in Dubai and I got cashback from using crypto to do it

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You are so dumb that you are not gonna make it. I'm earning actively from paying with crypto

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You'd better add UTK to your portfolio or you NGMI fag

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Yea kek as xMoney now make easy to pay with your favorite crypto, such as
BTC & ETH as well as traditional payment methods.

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It has onboarded thousands of merchants and thereby increasing mainstream adoption of crypto

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Nice one jeet, passive income through that staked on the xExchangeApp is just the best you can't really with amazing return of at least 25%-35% APY/APR.

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Go add GSD DAO or hide your face in shame

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Lazyfags go get useful or NGMI, Btw the new UTK tokenomics got some juicy
staking features, you can earn passively.

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You all should dump your bags and get some gold it better than holding some rekt crypto project

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But you don't get cashback and it's not seamless payments compared to making payments with crypto through Utrust or other payments platform

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Fortune favors the retarded

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35% in a bear market? Which token is that and how sustainable is that?

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You sound like a retarded bag holder

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it's mostly shit, the most interesting atm is immunify, streamlines healthcare data on the blockchain and gives sovereignty. based af

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Web3payment is developing fast

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I lost hope on XRP a long time ago

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Well said, now that crypto and fiat payments can done at one place it gotten alot better.

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Bull crap. Shove ICP up your ass, it's full of shit. I would happily embrace the benefits of payments with crypto and fiat using a gateway which has gotten alot better and offers me flat 1% fixed transaction fee. This is mainstream adoption for you to know dumb fuck.

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Anon do you mean Xmoney

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Spot on anon. Finally we have a paypal killer.

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Asian bitches are the best

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Crypto as a payment option is the main thing, not for pump and dump as most faggot does, I bought an outfit with crypto from kingapparel and I felt good about it

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Retards will never make
Wen $1

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Quite a lot of merchants accept crypto payment now, even Shopify and Kensington, crypto payment is indeed gaining traction

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Just quit you oldfag

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You really gotta start doing your own research. Start with projects that aims for mainstream utilities. For instance payments with crypto, staking, lending, access to metaverse and much more.

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look at those swarthy gook nipples

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Cashback up to 1.5% isn't a job

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The good thing about this is that you don't have to find and research cryptos the old ways anymore, all you need is tokenmetrics and you're sorted

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Will crypto payments ever go mainstream anon?

Last time I used crypto to pay for anything was a long time ago, paid for a can of coke using BTC via the sylo wallet, felt good no doubt

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That's really convenient. I can read all the news with this and I can do all the activities this anon >>55121521 mentioned with xPortal all in one app.

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PayPal alternative is most welcome since the boycott paypal trend last year when they tried to impose the $2500 fee on anyone who shits on them

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PayPal is scamming desu. Hidden chargebacks and what not I quit using it long back.

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We now have a good replacement and it's time to embrace it if you ask me. Payments in metaverse is also sorted.

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There is a lot of development across the space. We now have Sui, metamask is gonna launch its tokens and what not dyor anon. If you are not convinced you just quit and that's better.

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I agree with you anon. The development is just fantastic and really impressive. I am astonished by the adoption of crypto as payments across the globe. Now fiat will work together as well which is really impressive.

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It gives you an edge as a trader or an average Joe buying and holding spot.
The AI price prediction feature has great accuracy

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The bear market hasn't come to end fool. XRP will moon. All we gotta do is hold onto our bag and we will be fine.

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Must have been nice, read about them being partnered with coca-cola one time.

I think we're a still a long way from crypto payment gaining full adoption and that's cos of obvious reasons

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Facts stated. I am holding strong onto my Bag which has good potential in this upcoming bullrun EGLD, UTK, METIS, ATOM, and MATIC. These will put up a good show.

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If only SEC allows it though

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>read about them being partnered with coca-cola one time.

That was a long time ago anon, now they've moved on to building bigger and better things like the futuverse

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That's so gonna put the paid signal influencers out of jobs
If it's free ofc

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XRP will moon and sec won't do shit

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Will Egld ever make a comeback?

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Basic plan is free, your choice if you want to upgrade and make the most of it.

It's 10x better than any paid group if you do though

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Nope, quit hoping

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It's an exciting switch, data privacy and self custody is already a big deal

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You bag ORE and ENS while waiting. Good alts

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Based. Reason why I'm bagging DiD tokens.

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Making the list without a self custody focused token is biased.

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Watch the builders and what they are building. If it will stand the test of a bear market buy else fuck off. NexeraID is one hell of a product so I have it. LIDO finance is making headlines so I will be damned not to ape in.

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leave the paid shill alone

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Going all out for Self custody based tokens a good move.

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ZK-Snark privacy cryptos are the talk of the town

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And cryptos that shield users' assets and transactions from outside view

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RAILGUN is the one, thank you

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Check out Avalanche (ticker: $AVAX)

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Privacy tokens are cool. I think they should be a good narrative now that regulations are rolling out.

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I think LSDs are another good narrative. I bought LIDO and SPOOL. Lets see what the bull brings.

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2024, Bitcoin halves. Everything pumps.
Ethereum has something new going on regularly.
Marlin Protocol's enclave product (Oyster enclave) drops in a few months, might be huge if DeFi as a whole starts adopting it.
XRP developments with its lawsuit bullshit.

That's off the top of my head this week.

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surely the best answer it's not quitting, faggot

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Its the best time to invest in crypto privacy. Immediately the CBDCs gets in, Privacy is going to moon.

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Keep living in the stone age pajeet, even the digital healthcare industry is adoption blockchain tech and crypto. Dyor on Immunify and stop seething.

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Have some shame ranjesh. Dump this shit for based privacy focused alts, RAIL and MINA are at the perfect entry point.

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New devs and new industries are already utilizing crypto and blockchain tech. The healthcare industry is coming in big. Just keep your eyes peeled.

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Bro, the crypto scene is lit with so many sick development and concept building going on right now. Based on all the juicy speculation, I gotta say, RWA is about to blow up big-time! If you're looking for some solid projects to root for in this area, check out RIO, EKTA, and MNICorp

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Privacy and Identity management are good narratives to focus.on.

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Reason why I'm bagging Zcash and more of self custody based tokens.

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Making payments with Crypto and still getting cashback makes me wet every fucking time.

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Absolutely, going all out for self-custody-based tokens is a solid move, anon. Being your own bank is the best bet

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EGLD is heavily based and its ecosystem is healthy. Just HODL and see it climb back to its ATH.

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One of the gems mentioned anon mentioned also focuses on self-custody. Stop being a retard.

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It's already happening, which part of the world are you living in?

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In addition to this growing list, GUESS recently announced that they will be accepting crypto payments. It keeps getting better.

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You got no point schizo fag, tallking about trending narrative RWA seems like the way to go dyor and don't be left in the sTone agae.

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I guess you're too retarded not to know that spool mentioned there is also working on RWA as well.

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Why the wait fren, the best time to buy xrp is now, it's got a strong buy for both investors and traders on tokenmetrics, it's possible to see a rally in coming months
You're joking, right?

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AI coins will soon be utilizing thousands of public nodes to generate shitcoins based on the hottest new memes seconds after they hit the internet.

AI tokens truly are the future.

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I don't buy shitcoins and memefag coins. I'd rather slurp privacy tokens or some other actual working project.

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cheq never stops building

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Immunify life can literarily help people handle their own data and get incentives. crypto will always be based.