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I need a business idea

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Sell your farts in a jar.

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sell gardening supplies

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Provide homecare services for boomers

Detail expensive cars.

Become self employed arborist.

Gumball Machines

Clear businesses of old computer hardware and waste and build new PC's with working parts. Extract copper/gold from dead parts. Charge a premium to install and set up ”new" computers

Commission gay furry porn

Sell your ass and mouth on Craigslist

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these ideas only work in usa and a couple of other countries.

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I think it would be cool to setup home networks and other computer services for people at home since with big houses you really need several hotspots. But in reality it would probably suck.

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Not aiming to become an AVAX validator is being a thief of your own wallet

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would you pay for mine?

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Please explain which countries, and why?

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Copywriter, Dropshipper, OF Manager, Shitposter

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write an app that connects locals based on shared common interest, new friends or instant friends or whatever.

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Buy and hold Blackswan

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literally eat ugly girls pussies

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>get a truck
>pickup free couch on your local classifieds
>list free couch "$100 + free delivery"
>do this over and over

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Buy a Russian bot farm.

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This guy fucks >>55102380 Depending on where you live, you can claim deductions as well. You have immediate time to offer and you deliver -- you're already ahead of the curve.

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let me pay for that anon