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Is the average crypto "investor" in 2023 a retarded third-worlder?

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The people in OP image fud Link here.

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>implying they weren't always
>nooooo ur wrong there was a time when crypto was a serious prospect invested in by serious investors!!

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>extraction of profit
top kek

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You are redempted my basterd, no go forth, and poo in the fields! Poo like you've never pooed before!

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>do not redeem my basterds

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Only the mothafuka who tried to by |ota. Those bitches thought they could fucking make the world a better place with some fee free bullshit. Average crypto trader gets shorted to fucking zero when they try any bullshit altruistic ideas... like Sammy my boy at FTX. Bitch started talking about donations and charity. Fuck that. Look at every project trying to make the world a better place. We shorted it down to limit of zero. Ya we did that bitch. Now suffer or buy some bitcoin to lose your trades and pay my mining rig some money bitch.

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Sers why is my link not pumping.
Where can i contact chainlink customer service

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