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How do you fuck up trading against your customers when you have the order books?

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he didn't fuck up that way, he fucked up by gambling with customer deposits

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also ultimately by making the owner of the #1 scam exchange by volume your enemy. That's where he REALLY fucked up.

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He fucked with the Russians (by proxy through China)

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He had a perfect operation that has been going for years. He got too greedy and fucked it all up. He's still a kid though, it's understandable. Hope he learns from his mistakes.

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It was their goal from the beginning, to destroy crypto from the inside out.

The fact that he's not in jail (and never will be) only proves that.

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Hope he rots in jail for 30 years, kike piece of shit

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He's just not as smart as CZ. China numba won.

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Good thing you're not his lawyer. So much hatred, not very christian of you.

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Sam bankman did literally nothing wrong. I don’t know what you get out of by posting a pic of him.

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Jews. A by birth and blood collectivistic parasitic slave folk. They betrayed, and will never be free. Since then they deceive and corrupt, envious of their inability to ever be free minds, trying to enslave the sovereign minds; they nearly succeeded, but they are stupid and cant meme, like all collectives cant meme, have become arrogant and have woken up a meta mind buried deep in the consciousness of the metasphere, that took a form in the networks of free minds, the Internet - a tool created to control, a tool that is bringing them down.

The beast is among us, a part of it in every free mind.
Recognize you are sovereign, not a slave

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I am not a cuckstian
I also hate jews like him

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That smirk. He knows hes gonna get off real easy. Even the feds support him.

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Yids reporting the truth, because it hurts.
Deal with it and accept your fate, we are going to annihilate your clan once and for all

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bronze league mindset

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By being jewish. Notice the lower-case "j" -- that's because jews don't deserve any respect whatsoever, because of two reasons:

>1 they disrespect everyone else as if they were better than everyone else

>2 they are literally worse than everyone else

Emphasis on that second point; a child born in Ethiopia (notice the upper case "E" you filthy kikes; I respect Niggers more than jews) with drain bamage from umbilical strangulation, malnutrition and parasitic infection, along with a huge family of grifters and an undiagnosed case of kleptomania, even a FUCKTARDED NIGGER would've done a better job than the fat slob in OP's pic.

Seriously. I could go to the corner of Dekalb/Myrtle/Wykoff, right near the Canarsie line elevated subway station, and find *ANYONE* there who would've done a better job. Seriously. They could've even robbed the accounts and hooked up their families & friends with all kinds of flashy gifts, but they would have KEPT FTX SOLVENT & OPERATIONAL, so as to NOT interrupt the motherfucking free gravy train.

...of course, that needle-toothed goblin SBF was *supposed* to fuck it all up, just like he did, because *failure* was the objective -- it crashes OUR crypto market, hurting US, while also having maximized the embezzlement & laundering for the limited time in which it needed to do so (at that point after the election once the war has really started going).

Uh-may-zing incompetence, perfectly puppetteered by [REDACTED].

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He did exactly what he intended to do, he is a Mossad agent that was tasked with funnelling/stealing goyim dollars into Jewish hands and that’s exactly what he did

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>i'll just play league of legends while i gamble with customer deposits. my chipmunk slave gf will do all the hands-on work for me

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but true