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name more than 4 reasons you won't buy this property

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Because I've seen it before and this thread sucks and you should feel bad

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someone is selling it
I can't profit from it
it will further lose me money and afford
not secure

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because i already have one

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3.structure is probably falling apart
4.strange beast sitting on the path (probably ate the last owner).

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Why do you retards build everything with wood? Don't you have enough quarries in that massive shithole of a country?

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wood is an infinitely renewable resource, and inexpensive

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I don't want to live in the US
I don't want to live in West Virginia
I don't want to live in Princeton
I don't want to live on 8046 Ingleside Rd
I don't want to live in a house that looks like an extended trailer

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So is rock. In fact there's more rock than there is wood. Plus you only build them once and they need no maintenance. This wood racket just seems like another ponzi that got your country stuck in one way of doing things. Lumber industry provides jobs and therefore some Jew who benefits most from this made legislation towards making it impossible to build anything in the surbubs without using wood.

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yeah, get a job op

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>Plus you only build them once and they need no maintenance
lol, who told you this lie?

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you are literally pretending every structure in europe is made of stone, when even cursory knowledge of your commercial buildings in sweden I believe they built a massive commercial building using only wood

and much more

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>water damage
>old roof
>old siding
>old plumbing
>old electrical
>old windows
>dated interior design
>likely filled with lead and asbestos building materials
>needs more than its worth to fix and remodel

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>name more than 4 reasons you won't buy this property
I can't, because I already bought it. Now stop trying to convince libtards on /biz/ to migrate here, it's full.

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Not every but lots of old buildings especially in the rural towns in Britain are made of stone reinforced with wood columns. The island sits on tonnes of limestone so it's understandable.

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1)Almost heaven
2)West Virginia
3)Blue Ridge Mountains
4)Shenandoah River

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>west virginia
>1 story
>polluted stream
>work needed
If i wanted all that i'd buy a plot of land for less and build my own.
There is nothing more wasteful than buying a property that 'needs work' when you can just work on a brand new property or buy a functional property.

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>buying property in the poonited states in the year of our jewish lord 2023
The US is good for making and saving a ton of money and then fucking off to a rural part of a different country like Spain or France.

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noguns faggot

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>jewish OP tries to diversify WV
>thread #48

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>statistically older population, I will have no peers
>I'll forever be viewed with suspicion as an outsider by the locals
>the house itself looks like a dump held together by MDF and duct tape
>if I bought this house, you'd keep making these threads

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I'd take you seriously if you said somewhere in SEA or Central America.

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>wow it's so suspicious that a normal white guy moves in

holy fuck you watch too many movies

it's the perfect time to gentrify

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You've never been to a place like this if you think the locals will accept you just because you're white like they are

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Why does he need to get accepted? Just move in and do your best not to antagonize anyone. Only roasties worry about such stuff.

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I'm from a coal mining town with 700 people

speak for yourself cityshit

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You want to make friends where you live, don't you?
Not buying it larper

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hey cityshit, you are right you wouldn't fit in

but I'm a rural beast, honestly we might have to bring you around back and buck break you though

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>rural beast
Oh you're a rat.

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sickly cityshit pretending he's the big man

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