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Are there any gaming tokens that have good utilities and value at all?
Or is it best to ignore them and just go with defi projects?
I am totally lost, channers need your guidance on this

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Have you ever shart your pants at a party?

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GOB is one of the best there's fag

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Any play to earn games out there that are legit? What are other anons experiences

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I'm just a curious faggot even though GOB is out with amazing benefits and features of the games. Normies can now stake it, use it to buy card packs and craft new cards without falling for Asian bitches.

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Here’s fronk_ai, the first platform to combine GameFi and Meme creation using AI technology. Sleek right?

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Play to earn is long gone. RiskFi is the new gameplay

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I know you must be tired of GameFi platforms with repetitive gameplay & poor tokenomics. That's where EndgamerDAO comes in which I found lately on arbitrum. I’m exciting when read Its innovative economics mechanism

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I’m so glad I discovered this sweet bitch.
They are building an amazing metaverse ecosystem with their TCG and NFTs.

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Dumbfags can even benefit from its buy and burn campaign that's currently ongoing by having a much higher ROI from investing in it

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I play and earn too but I'm better of with ppTORN, it allows investors to earn a massive return on their investment with a juicy APY of 60% in the protocol.

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All crypto gaming tokens have inflationary tokenomics except GOB that just implemented a deflationary tokenomics few days ago

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Wager assets instead of printing more tokens as a reward. This inadvertently solves the problem of tokenomics

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Reread what you've just typed here anon and then go look in a mirror

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Look here anon, offering amazing rewards by providing liquidity to GOB on Uniswap V3 and Gate io is what I've been anticipating all years, now that it's here I'm not going to sleep on it.

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I've never seen a better DAO than Goons of Balatroon DAO where voting is transparent and equally considered. The community determines the development of the gaming universe

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This is a good time to dive into nfts, heard the metaverse season will be back soon

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KARTS my nigga

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ENS and ORE. Good DiD combo.

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Anon, playing crypto games just got better with the introduction of this gameplay and its unique earning opportunity

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They have launched a new Ape to burn mechanism and this gonna get dicks hard. Imagine trannies being able to burn their tokens to get a unique Ape NFT that can be used in the game.

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Getting a bod NFT from Goon is a financial advise atm, jewfag. Go for it

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I love the Goons squad, leading the CryptoGaming space with the PvP games and offering some real epic entertainment and incentives, it's already melting faces.

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inj kas azero

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Metaverse hype is coming back strong alongside DeFi as LSDs build some hype. Altcoinistdao keeps me updated with the trend

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Frog faggot

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Sound good fags When it comes to gaming meme card platform, GOB, is making bicthes wet in all they do from the gaming economy, to the meme cards.

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MANA will do better

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>Are there any gaming tokens that have good utilities and value at all?
>Or is it best to ignore them and just go with defi projects?
Just look for the next AXS anon and fucking around like a wanna-be cry baby.

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NGMI, You are still living in the past glory, wake your ass up and start slurping up trending gaming tokens like PYR, NAKA, and a few based ones that have been mentioned in this thread.

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The token is the key to unlocking all the benefits and features of the game. I can stake it, use it to buy card packs, craft new cards, lease Goons and more.

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Interesting over to the moon

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They are absolutely slaying it in the gaming meme card realm. I see them dominating the gaming economy and meme card scene like true legends.

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GOB is free anon, you can play to earn gaming, and also its NFT holders earns passively just by holding

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Tell me you are true chad without telling me that you are true chad

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Sound good kek both the tokens have deflationary tokenomics to keep the value in check and they have their own unique utilities in the game.

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So let's ride the wave then
I'm seriously developing my deck. I intend to remain on top of the leaderboard as long as it takes.

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Yea ano even lazyfags can still earn using that, as it has a good platform that will be the face of meme card games laden with rewards and incentives.

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I'd rather wait for healthcare tokens, immunify already got a working blockchain in healthcare project.

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I saw it Ape2burn trending, may be a good time to buy in

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Mana is dead

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It's long gone. I am aping into RiskFi game these days.

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RiskFi gaming are sure better than P2E

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P2E is for oldfags. RiskFi is the next generational gaming,

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Yes I agree to that. Kek p2es are fuck all. In games skills matter and this rewards them fairly.

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I hated crypto games so much desu, but looks like there are now significant improvements most especially with the tokenomics

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Elfin kingdom is good.

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Token burn is a good way to pump the price if done right, but sadly most gaming tokens lack this, seeing one that does is like seeing a virgin Asia bitch

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Star Atlas

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I dumped Mana for GOB, will I make it

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Kek you said that right anon. But the Ape to Burn has made this gamefi token alot better and gives me access to the DAO too.

