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any good projects coming out soon? I want to be on the ground floor for once. no shitcoins/memecoins actual utility projects only

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I don't know if this applies as a non-shitcoin since it has a map of only 40k but you can bet on your races using PartyKartsToken, people were gambling a bit on races this morning and it was kinda fun

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I think Vomitcoin might have some legs, people do throw up every now and then and it has a good whitepaper.

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PoolTogether. Been around for a while but they’re launching v5 soon which directly incorporates the pool token. It also allows pool vaults on any chain. All prizes from the interest accrued are then market bought in pool and distributed.

Despite current user base, tvl, and treasury, PoolTogether is comically undervalued. With v5 the price will inevitably move from here due to new tokenomics and constant stream of market buys. Price is directly linked to TVL. Considering US lotteries pull in 105 billion and that pool is accessible to the entire world, the sky is the limit. I expect it to be a top 10 protocol.

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>rumoured Nintendo partnership
>AI tools for trading
>reputable devs
the answer is simple. octavia dot one

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Check out bigcap. Tg is t dot me / bigcaptoken

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>Decentralised and censorship resistant AI
>Working Telegram and Twitter bot
>2.000.000 market cat (so much room to grow)
> total supply
>Get on the AI hype train

The devs keep devving so we keep buying NoiseGPT

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of all the projects posting this is one I would actually ape on, you got any more info?

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Let’s create one

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Elmo ERC

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Yeah /NoiseGPT. Make sure it is that one there is another telegram channel that is a scam. It still sub 1000 holders.
Buy on Uniswap of on Arbitrum (cheaper for now).

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>no shitcoins/memecoins actual utility projects only
lmao this dumb faggot actually thinks hes gunna get under-the-radar VC backed L1 projects shilled here and not BSC/ETH community projects
PartyKarts or gtfo retard

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I'm shilling one right here retard >>55117744

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I am in the disc of a coin called VIA for a project called Octavia. Seems promising as it has utility

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this just launched on bsc and you can actually use it to play games to win more, don't miss your chance to ape before it melts faces

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AI crypto assistant coming soon, they're launching the token next month and the bot is in beta testing releasing in the next few days. Big money behind it.

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yes, I will release one today, or tomorrow at the latest
maybe you're "lucky" and see it in time
I'm gonna launch it here on /biz/

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Goal3.xyz on zksync era. Token launch soonge.