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Parsiq is really a mess. Small team, small player in a competitive field, too many unfocused projects relative to the team's capacity and velocity, retroactively pushing the token on customers to appease bagholders after years due to the lack of value being driven to it because it's a private/centralized company that's been dumping bags on retail to fund itself.

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its probably just anatoly dumping to fund his chaturbate addiction

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Yeah, what a prick

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I'd smash that "all day"

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I'd dump my parsiq all day

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Parsiq is hot garbage. Not much else to it. No potential to even begin with and I fail to see what separates it from the pack. Think the same way about a lot of layer 1 / layer 2 projects. Nothing unique about them.

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Just when I finally stop jerking to this girl it's posted again..

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dont give a fuck about your post, sauce on girl.

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Anatolyi Resin

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why is she biting her lip? that's sexy

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wow what a surprise fart shit is like chainlinks retarded brother except both tokens arent needed

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this thread: an entire urban conurbation where parsiq lives rent free. i'm trying to imagine the amount of asshurtery you must be feeling. lol and lmao even.

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Sure, Eric

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i cant believe that stupid kebab truck girl is somehow reposted constantly but this young hot latina sex symbol was just FOTM. this is proof of irrationale markets and irrational investors and basically nothing is worth investing in you will get rugpulled. this is financial advice.

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It is over for KebabGirl investors

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This one?

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>todos los dias corridas (all days cumming)

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Tf is that shit

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I totally would fuck that

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Fuck parsiq that's a fucking scam

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That's a man

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Not the prettiest but the she looks horny as fuck. It’s probably jailbait too. Wtf am I saying

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Im acoomolating so hard. What's the make it stack?

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ok she's cute

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She's a bad girl. I'd like to spank her with my Russian belt.

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Parsiq sound like a total jeet coin worthless piece of shit and I have no doubt that it is.

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