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Newly printed dollars are pocketed by the feds. They lowered the value of everyone's USD and pocketed the difference. That is theft.

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Newly printed dollars are pocketed by ME. They lowered the value of everyone's USD and I profit from it. How? I Own Bitcoin. Fuck you.

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Please stop spreading misinformation, printed money does NOT devalue existing money.
But we still need to tax you because... we just do, okay?

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They don't "print" the money at a mint, they allow large banks to create money by selling loans to other entities. Blockchain solves this.

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No we pay taxes to stay poor. Taxation is theft.

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we pay taxes because it is the reason we have to have identification
you have to have an ID to buy land or a land owner does
they make you government property with taxes because
they will threaten you with violence otherwise
also what you said
people charge money for something they rent with violence