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You can be tired only if you haven't played Goons of Balatroon

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Fuck everything God's unchained is the best.

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Lost too many times but I like the games aesthetics and intricate features and elemental powers. I am kinda addicted to it now.

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At least a 5X pump might happen

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Based asf
Put in RIDE there and you have a real metaverse/gaming make it stack

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This should be worth the play, the winner will be based on skill and not luck plus the profit will be fucking huge

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Top project
I've loaded up some

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Not familiar with this one but do you think apple launching it's VR headset next month is bullish for metaverse and VR focused projects?

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Sandbox, Gala, Ape
The only good ones

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Nice I wish I did that too but I stacked upon a gamefi token that gives me access to their DAO. Now they are having an Ape to burn mechanism which is really coming in handy.

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Problem isn't tokenomics, it's the games being dry and boring, not worth playing with useless rewards

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Don't forget Meta is also planning to launch VR in cars like holoride already has... I think that's equally bullish

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Just buy some NFTs with BAYC you will be just fine.

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Tech doesnt fucking matter the only coin that matters is BTC. If BTC pumps you can buy the most obscure shitcoin and make a profit

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I would rather buy Goons and Bods NFTs which is cheap and fetches me good passive income buy just holding them.

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VBONEmoon on telegram and twit is the best meme and gaming token out there.

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Is the contract renounced? Fo they have deflationary tokenomics? On which chain don't tell me ETH?

I would rather buy more of GOB which has deflationary tokenomics and has in game utilities.

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Sounds like shit to me kek. I am excited about the new RiskFi game which will be alot more rewarding based on my skills alone which is really fair and reasonable so just fuck off.

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did you take a look at partykarts?

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Meta will help it get more popular, VR itself is still early, having people use it in cars will take some time >>55122066

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raini. google it

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Reason why sticking to DiD narrative is the way forward.

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Ain't leaving ORE, ENS and UTK out of the list. Wagmi

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No self custody based token on the list? They are getting bags filled.

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casino gaming? if so picrel just launched and biz is the first to know. it's free money.

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GREE is developing games on Avalanche and TSM made some partnership or whatever on this same chain

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Eldarune anon

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Everyone in this thread is shilling old stale bags. Buy $kart.

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I heard something about that. GREE is gigantic at the moment and we'll have to see what gems can come out of there. Let's see if crypto is given a real boost thanks to these GameFi partnerships.

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>Just look for the next AXS
stopped looking after genopets

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>Any play to earn games out there that are legit?
it's ponzi to earn doomed to fail

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Both are good in Avalanche. what are looking at? something to just farm or something that you want to enjoy?

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Defi projects are always going to be first choice. Gaming tokens are muh VR world memecoins while Defi and Privacy token are needed in real life. Wake up.

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I dont think so. Its obviously smells like DiDs,Privacy and Defi season.

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The Metaverse is still in its early stages, bro, but once the trend kicks off, it's gonna explode! Real-World Assets (RWA) are already dominating the crypto space, and they're gonna unleash a wild trend that'll make memes look weak, man. I've been stacking up on MNI, RIO, and EKTA tokens, 'cause I know they're gonna ride that trend and take us to the moon!

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GameFi gems will be massive soon. Does GREE intend to evolve into a riskfi model like in Goons of Balatroon? I think is the next thing in blockchain gaming.

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Most of these gaming tokens are inflationary which makes them unsustainable in the long run.

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Indeed, sustainability is a key consideration in the crypto space, especially when it comes to tokens utility. There are notable exceptions like RWA projects such as MNI and RIO. These projects are designed with a different approach, focusing on real-world assets and their tokenization.

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Wonder what narrative DID is pushing. It's obvious you've not heard of RWA narraative that is focus on merging blockchain, fintech, and circular economy principles. It's like the ultimate combo, man! They're flipping the script and revolutionizing the game with their vision

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I'm no gaming faggot. I'm a privacy maxi and only interested in projects that help me hide my ETH transactions.

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>This is a good time to dive into nfts
Only a noob will say otherwise
They're coming back stronger
>Only those using Al indicators can relate

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I only love utility NFTs like Immunify that uses it for IDs in the ecosystem, I don't buy shit jpegs.

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You'll still listen to this newfag strategy. Gamefi's dead, DeFi liveth forever. Never on earth will AXS flip DOT, EGLD, SPOOL, RDNT ... or the least DeFi project again. Unless on Mars.