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The other Wyckoff anon predicted 6.25 but I actually predicted $6.08. Between the two predictions we got the actual bottom which was 6.17. Point is Wyckoff Phase D spring has not yet been negated. We are still in WYCKOFF PHASE D. ELLIOT WAVES AND FIBONACCI CONFIRMS. SEE TA

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I’m about to wackoff my phase D if you know what I mean

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Both these threads came into being within one second of each other. I don’t know or care what the ulterior motive is but I want everyone to know this.

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masturbation is self destructive

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Everyone is making fun of your shitcoin bags?

On right you’re a schizophrenic incel…it’s probably the Bulgarian cabal trying to steal your precious Linkies

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Actually I agree. I was just shitposting.

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Checked you fucking idiot. Clearly one of these is fud and the other is constructive. If you weren’t a bot or a third world shitstain on the planet you’d be able to view my image and see that.

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The token is fundamentally not needed. (Which is why it will always underperform BTC and ETH)