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Why doesn't Emin respond, is this true?

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Look at that nose, is he Jewish?

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>crypto leaks
lol hi dom fuck off no one is buying your shitcoin

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Who is dom and why doesn't Emin respond?

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>why doesnt he respond
>to cryptoleaks
lol. lmao even

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Why should emin care if north Korea uses Avax?
Only stupid retards would care. North Koreans are free to use crypto

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He used to. He used to.

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Those articles seem legit and got Avalanche members on camera. Is it really over?

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he's not responsible for what other users do with tokens. why the fuck does he have to make a statement? uh yes 300m was moved thru but I cant do shit about it get over move on cry moar and stop acting like its my problem. there he made a statement problem solved let the trannies and glowies seethe and bald themselves over it

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This doesn't look good

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Ah yes the well respected outlet that's nothing but AVAX fudding and ICP shilling

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But just look at this Anon, it is an Avax engineer speaking and i bet he knows better then you or me, after all he helped building this chain.

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Kek i am glad i never bought that scam. All those Avax threads sounded fishy.

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>Why doesn't Emin respond, is this true?

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The same user generated and controlled private key controls funds on both sides of the bridge with the same address on both sides. It's not a mixer or slush fund of BTC. Find better FUD.

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Watch this:
Are you telling me that the Avax engineer is wrong or lying? Those articles seem well written.

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>cryptoleaks subhumans still spreading their astroturf FUD
bullish for AVAX

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How can those articles be bullish? I am staring to feel tricked here..

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Crypto Leaks is the most cringe-worthy source of gossip on Twitter, kek

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>Crypto Leaks

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Crypto leaks page is shady af

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So it is true then? All you can answer is kek? I was really tricked by your shilling gang.

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>So it is true then?
no, its just ICPoor losers trying to slander Avalanche because Avalanche gets mainstream adoption and ICPoors dont get anything

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that guy never worked for Ava Labs, another made up lie by ICPoors.

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Should i trust some anonymous guys that say "trust me bro" or some well written article with videos of members of the avalabs.
Though choice.

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Why is crypto leaks 100% focused on Avalanche? Sus

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dom is seething with the brige. more btc on avax than on lightning and icp

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>Why is crypto leaks 100% focused on Avalanche? Sus
Why do you lie? Sus

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do your own research you imbecile

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oh yea they had that one ICP puff piece where they tried to blame Dom dumping 15000x bags on retail as being Sam's fault kek

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Why are you turning this into an ICP thread? For a scam is gathering lots of attention.

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What do you think? Russians. That's what.

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hey nigger I don’t have Avax

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it's not, it's about the cryptoleaks hit piece blog funded and probably edited by Dominic Williams to FUD the chain that lives rent free in his head. Apparently yours too kek

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I made this thread about avax and you are trying to deviate the attention elsewhere, so far everything i have seen seems to be true even if it was that Dominic that wrote it. Those videos from the engineer made me bearish.

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>Who is dom and why doesn't Emin respond?
This was you further up the thread >>55098241
. How much did you get paid for this thread? I hope it wasn't much, your FUDing blows kek

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Yes that was me HOURS before reading all that shit, what is your point?