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PnD shitcoin

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thanks for keeping this a LINK board

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Good journalism by Odonojobojrewaju

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token not needed

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>spend days making fun of chainlink's nigger programs
>posts an article by a nigger
fudders can't go a single day without taking an L

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>linkcucks resort to racism

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No sir, I am from Africa, my last name is Odonojajlkamaja myself. Just bought 300 more LINkies due to your obvious fud and I'm gonna bring water to my village when LINK hits 5k.

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Chainlink? That's a cuckold cult baby!

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This movie is about Sergei, his business model and ethics, and his six-sided blue jew token: Chainlink. He wants to leave me in Antarctica until the dogs tear me apart and he figured out some way to monetize that. They aren't tearing me apart, however, and his coin is not performing.

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ooga de booga my fellow afronigger. I also purchased more LINKies today. Odonojajlkamaja tribe stays strong

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I am in profit :)

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You will lose all your money.

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Based. Kek at fuddies

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>kekfuddies have spent so much time looking at cock cages and interracial porn material to "pwn the linkies" and "peel back layers of their porn identities" that they now unironically worship and respect the words of brown crypto "journalists"
wow didnt see that coming
just bought 100 more linkies
all fields

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I really could have become a king if I just sold the LINKBTC or LINKETH top and walked away.

I will never touch LINK again and I will never engage in cult like behavior with fucking NEET losers and waste my 20s

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You sold the bottom or what?

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#Oracle-FreeSummer is here ladies!

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Black people are fudding it with articles. WHAT MORE CONFIRMATION BOTTOM SIGNAL YOU WANT.

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Catch me up linkbros, is Sergoid still dumping two trillion tokens per week?

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Imagine actually purchasing chainlink. Infinite kek.

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link was 30 cents in 2018

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Please stop bullying

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Why don't you post the article?

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Two more weeks stinky linky

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/biz/ is the funniest board still

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>even niggers are laughing at LINKies
Kek. The bvlls are turning on the cuckold linkies.

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And it will be again.

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Holy kek Okonkwo isn't going to like this.

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> paying starving africans to write Chainlink FUD

sick world we live in

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>I though fuddies were gypsies but it turns out they're litteral jungle niggers
kek fuddies

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>mup da doo didda token not cof bin hoed

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These nu-fudders fucking suck

Bring back the Nico.

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Chainlink is gonna send in their own shooters after these opps fr fr ong

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Heartwarming to see so much diversity on both the fudder and advocate sides!

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It's going to pull a Litecoin mark my words. There is literally no bottom. It just keep going down. I remember people saying the exact thing at 3400 sats almost 3 years ago. Take the loss and move on. DCAing into losers like Chainlink makes you fucking retarded not "early". Wish this board would discuss better plays for this cycle and stop shitting the board with LINK. You had your time, but it's over.

inb4 but i'm not at a loss i bought the ico

Still counts as a loss if it dumps against btc for 3 years. I don't care if you're up in usd

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I bought 20k LINK in 2019 for $30k. AMA

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>just bought 100 more linkies fag bot "buying" again every thread.

Imagine thinking you're owning le fuddies by throwing money at the trash bin by buying a dead shit shitcoin
Lmao chainshitters are not only cuckholds but also retarded .


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Didn't read, never buying.

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Lmfao fudcucks just cant stop losing
Sorry fudsters but
*buys 100 more chainlink tokens*
I know you have spent many, many hours trying to fud but it has all been a waste (again)

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>just sold 1 million chainlink (ticker:LINK) tokens. I dont want them, I only want BTC and bigmacs.

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They trusted a Russian. Many such cases.

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Imagine being triggered into buying chailnlink. I want you to keep buying, so I can laugh even harder as you lose more money.

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Slut for btc

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>yeah but he's black so there
thats what link cucks will say :}
racism soothes their seething rage

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i dont want to know anything except this:
how does it feel to lose :}

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Honestly if you look at the daily chart it seem like it is going down

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who handles sergey's branding desu? they're paying multiple people 6fig salaries for brilliant identities like

"Smart Con"

It's unreal how bad this looks, almost like he's laughing at us

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No wonder the price never goes up.

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Pro Marine Tip: If you keep buying as the price goes down, your average price also goes down so your total loss is on average less.

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>inspect element

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>day in, day out, more of the same spam written by animals dumb enough to think that they can get anyone to sell
I look forward to acquainting myself with some of the people behind all of this - while they're in cages in a buried shipping container.

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The problem is that most of you fudders don't seem to even understand the product that you're fudding and how irrelevant your fud is.
LINK is a utility token, not a shitcoin, the product it will be used as currency for is not yet implemented fully so the price today is completely unindicative of the price when the project fully releases.
When it takes off it will be absolutely insane how much money it will generate for the holders, you will never need to sell because it will generate wealth just by holding it.

Link is a golden ticket.

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I fucking wish

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>duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude its a HECKIN segreeeetttt i i investttttmant!!!!

>duuuuuuuuuuuuuude you have to comb through top secreeeet government docs to find buzzzzzzzword BREDKRUMMMMMZZZZ

>duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude t t they cant let elite AUTISTHHHHH like us make it!!!!!!



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>coin wont do anything
so it is a shitcoin

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Omg every last project in the ecosystem was a scam goes to show you how much of a lowlife a link baggie me st be not to mention stupid. He prays serg will drop him a bone even though he’s shown you his true colors.

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the beauty of the market is it doesnt care about shilling or fudding
and the market decided link was done 2 years ago